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pensation of God towards Munkind in Chrift, consists and terminates in This ; that as all Authority and Power is originally in the Father, and from him derived to the Son, and exercised according to the Will of the Father by the Operation of the Son and by the Energy of the Holy Spirit ;, and all Communications from God to the Creature, are conveyed through the Intercession of the Son, and by the Inspiration and Sanctification of the Holy Spirit : So on the contrary, All Returns from the Creature, of Prayers and Praises, of Reconciliation and Óbedience, of Honour and Duty to God ; are made in and by the Guidance and Afsistance of the Holy Spirit, through the Mediation of the Son, to the Supreme Father and Author of All things.

pag 364 S XLVII. The Son, before his Incarnation, was with

God, was in the Form of God, and had Glory with the Father.


S XLVIII. Yet He had not Then distinct Worship paid to

him in his Own Person, but appeared only as the [Shecinah or | Habitation of the Glory of the Father ; in which, the Name of God was : The Distinctness and Dig- · nity of his Person, and the True Nature

of his Authority and Kingdom, not being yet revealed.

pag. 367

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At his Incarnation He emptied himself

[énévroev €2• TÒN ] of That Glory, which he
had with God before the World was, and
by virtue of which He is described as having
been in the form of God: And in this State
of Humiliation, suffered and died for the
Sins of the World.


After the Accomplishment of which Dispensa-

tion, He is described in Scripture as inve-
sted with distinct Worship in his Own Per-
son ; his original glory and Dignity being
at the same time revealed, and his Exalta-
tion in the Human Nature to his Mediato.
rial Kingdom declared: Himself fitting up-
on his Fathers Throne, at the right hand of
the Majesty of God; and receiving Prayers
and Thanksgivings from his Church. 368


This Honour, the Scripture directs to be paid

to Christ ; not so much upon Account of his metaphyfical Essence or Substance, and abstract Attributes; as of his Actions and Attributes relative to Us; his Condescension in becoming Man, who was the Son of God;

his Redeeming, and Interceding for, us ; his Authority, Power, Dominion, and Sitting upon the Throne of God his Father, as our Lawgiver, our King, our Judge, and our God.

pag. 372


The Honour paid in this manner to the Son,

must (as before ) always be understood as redounding ultimately to the Glory of God the Father.


S LIII. The Honour which Christians are bound to

pay peculiarly to the Person of the Holy Spirit, is expresed in the Texts follow


ing ; &c.

S LIV. For putting up Prayers and Supplications di

rectly and exprefly to the Person of the Holy Spirit, it must be acknowledged there is no clear Precept or Example in Scripture.



The Titles given in the New Testament to the

Three Persons of the ever-blessed Trinity, when all mentioned together; are &c. 376


a 4

PART. III. THE principal Paffages in the Liturgy

of the Church of England, relating to the Doctrine of the Trinity, considered.

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The principal Passages, wherein the main

Branches of the fore-going Doctrine are expresly affirmed.

pag. 379 CH A P. II.

The principal Passages, which may seem to

differ from the foregoing Doctrine, considered.






s, in Matters of Speculation

and Philosophical Inquiry., the only Judge of what is right or wrong, is Reason and

Experience; so in Matters either of humane Testimony or divine Revelation, the only certain Rule of Truth is the Testimony or the Revelation itself.

The Christian Revelation, is the Do. Arine of Christ and his Apostles; that is, the Will of God made known to mankind by Christ, and by Those whom Christ intrusted with infallible Authority, to teach it. For the right apprehending of which Do&rine, men are (as in other matters of the greatest importance to them) sincerely to make use of their best Understanding; and, in order thereunto, to take in all the Helps they can find, either from living Instructors or an

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