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Planet, supposed discovery of a new,
Plants, bulbous, to basten the flowering of,

Plate glass,
Ploughing by steam,

Pork establishment at Mexico,

Porcelain, pink colour in,

Prussiates, report on Fossard's manufacture of,
Preservation of aliments,
Press, coining, description of a new, by F. Peale, Esq.

Printing apparatus, rotary, patent,
Prismatic decomposition of electrical light, by Prof. Wheatstone,

Prize rails and pedestals, Daglish's,
Projectile, military, from the French of F. J. Culmann, by Captain A. Mor.

8, 82, 14

Rail roads, on the location and grading of, by Thos. Earle,

ways, report upon the motive power on, by E. F. Gay,
way transit, principles of,

buffing apparatus, Bergen's,
road iron,

company, international,
roads, on turn-outs for, by A.C. Jones,

Rails and pedestals, prize, Daglish's,
Roof, new mode of forming a tie to a,
Rope, forming and hardening, Whiteman's patent,
or cordage, manufacture of, Fanning's patent,

Rotary printing apparatus, patent,
Russia, manufacture of beet root sugar in,

Saddles and horse collars, Ebenezer Hale's patent,
Safety lamp, Davy's,
Salad oil, the production and manufacture of,

Sand, its resistance to motion through tubes, by Lieut, Brown,

1, 73
Sawing, labour performed in,
Science, British association for the advancement of
Silk worms,
Silver, German, analysis of,

Soap from flints,
Solar eclipse of May 15, 1886, observations of,

Soda, report on C. Wesener's manufacture of,

sulphate of, cold produced by, and muriatic acid,
Spark arrester, report on Wm. Shultz's,

report on,
Speed, comparative table of.
Spider silk,

Spirit of wood,

Springs, heat conveyed by,
Sieam engines, marine,
boilers, preventing explosions in, by A. C. Jones,

report on Gregg's,
boat, iron,
explosions, remarks on Perkins' suggestions on,
engines, duty of Cornish,
boilers, explosions of, report of Com. of Frank Inst. on, 217, 289,
coach, Dr. Church's,
vessel, iron, report of experiments in,
generator, John Ames' patent,
carriages on common roads,
ploughing by,
engine, miniature,

Lardner on, notice of,
report on C. Potts' pumps for,

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Steam Engine report on Garret & Eastwick's locomotive,

gauge, report on Raub's,
Steel for magnets,
Steering wheel, Pearce's stepping for a,
Stereotype plates of iron,
Stone, expansibility of, by A. J. Adie,
Straw, machine for cutting, Isaac S. Wright's patent,
Sulpbates, decomposition of, by oxalic acid,
Suspension bridge, Freyburgh,
Sulphurous acid in hydrochloric,
Sulphuretted bydrogen, liquification of,
Sword bludes, Indian,

Raising sunken vessels-Atkinson and Hale's
Wheels for rail road cars—Tier's,
Saddles and horse collars—Hale's,
Forming and hardening rope-Whiteman's,
Manufacturing rope or cordage,-Fanning's
Cutting straw-Wright's,
Preventing acidity in ale, &c.-Stowell's,
Drying cotton, &c.-Philbrick's,
Steam generator-Ames',

Tables, concise decimal, for practical men, by Timothy Claxton, notice of,
Tanning, Locher's patent,

rabbit skins, &c.
Taylor, R. C. note on bituminous coal in Cuba,
Tea-pots made by steam,
Telescope, report on Holcomb's reflecting,
Temperature, effect of forests upon,

of the interior of the earth,

of muscles in man,
Tie to a roof, new mode of forming a,
Tide observations,
Tips for umbrellas, Franklin's machine for making,
Transit, principles of rail-way,
Tubes, resistance of sand to motion through, by Lieut. Brown,

capillary, in metal,
Tunnel, first, under a navigable river,
Turn-outs for rail roads, by A. C. Jones,

U. Umbrella tips, Franklin's machine for making,

109 406 414 178

430 109, 312

63 421 127 282 414 264 270 1, 73 206 142 310



Veneers, cutting of,
Ventilation and lighting,
Vessels, raising sunken, Atkinson and Hale's patent,
Vibrations through soil, communication of,
Vision, fact in the theory of,

Walker, S. C. on computing longitude by solar esclipse,
Water wheel, report on C. Kenzie's,
Water of the Elton, Dead, and Caspian seas,
Waves, height of,
Wheels, cast-iron and wrought-iron,
Wheels of rail road cars, Arundius Tiers' patent,
Wheel, steering, Pearce's stopper for a,
Wind, registering the course of, diagrams for, by Prof. A. D. Bache,
Wool, lime water used in the dressing of,
Wood, paving with,


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