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Arnold; for “Between the Lines,” “The Messages," and "Battle: Hit," from the Poems of Wilfrid Wilson Gibson; for “Song of Honor" and “The Gipsy Girl,” from the Poems of Ralph Hodgson; for “Young and Old,” from The Water Babies, “The Last Buccaneer,” “Three Fishers," and "The Sands of Dee," by Charles Kingsley; for “SeaFever," "The Golden City of St. Mary," "Spanish Waters," "The Tarry Buccaneer," "Tewkesbury Road," "A Wanderer's Song," “Roadways,” “Cargoes," "A Consecration," "On Eastnor Knoll,” and "The 'Wanderer'," from Collected Poems, by John Masefield; for “Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight” and “The Congo," from The Congo and Other Poems, by Vachel Lindsay; for “Anne Rutledge" and "Lucinda Matlock," from Spoon River Anthology, by Edgar Lee Masters; for "Miniver Cheevy," from Selected Poems, by Edwin Arlington Robinson; for “Barter,” from Love Songs, by Sara Teasdale; and for “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” from Early Poems and Stories, and "The Song of the Old Mother," from Later Poems, by William

Butler Yeats. Methuen and Company, Limited – for the selection from The Magic

House and Other Poems, by Duncan Campbell Scott. Thomas B. Mosher for “Tears,” from A Wayside Lute, by Lizette

Woodworth Reese; and for “Frost To-Night," from Flowers from the

Ashes, by Edith M. Thomas. James B. Pinker and Son – for “It's a Queer Time,” by Robert Graves. G. P. Putnam's Sons (New York and London) for “In Flanders Fields,”

from In Flanders Fields and Other Poems, by John McCrae, copyright 1919; for "The Schoolboy Reads His Iliad," from Ships in Harbour, and

for "Acquaintance," from Harvest, by David Morton. Charles Scribner's Sons — for the poems of Sidney Lanier, Alan Seeger,

and Robert Louis Stevenson. Thomas Seltzer, Inc. - for “The Blind Girl," from The Janitor's Boy, by

Nathalia Crane. Small, Maynard and Company - for “A Vagabond's Song,” by Bliss

Carman; and for “The Sea Gipsy,” by Richard Hovey. Frederick A. Stokes Company – for “The Assault," from Ardours and

Endurances, by Robert Nichols; and for the poems of Alfred Noyes, from Collected Poems, Volume I, copyright 1906 by Frederick A. Stokes Company.



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Harr Wagner Publishing Company – for “Columbus," by Joaquin

A. P. Watt and Son - for poems by Rudyard Kipling and Arthur Conan

Yale University Press - for "I Shall Be Loved as Quiet Things," from

Burning Bush, by Karle Wilson Baker; and for "Portrait of a Boy," from Young Adventure, by Stephen Vincent Benet.

The following magazines have also given permission to include poems from their copyrighted publications: The Atlantic Monthly — for "The Road to Dieppe," by John Finley.

The Spectator (London) — for poems by Captain J. H. Knight-Adkin. Poetry: A Magazine of Verse - for “The Odd Ones,” by Ruth Suckow.

The editors are indebted to the following poets for their personal permission to include copyrighted material: Young E. Allison, Katharine Lee Bates, John Finley, Hamlin Garland, Captain J. H. Knight-Adkin, Edwin Markham (for poems from The Complete Works of Edwin Markham

now in preparation), David Morton, Edith M. Thomas, and Harold Vinal.

For invaluable suggestions and assistance in preparation of the manuscript the authors are indebted to Ernest R. Clark, Director of the Department of English, East High School, Rochester, New York, and Lillian A. Clark; Professor Raymond Dexter Havens, of Johns Hopkins University; James M. Spinning, Director of the Department of English, West High School, Rochester, New York; Miss Gertrude Sheehan, Bushwick High School, Brooklyn, New York; Miss Maud K. Murphy, Miss Katharine Barber, Ellis S. Smith, Harold E. Cowles, Erle Remington, Samuel Porter, of East High School; and Dr. Saxe Commins, Rochester, New York.

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