The Edinburgh Annual Register, Band 1;Band 3

Walter Scott
John Ballantyne and Company, 1812

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Seite 529 - Disraeli's motion, that the House should resolve itself into a committee to take into consideration the state of the nation, was negatived by a majority of 296 to 156.
Seite 253 - In this new state of things, I am authorized to declare to you, sir, that the decrees of Berlin and Milan are revoked, and that after the 1st of November they will cease to have effect; it being understood that, in consequence of this declaration, the English shall revoke their orders in council, and renounce the new principles of blockade, which they have wished to establish; or that the United States, conformably to the act you have just communicated, shall cause their rights to be respected by...
Seite 251 - France and their dependencies, and for other purposes," it is provided "that in case either Great Britain or France shall before the 3d day of March next so revoke or modify her edicts as that they shall cease to violate the neutral commerce of the United States, which fact the President of the United States shall declare by proclamation and if the other nation shall not within three months thereafter so revoke or modify her edicts in like manner...
Seite 180 - That, in the appointment of the prelates of the Roman Catholic religion to vacant sees within the kingdom, such interference of government as may enable it to be satisfied of the loyalty of the person appointed, is just, and ought to be agreed to.
Seite xxvii - The solemn Ratifications of the present Treaty, expedited in good and due Form, shall be exchanged between the contracting Parties in the Space of Six Months, or sooner, if possible, to be computed from the Day of the Signature of the present Treaty.
Seite 38 - Give me but the liberty of the Press, and I will give to the Minister a Venal House of Peers. I will give him a corrupt and servile House of Commons, I will give him the full swing of the patronage of office.
Seite 532 - Whereas the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons assembled at Westminster, lawfully, fully and freely representing all the estates of the people of this realm...
Seite xx - ... nor shall the funerals or sepulchres of the dead be disturbed in any wise nor upon any account...
Seite 513 - IQi discount. The discount, however, was finally reduced to about 4 per cent., and public credit speedily recovered. But the effect of the rash speculations to South America continued to show itself in numerous bankruptcies, and an alarm had been raised by a Report of a Committee of the House of Commons, which had been appointed to inquire into the state of bullion,'— a prolific source of controversy and confusion, the history of which belongs to the annals of the ensuing year. While this happy...
Seite 113 - February, 1769, was ordered to be expunged from the journals as " subversive of the rights of the whole body of electors of this kingdom.

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