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Coll. on Almighty and everliving GOD, we the Purification. humbly beseech thy Majelty, that as thy only-begotten Son -;fo We may be

presented unto Thee, by the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

Collo on

St Phil.

23. O Almighty GOD, grant us perand James's feetly to know thy Son Jesus Chrift, &c. Day.

24. O Lord GOD Almighty, who didft

- with singular gifts of the Holy Ghost, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Coll. on
St Barna- endue
bas's Day.

25. Almighty GOD, by whose Providence Bapt. Day. thy Servant John Baptist was —

sent to prepare the way of thy Son our Savi

Coll. on St

our, &c.

Coll, on

26 ( Almighty GOD, who by thy Son St Peter's Jesus Christ didít give to thy Apostle, 8c. Day.

27. Seo James's Grant, O merciful GOD, that as thine Day. Holy Apostle Waş obedient unto the Calling of thy Son Jesus Chrift, &c.

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28. O Almighty GOD, who by thy blef Colt, on pred Son didft call Matthew Grant

us to follow the same thy Son Jesus Chrift, &c.

St MatthewsDay,

29. O Almighty GOD, who hast built thy Coll. on Church upon the Foundation of the Apo-St Sim. stles and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself and Jude's being the Head-corner-stone.


O Almighty GOD, who haft knit to- Coll. on gether thine elect -- in the mystical Body All-Saints

Day. of thy Son Christ our Lord,

ist Coll. in

31. Almighty GOD

cleanse the Thoughts of our Hearts by the Inspira- the Comtion of thy Holy Spirit, Christ our Lord.

through Service.


32. And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the onlybegotten Son of God;

God, of Creed. GOD, &c.



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33. It is our duty to render most humble Warning and hearty. Thanks to Almighty GOD to the


Copimus Our nion.

our heavenly Father, for that he hath given his Son our Saviour Jesus Chhrift.

34. 2d Warn For the obtaining whereof, we shall ing to the not cease to make our humble petitions nion. unto Almighty GOD our heavenly Fame




35. make your humble Confession to Almighty GO'D Commu- Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, &c.

Almighty GOD,

at the



Absolution. Almighty GOD, our heavenly Father,

pardon and deliver you from all your Sins,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

After the

37: give thanks unto-Thee, O Lord, Holy Father, Almighty everlasting GOD.


38. Almighty GOD, our heavenly Father, Prayer. who of thy tender Mercy didst give

thine only. Son Jefus Christ, &c.

39. Almighty

after Cons secration,

39. Almighty and everliving GOD, we 2d Prayer most heartily thank thee, for that Thou dost vouchsafe to feed us — with the Spiritual Food of the most precious Body and Blood of the Son our Saviour Jefus Chrift.

40. Glory be to GOD on high, and in Hymn. Earth peace, good will towards "men. We praise thee, we bless thee, we worship thee, we glorify thee, we give thanks to thee, for thy great glory, O Lord GOD, heavenly King, GOD the Father Almighty.

41. The Peace of GOD, which passeth The Blesall Understanding, keep your Hearts and fing. Minds in the Knowledge and Love of GOD, and of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

42. Almighty GOD, who hast promised the others to hear the Petitions of them that ask in tory. thy Sons Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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43. In the Of Almighty and everlasting GOD, who Baptism, by the Baptism of thy well-beloved

Son Jesus Christ, didit fan&tify Water, &c. Wash this Child and sanctify him with the Holy Ghoft, &c.

Coll. i.

Coll. 2d.

44 Almighty and Immortal G OD; Receive this Child, as thou haft promised by thy well-beloved Son ;

- that he may come to the eternal

the eternal Kingdom, whích Thou hast promised by Christ our Lord.

45. Coll. after Almighty and everlasting GOD, heaventhe Go

ly Father ; Give thy Holy Spirit to {pel.

this Infant, &c.


Coll. after

Almighty and everliving GOD, whose the Exhor- most dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ,&c.

tat. to the God-fathers.

After the

47. Seeing this Child is grafted Baptism. into the Body of Christ's Church, let

us give thanks unto Almighty GOD,&c.

Our Father, &c.—We yield thee hearthanks, most merciful Father, 6c.

48.- being


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