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We worship (faith Justin Τον δημιεργών συδε σε σαν Martyr in the place be- lès oscópfooi. — dedek fore cited) the 'Maker of oraron túlwr gluóreguar sipin the Universe: And I shall μον αυτά τα όνως Θεέ μα show, that we do also with Jóvles, rj év 8.47épçe xura good reafon honour in the χούλες, πνεύμα το προφήθικόν εν ocond place Him who be- τεί, ταξι ότι ο λόγο τιμώcame our Master and taught ufus Stodo o defis Apol. 2. us these things, being the Son of the True God; and in the Third place, the Pras pherick Spirit. And again: Next after

Tày 28 Sto ágfuráte rý appúta the Unbegotten and ineffa- Jesenógov, vse to IsèyTego nuo ble God, we worship and við refu sij sizeowules taudin vej love Him who is the Word δι' ημάς άνθρωπθ γέγονεν, ,5of God, because that for σως και σαθών ημετέρων our fakes be becamie Man, ouppeétox@ gluópefu , ad and was made Partaker of oi tothon). Apol

. 1. our Sufferings, that he might beal Us:

The Honour paid in this manner to the Son, must (as before) always be understood as redounding ultimately to the Glory of God the Father.

463455 482, 486, 492, 507, 509, 512, 515, 527:

See above, $ 37, 39, 43, 44, 45, 46, 5o.

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en goed udiwa S LIII.

20876 The Honour which Christians are bound to as pay peculiarly

to the Person of the Holy Spirit rit, is expressed in these Texts following ;*? Wherein we are dire&ed, either by Precept, or by Example, To baptize in his Name, No 1138.

ལའང་ To with Grace and Peace and Blething from him, N1143, 1147;

To appeal to him as Witness in solemn Affirmations,
No I4I, L4.
To take heed not to refift him, No 1140, 1145.

not to de despite to him, No 1146.
not to tempt him, No 1139.
not to greive him, No 1144.

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For putting up Prayers and Supplications dire&ly and exprefly to the Person of the Holy Spirit, it must be acknowledged there is no clear Precept or Example in Scripture.

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Note on S 54. indarot ods bus

The same must be confessed concerning the Pra&içe of the Primitive Church in the Three first Centuries, so far as appears from the remaining Writings of those Ages. And yet it may reasonably be alleged, that as there are in Scripture clear Examples of offering up Prayers to the Son, for such Bleslings as it is the proper Office of the Son to bestow ; lo, by Analogy, the Holy Spirit may in like manner be desired to convey fuch gifts, as we are sure it is his peculiar Office to distribute in the Church, according to the

Will of the Father, or (as a late t Icarn. * Confiderati ed Writer expresses it) in Subordination Historical Pret to, and Union with, the Father and the face, pag. 49. Son.

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The Titles given in the New Testament to the Three Perfons of the ever-blessed Trinity, when all mentioned together ; are as follows.

They are ftiled, Once ; He which is and which +If This be was and which is to come ; The Seven meant of the + Spirits which are before his Throne ; and which is not Fejus Chrift the Faithful Witness, No certain.) 1250.

Once; The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost

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1214, 1216.

No 1242

Once ; The Fatbér, The Son, and the Spirit; No 1246.

Once ; The Father, The Word, and the Holy Ghoft; NO 1248.

Twice ; The Fatber, Jesus, The Spirit, No 1213, 12:5 Twice ; The Father, Jesus, The Holy Ghoft; No Once; The Father, Christ, The Spirit; No 1234.

Once'; The Father, Jefiis Chrift, The Spirit ; No 1233

Önce; The Father, The Lord, The Spirit; No 1236.

Once; God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Spirit;

Once ; He that raised up Jesus from the Dead; Jesus - Tbe Spirit: N° 1222.

Once ; The Living God; Chrift, The Spirit ; No 12 30.

Once; The Living God; Chrift ; The eternal Spi. rất : No 1 14.

Four times ; Gid, Fesus, The Spirit ; No 1210, 1226, 1227, 1247.

Once; God, i'ne Son of God, The Holy Ghoft; No

Four times ; God, Jesus, The Holy Ghost; No 1216, 1217, 1218, 1227

Once ; God, Jesus Christ the Son of God, The Spie rit of Holiness; No 1219.

Once ; God, Christ, The Holy Głuft; No 1220.

Five times ; God, Chrift, The Spirit ; No 1221, 1224, 1229, 1:43, 1244.

Four times; God, Jesus Chrift, The Holy Ghoft; No 1223, 1231, 1239, 1249.

Five timesis God, Jefus Cbrift, The Spirit; No 1225, 1233, 1237, 1245, 125!.

I 2 I 2.


Four times ; God, The Lord; The Spirit; No 1228, 1235, 1236, 1238.

Twice, God, his Son, The Spirit; N. 1232, 1247, Once; God, The Lord, The Holy Ghoft; No 1240, Once; God, Chrift, The eternal Spirit ; No 1241.

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