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48. being made the Children of GOD Exhort. to and of the Light, by Faith in Jesus Christ. baptized

riper Years. 49. A Member of Christ, the Child of Catechism. GOD, &c.

Persons of

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Thirdly, in God the Holy Ghost, who
fanctifieth me and all the elect People of

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What desirest thou of GOD in this
Prayer, (viz. Our Father, &c.] ?

Answ. I defire my Lord GOD our hea-
venly Father, through our Lord
Jesus Christ, &c.

have a lively Faith in GOD's mercy
through Christ.

Almighty and everliving GOD, who Confir-
haft vouchfafed to regenerate these thy mation.
Servants by Water and the Holy Ghost,


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strengthen them

with the Holy Ghost the Comforter, &c.

54 Almighty and everlasting GOD, let thy Fatherly hand ever be over them ;

let thy Holy Spirit ever be with them.


55. O GOD of Abraham, GOD of Ifaac, GOD of Jacob, bless these thy Servants,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

56. In the Vi-. Almighty and most merciful GOD and litat. of † Saviour; fanctify

this thy the Sick, the Col- Fatherly correction through Jefus

Christ our Lord.

+ See above, Part 1, No.244.



trusting in GOD's mercy, for hortation. bis dear Son Jesus Christ's sake.

The Ex


Coll. after

O most merciful GOD,

strengthe Abfa- then him with thy blessed Spirit.


59. For

59. Forasmuch as it hath pleased Almighty Burial OfGOD

through our Lord Jesus Chrift.


Almighty GOD, with whom do live
the Spirits of them that depart hence in
the Lord. -O merciful GOD, the Fa-
ther of our Lord Jesus Christ, &c.


the Great GOD, to be feared At Sea, above all. Help, Lord, and save us for thy Mercies fake in Jesus Chrift tby Son our Lord.

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O most powerful and glorious Lord
GOD, the Lord of Hots, that rulest
and commandest all things; - through
Bo Jefus Christ our Lord.

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63. Almighty GOD who by thy In the Of Holy Spirit hast appointed divers Orders fice for

Ordainting of Ministers, &c.

of Priests, the col

lect. 64. the


Exhort. to


the Children of GOD, the Per. Spouse and Body of Christ.


be ordained Priests.

65. Knowledge of GOD, Perfectness of Age in Christ.


That Will and Ability is given of GOD
alone : Therefore ye ought and have need
to pray earnestly for his Holy Spirit.

The Hymn. Thou [Holy Ghostjart the very Comforter,

In grief and all distress
The Heavenly Gift of GOD most High,

No Tongue can it express.


That thro' Thy Help, GOD's praises may

Resound in every Place.

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Kindle our Hearts with fervent Zeal,

To serve GOD day and night.

70. The Words Receive the Holy Ghost for the Office of Ordi- and Work of a Prieft in the Church of sation.


71. Al

71. Almighty GOD, who by thy Son Jesus Confecr. Christ didît give &c.

of a Bishop

72. Almighty GOD, giver of all good things; who, by thy Holy Spirit, haft appointed &c.

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The principal Passages, wherein is ex

presed the Opinion of the Church, that Prayers and Fraises Mould generally be directed to the Person of the Father, in the Name and through the Mediation of the Son.

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