British Journal of Dental Science, Band 4

Oxford House., 1861

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Seite 224 - Equal parts of cadmium and mercury form a tough and highly malleable composition ; in the proportion of two parts of the latter to one of the lormer, the amalgam is nearly equal in malleability, but possesses less strength.
Seite 285 - In order to explain my said invention as completely as possible, I now proceed to describe the best means I am acquainted with for carrying the same -into practical effect, reference being had to the illustrative drawings hereunto annexed, and to the numeral figures and letters of reference marked thereon respectively, as follows.
Seite 292 - College shall pretend or profess to cure diseases ' by the deception called Homoeopathy or the practice called ' Mesmerism, or by any other form of quackery.' ' It is also hereby ordained that no fellow or licentiate of the College shall consult with, meet, advise, direct or assist any person engaged in such deceptions or practices, or in any system or practice considered derogatory or dishonorable by physicians or surgeons.
Seite 27 - ... This sand has the appearance of fine steel filings, and if a magnet be dropped upon it, and taken up again, the instrument will be found thickly coated with the iron granules. The place where the sand abounds is along the base of Mount Egmont, an extinct volcano ; and the deposit extends several miles along the coast, to the depth of many feet, and having a corresponding breadth. The geological supposition is that this granulated metal has been thrown out of the volcano, along the base of which...
Seite 237 - Having now described the nature of my invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed, I would have it understood that I...
Seite 89 - A boy, twelve years of age, was cutting the second or posterior permanent molares of the upper jaw, before those of the lower, and the process was accompanied by twitchings of various parts of the body. At last he became affected with chorea. Being a very nervous lad, if any notice were taken of him, he would quite involuntarily make the most extraordinary faces, and contort his body into various attitudes that appeared to be most difficult and painful.
Seite 78 - The position which I seek to establish in this Essay is, that the various affections of matter which constitute the main objects of experimental physics, viz., heat, light, electricity, magnetism, chemical affinity, and motion, are all correlative, or have a reciprocal dependence. That neither, taken abstractedly, can be said to be the essential or...
Seite 3 - Teething is thus considered the most efficient cause of most of the terrible diseases which prove fatal to thousands of the rising generation. I can assure you that the readiness to attribute all the diseases of infantile life to teething has destroyed more human beings than many of the wars described in history.
Seite 287 - Nicole, do hereby declare that the nature of my said Invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed, are...
Seite 276 - ... a rich storehouse for the glory of the Creator, and the relief of man's estate.

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