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Now publishing in Weekly Numbers, at 13d. each; in Monthly Parts, at 7d.;
and in Volumes, every Two Months, in Coloured Fancy Boards,

Price 1s. 6d.

THESE Papers are mainly addressed to that numerous class whose minds
have been educated by the improved schooling, and the popular lectures
and publications, of the last twenty years, and who may now be presumed
to crave a higher kind of Literature than can be obtained through the
existing cheap periodicals. They will embrace History, Archæology,
Biography, Science, the Industrial and Fine Arts, the leading topics in
Social Economy, together with Criticism, Fiction, Personal Narrative,
and other branches of Elegant Literature. The series will thus com-
prehend the usual field of the Quarterly Reviews and higher-class
Magazines, while its period of publication and price must render it
accessible to a much larger section of the reading public.

Already issued,


No. 1. The Bonaparte Family.

2. The Sepulchres of Etruria.

3. Valerie Duclos-Some Leaves from the Journal of a

French Physician.

Part. I.-4. Education of the Citizen.

5. The Myth.

6. The Sunken Rock-A Tale of the Mediterrane91).

7. Popular Cultivation of Music.

PART II.-8. Ebenezer Elliott.


9. The Sanitary Movement.

10. Washington and his Cotemporaries.

11. Edmund Atherton- A Tale of Circumstantial Evidence.

Part III.–12. Memorabilia of the Seventeenth Century in Britain.

13. Ruined Cities of Central America.

14. The Ivory Mine-A Tale of the Frozen Sea.

15. Secret Societies of Modern Europe.

Part IV.-16. Francis Jeffrey.


17. Arctic Explorations.

18. Social Utopias.

19. The Speculator-A Tale of Mammon-Worship.

PART V.-20. Carthage and the Carthaginians.

21. Recent Discoveries in Astronomy.

22. The White Swallow — An Indian Tale.

23. Mechanics' Institutions.

PART VI.-24. Thomas Campbell.


25. The Bourbon Family.

26. California.

27. The Black Pocket-Book--A Tale.

PART VII.-28. Fenelon.

* Title and Contents to Vols. I. II. and III. may be had of the Booksellers,

price one halfpenny each.

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IF [F the moral portraiture of the founders and progenitors of distinguished

families had been drawn with but moderate truthfulness and skill, the boast of ancestry'would long since have been seen to be, in the immense majority of cases, one of the silliest vaunts of vainglorious humanity, and really significant of nothing but the folly of the boaster. The · Bourbon' especially is one of the most illustrious names—a sunbeam on the stream of time, if we are to believe the historiographers of the celebrated race. One of the most enthusiastic of these, M. Désormeaux, whose book was printed at the 'Imprimerie Royale, Paris, in 1788—how brief a space before Santerre's drums drowned the voice of one of the best and gentlest of his line, vainly struggling in the grasp of masterful violence !-recounts in an ecstasy of loyal exultation, that from the parent stock of this great family there had already proceeded thirty-five kings of France, thirteen of Sicily, twenty-three of Portugal, eleven of Navarre, four of Spain, four of Hungary, Croatia, and Slavonia, seven emperors of Constantinople, one hundred dukes of Burgundy, Brittany, Anjou, Lorraine, Bourbon, and Brabant, besides crowned and ermined vassals of the royal house without number; an enumeration of thrones, principalities, and powers enough to take away the breath of any less enthusiastic man than the historian of the famous house, who had yet power to exclaim exultingly, as he concluded the glittering muster-roll

, Tu regere imperio populos, o Galle memento! But, alas! the lettering and gilding of the Imprimerie Royale will not, carefully and elaborately as it is executed, bear exposure to the common light of day, much less rude and irreverent handling. The long list of high, dread, and puissant lords and princes, of serene and august ladies and

No. 25. VOL. IV.

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