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Shall not here prefix any tedious or I

formal Preface; the great Care and

Diligence I have usd in collecting these Sheets, give me Encouragement to hope

, they have escap'd with very fewo Faults; yet, as in a Work of this Nature, it would be next to an Impossiblity, so would it be vain in me to suppose; that either throInadvertency, or omission of the Pen, some Errors should not have släpt in; nor can I bind myself to answer the Exactness of Truth of all the several Infances I have borrom'd from History.

Some flight Faults too may be owing to the Press

, besides what naturally accrue from the course or alteration of Time since some of these, Sheets were printed; but those will be easily seen, and, I hope, as easily excus'd; and where any such have come

my Knowledge, they are corrected in the Index, by an Errata immediately subSequent to every particular Character.


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I have avoided all partial Characters and Reflexions, where-ever I have found them strew'd up and down in History, or other publick Volumes I have follow'd ; for, next to being void of Errors, I shall account myself happy to have given no Offence.

I shall not say any thing of the Useful. ness of this Work, as thinking it sufficient to answer for itself ; and, if encourag’d, will be of great Improvement to our young Nobility and Gentry. They have bere the lively Pattern of their great Ancestors before them; and as they will find, through. out the whole, that great and worthy A&ti. ons were ever the Footsteps to attain Ho. nour and Preferment, So Should it stir in them a noble Emulation, to trace so glorious an Example : To whom, as it seems more particularly Adapted, 'tis, with Submission, humbly Recommended.



Nnesley, Earl of Anglefey, 2145,
Auverquerque,, Earl of Grantham, 297.

Arundel, of Wardour, 398.
Arundel, of Trerice, 439..
Alburnham, Lord Ashburnham, 448.

Butler, Duke of Ormond, 59. Page 60 in this Charalter,

for Famworth r. Tamworth.
Butler, Lord Butler of Weston, 450.
Beauclair, Duke of St. Albans, 67.
Bertie, Marquis of Lindsey, (99).
Brudenel, Earl of Cardigan, 212.
Bruce, Earl of Ailesbury, 223.
Boyle, Earl of Burlingdon, 226.
Berkeley, Earl of Berkeley, 248,
Bertie, Earl of Abbington, 259,
Bentinck, Earl of Portland, 276.
Booth, Earl of Warrington, 282.
Brown, Viscount Mountacute, 322:
Belafyse, Viscount Faulconberg, 330.
Berkeley, Lord Berkeley of Berkeley-Cafle

, 35%.
Brydges, Lord Chandoiş, 387.
Byron, Lord Byron, 419.
Berkeley, Lord Berkeley of Stratton,, 433;
Bennet, Lord Offüllton, 440. In this Chara&ter, instead

of Daughter and are, 7. Daughter and Heiress; and in the sib Line, dele and.

C. Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire, 84. Page 86. in this

Character, for Rodyr. Rhoda; and William Cartwright

of Ayno.
Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, 89.
Clinton, Earl of Lincoln, 135.

, Earl of Salisbury, 145. Page 146 in this Cbara. Eter

, towards the Bottom, for Esquire r. Knight. Cecil, Earl of Exetes, 147.

A ?


Compton, Earl of Northampton, 155.
Capel, Earl of Essex, 210.
Cooper, Earl of Shaftsbury, 2347
Coventry, Earl of Coventry, 290.
Campbel, Earl of Greenwich, 300.
Chomley, Earl of Cholmley, 311.
Carey, Lord Hunfdon, 391.
Colepepper, Lord Colepepper, 425.
Cornwallis, Lord Cornwallis, 435.
Crew, Lord Crew, 437.
Craven, Lord Craven, 441.
Clifford, Lord Clifford Chudleigh, 443:
Cartaret, Lord Cartaret, 439.
Conway, Lord Conway, 462.
Cowper, Lord Cowper, 468.

D. Dowglass, Duke of Queensberry and Dover, 105. In - this Character, Page [98], after Daughters, add, she

dying the 2d of Otober, 1709. Dormer, Earl of Carnarvon, 190. Darcy, Earl of Holderness, 264. Devereux, Viscount Hereford, 216.

E. Egerton, Earl of Bridgwater, 150.

F. Fitzroy, Duke of Southampton, 55. Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton, 57. Fitzroy, Duke of Northumberland, 66. Fielding, Earl of Denbigh, 161. Page 164 in this Cha

ralter, r. Daughter and one of the Co-Heirs. Fane, Earl of Westmorland, 167. Finch, Earl af Winchilsea, 186. In this Character, Page

187, for Packham r. Peckham. Finch, Earl of Nottingham, 256. Fienes, Viscount Say and Sele, 325. Farmer, Lord Leimpster, 449. Finch, Lord Guernsey, 459...!

G. Godolphin, Earl of Godolphin, 311. Grey, Marquis of Kent, 113, Page 119 in this Character, for Banister r. Banaster.


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