MacMillan's Magazine, Band 6

Sir George Grove, David Masson, John Morley, Mowbray Morris

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Seite 46 - Hail wedded Love, mysterious law, true source Of human offspring, sole propriety In Paradise of all things common else. By thee adulterous lust was driven from men Among the bestial herds to range; by thee, Founded in reason, loyal, just, and pure, Relations dear, and all the charities Of father, son, and brother first were known.
Seite 363 - When all the world is young, lad, And all the trees are green ; And every goose a swan, lad, And every lass a queen ; Then hey for boot and horse, lad, And round the world away ; Young blood must have its course, lad. And every dog his day.
Seite 45 - The many rend the skies with loud applause; So love was crowned, but Music won the cause. The prince, unable to conceal his pain, Gazed on the fair Who caused his care, And sighed and looked, sighed and looked, Sighed and looked, and sighed again : At length, with love and wine at once oppressed, The vanquished victor sunk upon her breast.
Seite 84 - None knelt at her feet confessed lovers in thrall ; They knelt more to God than they used — that was all. If you praised her as charming, some asked what you meant, But the charm of her presence was felt when she went — My Kate.
Seite 46 - Goodly and great he sails behind his link. With all this bulk there's nothing lost in Og, For every inch that is not fool is rogue : A monstrous mass of foul corrupted matter, As all the devils had spewed to make the batter.
Seite 273 - He cried half his time, and laughed the other half. He cried when he had to climb the dark flues, rubbing his poor knees and elbows raw ; and when the soot got into his eyes, which it did every day in the week; and when his master beat him, which he did every day in the week ; and when he had not enough to eat, which happened every day in the week likewise. And he laughed the other half of the day, when he was tossing half-pennies with the other boys, or playing leapfrog over the posts, or bowling...
Seite 323 - tis but profanely bold In thought's abstractest forms to seem to see, It dare not dare the dread communion hold In ways unworthy Thee ; " 0 not unowned, Thou shalt unnamed forgive, In worldly walks the prayerless heart prepare ; And, if in work its life it seem to live, Shalt make that work be prayer.
Seite 85 - God's Voice, not Nature's ! Night and noon He sits upon the great white throne And listens for the creatures
Seite 45 - His age in nature's youthful prime appear'd, .And just began to bloom his yellow beard. Whene'er he spoke, his voice was heard around, Loud as a trumpet, with a silver sound ; A laurel wreath'd his temples, fresh and green, And myrtle sprigs, the marks of love, were mix'd between.
Seite 329 - Bring back Theology once yet again in a flood upon Europe: Lo you, for forty days...

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