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Scripture-Doctrine of the Trinity.

PART III. Being the principal Paffages in the LITURGY

of the Church of England, relating to that Do&rine, considered.

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The principal. Pasages, wherein the main

Branches of the fore-gaing Deltrine are
exprefly affirmed

S E CT. I.
The Pasages, wherein the Father is filed The

One or Only God.



follow Thee Only God, Collect

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


for Sund.

18. after




I believe in One God, the Father Almighty, &c.

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The principal Pasages, wherein the Father !, is filed GOD absolutely and by way

of Eminence.


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Efore the Face of Almighty GOD, our heavenly Father.


ral Confession.

The gne Spare thou them, O GOD; According

to thy Promises in Cbrist Jesu our
Lord; And grant, О most merciful Fa-
ther, for his fake, &c.

3. The gene Almighty GOD, the Father of our Lord ral Absolu- Jesus Christ

pardoneth and absolveth, c.

wipe 4: We praise thee, O GOD, ther everlasting : To Thee all Angels



والے ، اور اگر

Te Deum.

the Fa:

continually do cry, Holy, Holy, Holy,
Lord GOD of Şabaoth.
все не са әлі І

Thou sittestat the right hand of GOD,
in the glory of the Father.

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6. I believe in GOD, the Father Almighty. Apostles [Gr. 7QvToxedioes, Supreme over all.]

in I, But there a več 7 And fitteth on the right hand of GOD, the Father Almighty. fl°C)

8." our heavenly Father, Almighty zd and everlasting GOD.

-909 9HT

ISY The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Blelist and the Love of GOD, and the Fellow- ling. ship of the Holy Ghost.

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He fitteth on the right hand of the Athanal. Father, GOD Almighty : [In the Greek Creed. Original, or antient Translation ; Tartareg Top, Supreme over all. Which Word is not used in the former Part of the ;

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The Litany.


Coll. in Litany.

afterEpiph. Sons of GOD

all Power ; where each of the Three Persons is in the English ftilèd Almighty. I

Ő Lamb of GOD, that takest away the Sins of the World.

OGOD, merciful Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

13: Almighty GOD, our heavenly Father, -through Jesus Christ our Lord. And after the like form in most colle&ts.

14. O blessed Jesus, who standeft at the phen's Day. right hand of GOD.

15. Almighty and everlasting GOD, who afterEpiph. dost govern all things in Heaven and Earth; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

16. O GOD,whose blesed Son wáš manife. 6th Sund. fted, that he might

make us the

Coll. for EmberWeck,

Coll, on St Ste

Coll. for 2d Sund.

Coll. for

17. -may

may obtain of Thee, the GOD Coll

. for of all mercy, perfect remiffion and for- Alhwedn. giveness, through Jefus Chriff our Lord.

18. O GOD, the King of Glory, who hast Sunday exalted thine only Son, Jesus Christ, with cenfion. great Triumph unto thy Kingdom inHeaven; send to us thine Holy Ghost to comfort us.

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19. GOD, who as at this time didst teach Whitsund. the Hearts of thy faithful People, by the sending to them the Light of thy Holy Spirit.


Almighty GOD, who didst give such Coll. on grace unto

that he readily obeyed drew's the Calling of thy Son Jesus Chrift.



Almighty and everliving GOD, who Coll

. on didit suffer thy Holy Apostle Thomas St Tho

mas's Day. to be doubtful in thy Son's Resurrection; Grant us so perfectly

lo perfectly - to believe in the Son Jefus Chrift; &te.

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