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Dodsley, 1750 - 405 Seiten

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Seite 370 - Howbeit I believed not their words, until I came, and mine eyes had seen it : and, behold, the one half of the greatness of thy wisdom was not told me : for thou exceedest the fame that I heard.
Seite 87 - ... beau, Had many times tried o'er her heart to prevail. And would rest on his pitchfork to tell her his tale With his winning behaviour he melted her heart; For quite artless herself, she suspected no art.
Seite 78 - What tho' some envious folks have said, That Stella now must hide her head, That all her stock of beauty's gone, And ev'n the very sign took down: Yet grieve not at the fatal blow; For if you break a while, we know, 'Tis bankrupt like, more rich to grow. A fairer sign you'll soon hang up, And with fresh credit open shop...
Seite lv - W much of paper's fpoil'd ! what floods of ink ! And yet how few, how very few can think ! The knack of writing is an eafy trade...
Seite lvi - Nothing but weeds and moss, and shrubs are found : Cut, cut them down, why cumber they the ground ? And yet you'd have me write ? For what ? for whom ? To curl a favourite in a dressing room...
Seite lvi - Glorious ambition ! noble thirft of fame !— - , No, but you'd have me write to get a name. Alas ! I'd live unknown, unenvy'd too ; 'Tis more than Pope with all his wit can do 'Tis more than you with wit and beauty join'd, A pleafing form, and a difcerning mind. The world and I are no fuch cordial friends ; I have my purpofe, they their various ends. I fay my pray'rs, and lead a fober life, Nor laugh at 'Gormis, or at Camus
Seite 86 - twas better to earn, ere she ate her brown bread ; That to rise with the lark was conducive to health, And, to folks in a cottage, contentment was wealth.
Seite 339 - But let me tell Mr. Pope, that Letters, like Beauties, may be over-dreft. There is a becoming Neg,ligence in both ; and if Mr. Pope could only contrive to write without a Genius, I don't know any one fo likely to hit off my Manner as himfelf. But he infifts upon it, that a Genius is as...
Seite 340 - tis notorious that the Ifraelites made Bricks without that Material as well as with. The Conclufion of the whole Matter is this, I never had more Inclination to write to you, and never fewer Materials at Hand to write with : Therefore have fled for Refuge to my old Companion, Dullnefs, who is ever at Hand to...
Seite 1 - The pension'd beggar, or the titled poor. These are the thriving breed, the tiny great ! Slaves ! wretched slaves ! the journeymen of state ! Philosophers ! who calmly bear disgrace, Patriots who sell their country for a place ! Shall I for these...

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