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Gal. VI. 2. Fulfil the LAW of CHRIST. *

Rom. VIII. 2. The LAW of the SPIRIT of life. *

The divine Law then, is the law of God, Chrift, and the Spirit of life. But it is written

Jam. 4. 12. There is ONE LAWGIVER who is able to save and to destroy: therefore, these THREE are ONE. And here we have the true reason why the Scripture has represented the whole Trinity as tempted and rehsted by the disobedience of man. For fin being the transgression of the Law, and the law being derived from the undivided authority of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, every breach of it is an offence against the Trinity : therefore it is written,

Deut. VI. 16. Thou shalt not TEMPT the LORD thy God.

I Cor.X.9.-neither let us TEMPT CHRIST.

Axts V. 9. How is it that ye bave agreed together to TEMPT the SPIRIT of the Lord? for Dr. Clarke's opinion of this matter, see Ch. II. Art. XV.

** Dr. Clarke has left both these texts out of his collection; tho' he pretends to have set down all the higheft Expressions relating to Christ and the Spirit.

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The mind and will of God is the mind and will of a Trinity in Unity.

The mind of God.

1 Cor. II. 16. Who bath known the MIND of the LORD?

Ibid. - We have the MIND of CHRIST.

Rom. VIII. 27. He that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the MIND of the SPIRIT,

The will of God.

1 Thes. IV. 3. This is the WILL of GOD.

Axts XXII. 14. The God of our fathers bath chosen thee, that thou shouldst know HIS WILL.*

2 Pet. I. 21. Prophecy came not in old time by the WILL of man; but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the HOLY GHOST.

* This passage is meant of Christ and of his will. The God of our fathers (faid Ananias) hath CHOSEN thee &c. but the person in God who appeared to Ananias and said of Saul, be is a CHOSEN vessel unto ME, was the Lord, even Jesus. Acts 9. 15. 17. For want of comparing the Scripture with itself, Dr. Clarke has set down


the text of AEts 22. 14. as a character of the Father only. No. 366.

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The Power of God is the Power of a Trinity in Unity.

Eph. III. 7. - the grace of GOD given unta me, by the effe&tual working of HIS POWER.

2 Cor. XII. 9.that the POWER of CHRIST may rest upon me.

Rom. XV. 19. - figns and wonders by the POWER of the SPIRIT of God.

The Scripture therefore has ascribed divine power, and that in the same exercise of it (the ministry and miracles of St. Paul) to Christ and the Spirit in common with God the Father. So that when all glory and power is ascribed to the only wise God, what God can that be, but the Trinity? Upon this principle the Scripture is easily reconciled : upon any other it is unintelligible, as the reader may soon find by consulting Dr. Clarke and some other of the Arian writers; who to avoid this plain doctrine, have tried to amuse us with a religion made up of scholaftic niceties and unnatural distinctions, which no man can understand, and which themselves are not agreed in, nor ever will be to the worlds


end. Yet they often dispute against us from the acknowleged fimplicity of the Scripture!


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The Trinity in Unity is Eternal. Rom. XVI. 25. 26. The mystery made manifest according to the commandment (alwvis) of the EVERLASTING GOD.

Rev. XXII. 13. I (Jesus) am the FIRST and the LAST. *

Heb. IX.14.—who through (@www.s) the EVERLASTING SPIRIT.

* Dr. Clarke allows these words, in this place, to mean Chrift, yet where the same words occur in Rev. 1. 8. with the addition of the epithet Almighty, he denies it ; though they are demonstrated to be spoken of the same person by the context and tenour of the whole chapter of : and he tells us, the character in one place differs from the other. So that upon his principle, the Scripture has revealed to us two different beings, both of whom are the first and the last, yet not coeternal. Which is sufficient of itself to justifie all that was said above concerning his diftin&tions &c. see Ch. I. art. III. a See No. 686. 414. * See the note at Ch. III. art. XIX.

IX. - is IX.

- Is True.
John VII. 28. he that sent me is TRUE.

Rev. III. 7. These things faith be that is TRUE, be that hath the key of David &c.

1 John V.6. It is the Spirit that beareth witnefs, because the SPIRIT is TRUTH-narnberce THE truth.


-- is Holy. Rev.XV.4. Who shall not fear thee, O LORD, and glorify thy name ? for THOU ONLY art HOLY.

Afts III. 14. But ye denied THE HOLY ONE, and defred a murderer to be released unto you &c. See also Dan. 9. 24. and Rev. 3.7.

1 John II. 20. Ye bave an unction from THE HOLY ONE; that is, an anointing from the Holy Ghost, who is called

John XIV. 26. TO WYEUMA TO ayov, The Spirit the Holy one.


- Is omnipresent. Fer. XXIII.24. Do not I fill heaven and earth faith the LORD ?


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