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Proceedings of the General Assembly held for the Colony of

Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, at Newport, the 25th of February, 1706–7.

Col. Samuel Cranston, Governor.
Walter Clarke, Deputy Governor.

Major Nath'l Coddington, Thomas Cornell,
Major William Wanton, Major Randall Holden,
Major William Hopkins, Richard Greene,
George Brownell,

Capt. John Eldredge.

For Newport.

For Portsmouth.
Capt. Jonathan Holmes, Mr. George Sisson,
Capt. James Brown,

Mr. Benjamin Hall, Lieut. Edward Smith, Mr. Abraham Anthony, Capt. John Wanton,

Mr. Joseph Cooke. Capt. Benjamin Cranston,

For Warwick.
Lieut. Richard Dunn.

Mr. Benjamin Barton,
For Providence.

Capt. James Greene,
Capt. Joseph Jenckes, Lieut. John Waterman,
Capt. Samuel Wilkinson, Mr. Samuel Wickham.
Mr. Jonathan Sprague,

For Westerly. Mr. Joseph Whipple. Capt. James Babcock,

Mr. Edward Larking.


For East Greenwich.
Capt. Thomas Fry.
Mr. Michael Spencer.

For Kingstown. Mr. William Knowles, Mr. John Corey.

For Jamestown. Mr. Ebenezer Slocum, Capt. Edward Carr.

Capt. John Wanton, Speaker.
Mr. Jonathan Sprague, Clerk.

Commissioners to run the northern boundary line.

Whereas, Col. Dudley, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England, hath signified to this colony now assembled, that their General Assembly, at Boston, sitting the 6th of November, 1706, upon the complaint of some of Mendon against some of Providence, that upon pretence of title of lands lying within their Province, and particularly those that are assigned to the town of Mendon, and have desired him to appoint that certain commissioners may be sent to renew the ancient line of their province, settled sixty-four years since, by sworn and approved surveyors ; and accordingly, Nathaniel Byfield and Nathaniel Paine, Esq., Mr. Nathaniel Blagrove, Major Samuel Thacher and Capt. John Wards, or any three of them, are appointed and empowered, in answer to said act of [the] General Assembly in Boston, bearing date as aforesaid.

Be it enacted by this Assembly and the authority hereof, and it is hereby enacted, that commissioners shall be chosen out of our government to take an inspection into what said commissioners shall do on that survey; and if said commissioners take their departure right, then to run with them, that so a peace may be continued between them and us; but if otherwise, to forewarn and forbid them, and cause them to desist:and in special, if they shall run their line across the river that is called Pawtucket or Blackstone River, and so to enter on the lands of Providence township, which they hold of

or from this colony and also to run our north line between them and us, from Pawtucket Falls to meet with the south line of the Massachusetts.

We therefore appoint and authorize Mr. Thomas Olney, Capt. Joseph Jenckes, Capt. Richard Arnold, Mr. Jonathan Sprague, Major Randall Holden and Capt. James Carder, or the major part of them; and also that notice shall forthwith be sent by His Honor the Governor, to the government of Connecticut, that they likewise may come if they please, and see the departure, so that they may have no wrong, as well as us.

Voted, Whereas Col. Dudley hath requested aid against Her Majesty's enemies :

Be it enacted by this Assembly and the authority thereof, and it is hereby enacted, that if Major Wm. Wanton or Capt.John Wanton, can be prevailed upon, but if they cannot be prevailed with to head a quota of men, then shall His IIonor the Governor, with advice of his Council on the Island, or others that shall be appointed with them, make choice of a Commander, and to be such an one as the soldiers shall accept; and to be on the service four months and no more, without they sce good to continue longer.

And it shall be in the power of the Governor, with the advice of the Deputy Governor, and assistants aforesaid, with Major IIenry Tew, or the major part of them, shall have full power to impress a vessel, not exceeding eighty tons, with great guns and small and other necessary stores for war; and to grant a commission to beat up for volunteers throughout the colony, to the number of seventy or eighty, but not to exceed. And if there appear not enough to make up said number of seventy, then they shall have power to impress, but not to impress above forty-eight. And all charges shall be paid out of the general treasury, by a tax laid on the inhabitants in this colony; always provided, that they shall not have liberty to go beyond the latitude herein prefixed, viz.: thirty or fortysix, north latitude. And volunteers if disabled in service, shall have the same provision for maintenance as those that are impressed. And the aforesaid commanders of the cruisers shall at all times attend to such instructions as they shall receive from the Governor, with the advice, as aforesaid. And the Governor shall give such commanders a commission or commissions, as occasion shall require.

Voted, and be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That Mr. Waite Winthrop, Col. Elisha Hutchinson, and Mr. John Saffin's scandalous letter, the answer thereunto shall be drawn by this Assembly, and signed by the recorder.

Voted, and it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that execution shall go out against the constables of Warwick for the remaining part of that tax that is yet unpaid, that the treasurer recovered judgment for, [at] the last Court of Trials.

Voted, and it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that Abraham Anthony, Jr., in answer to his petition, shall have of the recorder the bills of cost [which] were assigned him by the Honored Governor, and his money which he put into the recorder's office for re-hearing, according to law, forthwith, or else execution shall

. Voted, and it is further enacted, that (there shall be) an audit of three men to audit the colony's accounts with all persons concerned in the same, and bring in their account at or before the General Assembly in May ensuing; and the persons so chosen, are Mr. John Rodman, Mr. Thos. Olney, Jr., Mr. Job Greene. They, orthe major part of them, shall meet in Newport, the first Monday in May ensuing.

Voted, and it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that there shall be a tax laid on, or levied on the inhabitants of this colony, of the sum of £500 for the uses following, viz. : £400 towards the expedition of the cruise, and the other £100 to defray the colony's debts. And this £500 to be gathered and brought in to the general treasury by the 1st of May next ensuing

go forth.

Bounds of Providence and Warwick.

Voted, That the House of Magistrates and the House of

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