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Seite xliii - Account of the Expedition of the British Fleet to Sicily in the years 1718, 1719, and 1720, under the command of Sir George Byng, Bart.
Seite clxiii - Auftreten ist." 85 Le paysan parvenu IV, Oeuvres VIII 272: „Ich ließ mir nichts von dieser die Sinne rührenden Stellung entgehen." 86 Des principes de l'architecture, de la sculpture, de la peinture et des autres arts qui en dependent, avec un dictionnaire des termes propres a chacun de ces arts l 676: „posture: dieses Wort wird von den akademischen Künstlern kaum gebraucht.
Seite cxxxvii - Convention anno 1688 relating to the word „Abdicated" and the Vacancy of the Throne in the Common's Vote.
Seite cdxxxv - The full title of this Dutch volume is " Miscellaneous Works, Comical and Diverting : by TADJSDOP 1. 1. in Two Parts. I. The Tale of a Tub; with the Fragment and the Battel of the Books; with considerable additions, and explanatory notes, never before printed.
Seite cdxxv - Césars de l'Empereur Julien, traduits du Grec, avec des remarques, & des preuves illustrées par les médailles, & autres anciens monumens.
Seite ccx - Secret History of the Lives and Reigns of all the Kings and Queens of England, from King William the First, called the Conqueror, to the end of the Reign of the late Queen Anne.
Seite xciii - L'una si è che ciò che sotto il nome dell'uno de' due amanti e della giovane amata si conta essere stato, ricordandovi bene, e io a voi di me e voi a me di Voi, se non mentiste, potreste conoscere essere stato detto e fatto in parte : quale de' due si sia non discuopro, che so che ve ne avvedrete.
Seite clxxviii - Universel, contenant généralement tous les mots françois, tant vieux que modernes, & les Termes des Sciences et des Arts..., recueilli et compilé par A.
Seite ccclxxxii - REPORT of the Lords Committees appointed by the Houfe of Lords to view and confider the publick records. London, printed by John Baske

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