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which the HOLY GHOST by the mouth of DAVID Spake, &c. Therefore, the terms LORD and GOD are certainly used to express the Divinity of the HOLY GHOST. .

So again; It was the LORD GOD of Israel, who SPAKE by the mouth of his holy Prophets, since the world began. Luke I. 68.70.

But then, it is written — well SPAKE the HOLY GHOST by Esaias the prophet, * &c. Therefore, the Holy Ghost is the LORD GOD of Israel.

XX. Psal. CXXXIX. 7. Whither shall I go

from the spirit? or whither shall I go from thy Presence ? If I ascend up into heaven, Thou art there.

The Psalmist to acknowlege the omnipresence of the Holy Ghost, says Whither shall I go from thy Spirit? and by what is immediately subjoined, he fhews this to be the omnipresence of God bimself - If I afcend up into heaven, THOU art there. So that the terms Thou, and thy Spirit, are equivalent; i.e. equally conclu

a Aits 28. 25.


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five for the immediate presence of the divine nature itself


It was said by the Angel - Luke I. 32. — He shall be great, and shall be called the SON of the HIGHEST. But the reason given upon this occasion WHY Christ was called the SON OF GOD, is this, and this only, viz. because he was begotten by the Holy Ghost “The Holy “Ghost shall come upon thee, and the Power “ of the HIGHEST shall overshadow thee : -- THEREFORE also that holy thing which “ Thall be born of thee shall be called the Son “of GOD.” V.35.

When Jesus is called the Son of God, we understand the supreme and true God, besides whom there is no other. The Devils themselves allowed it, and said " Jesus, thou Son of God “MOST HIGH!". But, the Person in God, whose Son Jesus is said to be in this place, is the Holy Ghost, by whose Power (called the Power of the bighest ) he was begotten of the blessed virgin, and thence called the Son of God.

Therefore, the Holy Ghost is God, and the Highest.

a Luke 8. 28.


The Prophet Isaiah, in his 6th Chapter, tells us he saw the LORD OF HOSTS. And at v. 8. that he heard the voice of the LORD, SAYING — Go and tell this people, hear ye indeed but understand not, &c.

Yet these very words, which the prophet declares to have been spoken by the Lord, even the Lord of Hofts, were spoken by the Holy Ghost Well SPAKE THE HOLY GHOST, by Efaias the prophet, unto our Fathers, saying, Go unto this people and say, hearing ye shall bear, and shall not understand, * &c.

Therefore, the HOLY GHOST is the LORD OF HOSTS.

The article of the Holy Ghosts supreme and absolute Divinity being now established in the plainest terms; I shall proceed to answer, from the Scripture, the objections usually made against it from thence.

XXIII. +Matth. XIX. 17. There is none Good

but one, that is GOD.

a Aits XXVIII. 26, 27.

If this be a good objection to the Divinity of Christ, it must be equally strong against that of the Holy Ghost, for it is argued from this palsage, that the attribute of goodness is confined to the single person of God the Father'; who therefore is a Being superior to, and different from Christ and the Holy Ghost. The Error of this argument has been fully shewn above : for it is not one person, but one God, whom the Scripture has asserted to be good; and I have now an opportunity of confirming it, and of proving withal, that in the unity of this one God, besides whom no other is good, the person of the Holy Ghost is, and must be, included. For it is written — Thy SPIRIT is GOOD -- so that if the same inspired Scripture which declares the person of the Spirit to be good, does also as plainly declare that none is good, but God only; then the Spirit is God, even the only true and supreme God; and we are as well assured of it, as if it had been faid, “there is none Good but “one, that is the Spirit, who is one with God.” The Hebrew in this place is yet stronger than the English. It is not a 10 good, but 1314 Goodness itself, that is, divine essential uncommunicated 'goodness, besides which there neither is nor can be any other of the like kind. There is one a Pfal. CXLIII. 10.



sort of goodness communicated to men upon earth; as we read, Psal, 112. 5. the good man seweth favour, &c. and Aets XI. 24. that Barnabas was a good man, and full of faith, &c. There is another fort of goodness to be found only in heaven, and that is the goodness of God, which is essential; but this goodness is also an attribute of the Spirit ; who therefore is proved to be very God; and by that argument too, for the sake of which, some have denied him to be God.

XXIV. + Matth. III. 16. The Spirit of God.

The Spirit, say they, is not God, because he is only the Spirit of God. But fo likewise the human Spirit, whence the Apostle has taught us to borrow an Idea of the Divine, is the Spirit OF a man; yet, was it ever pretended, that the Spirit, for this reason, is one Being, and the man another? No, certainly: and the same must be true of God, and the Spirit of God; as far as the Being of the same man, who is one person, can be an image of the same God, who is three persons. But there is the plainest testimony of Scripture, that the Spirit, though said to be the Spirit OF Jehovah, is also called by the express name of Jehovah himself. For it is written,


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