Porcupine's Works;: The censor : No. 1. The bloody buoy ; The censor : No. II-IV ... continued: ... v. IV. The scare-crow ; The life and adventures of Peter Porcupine ; The political censor : No. V ; The gros mousqueton diplomatique ; The political censor : No. VI-VIII ; A brief statement of the injuries and insults received from France ; Washington's retiring from the presidency

Printed for Cobbett and Morgan, 1801

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Seite 13 - Indians on reasonable terms, (a measure, the mention of which I the more readily repeat, as in all the conferences with them they urge it with solicitude,) I should not hesitate to entertain a strong hope of rendering our tranquillity permanent.
Seite 315 - House of Congress as a right; and with truth I affirm that it has been, as it will continue to be, while I have the...
Seite 340 - IT is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money, of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.
Seite 12 - ... the murdering of Indians can be restrained by bringing the murderers to condign punishment, all the exertions of the government to prevent destructive retaliations by the Indians will prove fruitless, and all our present agreeable prospects illusory.
Seite 11 - These circumstances have induced me to pardon generally, the offenders here referred to, and to extend forgiveness to those who had been adjudged to capital punishment.
Seite 13 - Whether measures may not be advisable to reinforce the provision for the redemption of the public debt, will naturally engage your examination. Congress have demonstrated their sense to be, and it were superfluous to repeat mine, that whatsoever will tend to accelerate the honorable extinction of our public debt, accords as much with the true interest of our country as with the general sense of our constituents.
Seite 8 - With peculiar satisfaction I add, that information has been received from an agent deputed on our part to Algiers, importing that the terms of a treaty with the dey and regency of that country had been adjusted in such a manner as to authorize the expectation of a speedy peace and the restoration of our unfortunate fellow-citizens from a grievous captivity.
Seite 316 - Representatives, except that of an impeachment, which the resolution has not expressed. I repeat that I have no disposition to withhold any information which the duty of my station will permit or the public good shall require to be disclosed; and, in fact, all the papers affecting the negotiation with Great Britain were laid before the Senate when the treaty itself was communicated for their consideration and advice.
Seite 14 - ... the execution of the law for opening a trade with the Indians will likewise be presented for the information of Congress. Temperate discussion of the important subjects which may arise in the course of the session and mutual forbearance where there is a difference of opinion are too obvious and necessary for the peace, happiness, and welfare of our country to need any recommendation of mine.
Seite 9 - Though not before officially disclosed to the house of representatives, you, gentlemen, are all apprized that a treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation, has been negotiated with Great Britain, and that the senate have advised and consented to its ratification upon a condition which excepts part of one article.

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