The ... Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, Band 22


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Seite 159 - MEMBERSHIP. Applicants for membership may not date their entrance back of the current calendar year, and all memberships terminate automatically on December 31, unless the dues for the ensuing year are paid as indicated in Item 6.
Seite 159 - INFORMATION CONCERNING THE NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF EDUCATION 1. PURPOSE. The purpose of the National Society is to promote the investigation and discussion of educational questions. To this end it holds an annual meeting and publishes a series of yearbooks. 2. ELIGIBILITY TO MEMBERSHIP. Any person who is interested in receiving its publications may become a member by sending to the Secretary-Treasurer information concerning name, title, and address, and a check for $3.50 (see Item 5).
Seite 41 - Geography Made Easy. Being a Short but Comprehensive System of That Very Useful and Agreeable...
Seite 89 - ... how to find books that are worth while. These two aims are fundamental; they must be kept in mind in planning the whole course and applied in the teaching of every term. II. Expression in speech includes: (a) Ability to answer clearly, briefly, and exactly a question on which one has the necessary information.
Seite 109 - ... two faint yellow lights. At first he attributed these lights to the reflection of his own pupils, but soon the vivid brilliance of the night aided him gradually to distinguish the objects around him in the cave, and he beheld a huge animal lying but two steps from him. Was it a lion, a tiger, or a crocodile ? The...
Seite 159 - Members who desire yearbooks prior to the current year must purchase them directly from the distributors (see Item 8). 8. COMMERCIAL SALES. The distribution of all yearbooks prior to the current year, and also of those of the current year not regularly mailed to members in exchange for their dues, is in the hands of the distributor, not of the Secretary.
Seite 312 - ARTICLE VI Meetings. — The Society shall hold its annual meetings at the time and place of the Department of Superintendence of the National Education Association. Other meetings may be held when authorized by the Society or by the Executive Committee. ARTICLE VII Amendments.
Seite 23 - This Commission believes that the social studies should be the backbone of secondary education, with which all other studies and school activities should be closely articulated according to their contributions to the social objectives of education.
Seite 159 - School warrants and vouchers from institutions must be accompanied by definite information concerning the name and address of the person for whom membership fee is being paid. Statements of dues are rendered on our own form only.
Seite 110 - shouted Phil Adams. Wallace ran to the tiller, but the slight cockle-shell merely swung round and drifted broadside on. Oh, if we had but left a single scull in the Dolphin !

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