Letters to and from Henrietta, Countess of Suffolk, and Her Second Husband, the Hon. George Berkeley; from 1712 to 1767: With Historical, Biographical, and Explanatory Notes, Band 2


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Seite 112 - That among so many things as are by Men possessed or pursued in the Course of their Lives, all the rest are Bawbles, Besides Old Wood to Burn, Old Wine to Drink, Old Friends to Converse with, and Old Books to Read.
Seite 183 - House, except in such things as some way related to the business that was to be done within it. If he was ambitious, I will say this for him, his ambition was of a noble and generous strain. It was to raise himself, not by the low, pimping...
Seite 242 - I will not take that method j but I want to recollect whether you did not once tell me, as I think you did many years ago, that he once spoke so well of me that he got anger for it at home, where I never was a favourite.
Seite 9 - When Cupid did his grandsire Jove entreat To form some Beauty by a new receipt, Jove sent, and found, far in a country scene, Truth, innocence, good nature, look serene: From which ingredients first the dext'rous boy Pick'd the demure, the awkward, and the coy. The Graces from the court did next provide Breeding, and wit, and air, and decent pride: These Venus cleans 'd from ev'ry spurious grain Of nice coquet, affected, pert, and vain. Jove mix'd up all, and the best clay employ'd; Then call'd the...
Seite 241 - I hear my Lord Bath is here very lively, but I have not seen him, which I am very sorry for, because I want to offer myself to him. I am quite in earnest, and have set my heart upon it ; so I beg seriously you will carry it in your mind, and think if you could find any way to help me. Do not you think Lady Betty...
Seite 304 - ... from top to bottom, and then you must stuff them fuller than they will hold with granite tables and porphyry urns, and bronzes, and statues, and vases, and the L — d or the devil knows what.
Seite 116 - There were Chesterfield and Fanny, In that eternal whisper which begun Ten years ago, and never will be done; For though you know he sees her every day, Still he has ever something new to say.
Seite 242 - Germain and Lord and Lady Vere would be ready to help me, if they knew how willing I am ? But I leave all this to your discretion, and repeat seriously, that I am quite in earnest. He can want nothing but a companion that would like his company ; and in my situation I should not desire to make the bargain without that circumstance.
Seite 34 - you will say no more of Courts, for fear of growing angry"; and indeed, I think you are so already, since you level all without knowing them, and seem to think, that no one who belongs to a Court can act right. I am sure this cannot be really and truly your sense, because it is unjust; and, if it is, I shall suspect there is something of your old maxim in it, which I ever admired and found true, that you must have offended them, because you do not forgive.
Seite 94 - Pray do not let there be any bitters nor acids in it, for neither of them agree with me ; sweetness and emollients are what sit best on my stomach. " I believe the Bath is a mere hospital at present. As I am very curious in the nature and process of all diseases, and like the theory, though not the practice of physic, I should be very much obliged to you, if you would give me some account of those invalids who are most distempered, with the observations you have made on the nature and symptoms of...

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