The Heroes of African Discovery & Adventure: From the Death of Livingstone to the Year 1882

W. S. Sonnenschein, 1883 - 349 Seiten

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Seite 109 - European eyes ; but scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight. The only want felt, is that of mountains in the background. The falls are bounded on three sides by ridges, 300 or 400 feet in height, which are covered with forest, with the red soil appearing among the trees.
Seite 34 - I turned, nothing appeared but danger and difficulty. I saw myself in the midst of a vast wilderness, in the depth of the rainy season, naked and alone, surrounded by savage animals, and men still more savage. I was five hundred miles from the nearest European settlement.
Seite 36 - Scott are both dead, but though all the Europeans who are with me should die, and though I were myself half dead, I would still persevere; and if I could not succeed in the object of my journey, I would at least die on the Niger.
Seite 35 - I could not contemplate the delicate conformation of its roots, leaves, and capsula, without admiration. Can that Being (thought I), who planted, watered, and brought to perfection, in this obscure part of the world, a thing which appears of so small importance, look with unconcern upon the situation and sufferings of creatures formed after his own image? — surely not! Reflections like these, would not allow me to despair. I started up, and disregarding both hunger and fatigue, travelled forwards,...
Seite 76 - ... produced that by speaking about it I wished him to die. After sitting with him some time, and commending him to the mercy of God, I rose to depart, when the dying chieftain, raising himself up a little from his prone position, called a servant, and said, " Take Robert to Maunku (one of his wives), and tell her to give him some milk/' These were the last words of Sebituane.
Seite 61 - I was upon a little height ; he caught my shoulder as he sprang, and both came to the ground below together. Growling horribly close to my ear, he shook me as a terrier dog does a rat. The shock produced a stupor similar to that which seems to be felt by a mouse after the first shake of a cat.
Seite 166 - I should prefer: to be in the still, still forest, and no hand ever disturb my bones. The graves at home always seemed to me to be miserable, especially those in the cold damp clay, and without elbow-room; but I have nothing to do but wait till He who is over all decides where I have to lay me down and die.
Seite 182 - Well, I think he is alive, and that he can be found, and I am going to send you to find him.' " ' What,' said I, ' do you really think I can find Dr. Livingstone ? Do you mean me to go to Central Africa...
Seite 26 - It was a most magnificent sight, that ages, added to the greatest length of human life, would not efface or eradicate from my memory ; it struck me with a kind of stupor, and a total oblivion of where I was, and of every other sublunary concern.
Seite 33 - Trifling as this recital may appear to the reader, to a person in my situation, the circumstance was affecting in the highest degree. I was oppressed by such unexpected kindness ; and sleep fled from my eyes. In the morning I presented my compassionate landlady with two of the four brass buttons which remained on my waistcoat; the only recompense I could make her.

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