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1.-A Digest of Civil Law for the Punjab, chiefly

based on the Customary Law as at present
judicially ascertained, by W. H. Rattigan
(Lincoln's Inn), Barrister-at-Liw. Allahabad :

Printed at the Office of the Pioneer
2.-The Life, Times, and Correspondence of the

Right Rev. Dr. Doyle, Bishop of Kildare and
Leighliu, by W. J, Fitz Patrick, L.L.D., M.R.,
1.A., &c., Dublin ; M. H. Gill and Son, 50, Up-
per Sackville Street; & London, James Duty
and Sons, Paternoster Row

iii 3.-The Industrial Arts of India, by George C. M.

Brid wood, C.S.I., M.D., Edinburgh, Art Re-
feree for the Indian Section of the South
Kensington Museum ; with Maps and Wood-
cuts. Published for the Committee of Council
on Education, by Chapman and Hall, Limited,
193, Piccadilly

vii 4.--Mathura, a District Memoir, by F. S. Growse,

B.C.S., M.A., Oxon., C.I.E ; Fellow of the Cal.
cutta University, Second Edition : Illustrated,
Revised aud Enlarged, 1880. Printed at the
North-Western Provinces and Oudh Govern-

ment Press
5.- Records of the Geological Survey of India, Vol.

XIII, Part 4, 1880. To be had at the Geologi-
cal Survey Office, Indian Museum ; at the
Office of Superiutendent Government Printing,
Calcutta : London, Trübner & Co.

xi 6.- Memorial to His Honor the Lieutenant-Gover

nor of Bengal, with notes on the proposed Rent
Law, &c., by the Behar Landholders' Associa-
tion, Bankipore. Printed by Narain Chandar
Chakrabarti, at the Behar Herald Press

xiii 7.- A few notes on Hindi, by Radhika Prasanna

Mukherji, Calcutta, Printed by Behary Lall
Bauuerji at Messrs. J. G. Chaterji and Co.'s
Press, 44, Amherst Street

xili 8.- Accounts relating to the Trade and Navigation

of British India for the month of October 1880,
and for the seven months, 1st April to 31st
October 1880, compared with the corresponding
period of the years 1878 and 1879. Published
by order of the Governor-General in Council,
at the Office of the Superiutendent of Govern-
ment Printing, Calcutta



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PAGE 2.-Index Geographicus Iudicus, being a list, alpha

betically arranged, of the principal places in Her Imperial Majesty's Indian Empire, with Notes and Statements, Statistical, Political, aud Descriptive, of the several Provinces and Administratious of the Empire, the Native States, Independent and Feudatory, attached to, and in political relationship with each ; and other information relating to India and the East, with Maps. Names spelt in accordance with recent authorised Orthography. By Frederick Baness, F. R. G. S., F. S. Sc. (Lond.) Survey of India. Surveyor and Chief Draftsman, Geographical and Drawing Branch. Calcutta : W. Newman & Co., 3, Dalhousie Square. London ;

Edward Stanfort, 55, Charing Cross. 1881 iii 3.-The Golden Treasury of the best Songs and

Lyrical Poems in the English Language, select-
ed and arranged with Notes by Francis Turner
Palgrave, Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford.
Book Fourth. Edited with additional notes
by Peter Peterson, M. A., Ed. Dip. Bombay.
Bombay, 1880 (with the permission of Messrs.
Macmillan and Co.)

ib. 4.- The Future of the Mohammadans of Bengal. By Saeed.

1258. Solar Hijreh. Printed and published at the Urdoo Guide Press; Calcutta, 1880

iv 5.-Sketches in Indian Iuk. By John Smith, Jnr.,

Colonel (Retired List). Calcutta: "Englishman'
Office, 9, Hare Street. London: W. H. Allen
& Co., 13, Waterloo Place, 1850



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9.- Sketches of Army Life in Russia. By F. V.

Greeue, Lieutenant of Engineers, U. S. Army.
Late Military Attaché to the U. S. Legation in
St. Petersburgh; and Author of The Russian
Army and its Campaign in Turkey in 1877-78.

London, W. H. Allen & Co., 13, Waterloo Place xiii
10.- Central Asian Portraits ; the Celebrities of the

Khanates and the neighbouring States. By
Demetrius Charles Boulger, Member of the
Royal Asiatic Society, Author of " England and
Russia in Central Asia," “ Yakoob Beg of
Kashgar,” &c., London : W. H. Allen & Co., 13,

Waterloo Place, Publishers to the India Office xiv
11.– The Irrigation Works of India, and their

Financial Results. Being a brief history and
description of the Irrigation Works of India,
and of the profits and losses which they bave
cause i to the State. By Robert B. Buckley,
Associate Member of the Institute of Civil Eu-
gineers, Member of the Institute of Mechanical
Engineers, Executive Engineer of the Public
Works Department of India, London : W. H.
Allen & Co., 13, Waterloo Place, Publishers to

the India Office
12.-Gulshan-i-Raz: The Mystic Rose Garden of

Sád-ud-Din Mahmud Shabistan. The Persian
text with an English translation and notes,
chiefly from the Commentary of Muhamad Bin
Yabya Labiji. By E. H. Wbinfield, M.A.,
Barrister-at-Law, late of H. M's Bengal Civil

Service. London, Trübner and Co.
13.- Report of the Director of Public Instruction in

the Bombay Presidency for the year 1879-80.
Printed at the Government Central Press,

14.- Report on the Administration of the Baroda

State for 1878-79. Published by authority,
Calcutta. Priuted at the Foreign Department

15.- Selections from the Records of the Government

of the Punjab and its dependencies. New Series,
No. XVI, Note on the Revenue and Resources
of the Punjab; and No. XVII, Note on the
systems of fluctuating assessments in the Punjab,
Lahore. Printed at the Punjab Governmeut
Civil Secretariat Press

16.-Précis of Official Papers, being abstracts of all

Parliamentary Returns directed to be printed
by both Houses of Parliament. Session, 1880.
W. H. Allen & Co., 13, Waterloo Place, Loudon.
Publishers to the India Office




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17.- Bamabodha.—By Nanda Krishna Basu, M.A. ...
18.-Yadava-Nandini Kavya. Printed by Iswar

Chandra Basu & Co., and Published by Cháru
Chandra Mukhopadhyaya

19.-Melá,-Written and Published by Kalimaya

Ghataka. Printed by Gopal Chandra Dé, at the

New Sanskrit Press, 14, Duff Street, Calcutta ... xxiii
20.-Basanta-Utsaba (An opera). By the authoress

of Dipnirván. Printed and published by Kali
Kinkara Chakravarti at the Valmiki Press, Cal-

21.-Gocháráner Mátha. By Ahshaya Chandra Sarkár.

Printed and published by Nandalala Basu, at

the Sadharani Press, Chinsurab, 1287 B.S,
22.-Adhyatmiká. By Pyári Chánd Mitra. Printed

and published by Igwar Chandra Basu and Co.,
at the Stanhope Press, 249, Bowbazar Street,
Calcutta, 1880


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