The United Service Magazine, Band 50,Seite 1

H. Colburn, 1846

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Seite 537 - Its little black eyes," we are told, "being forced out by the tightness of the bandages, resemble those of a mouse choked in a trap." About a year's pressure is sufficient to produce the desired effect, at the end of which time the child emerges from its bandages a complete flathead, and continues so through life. It must be noted, however, that...
Seite 461 - ... guns, and with matchless gallantry wrested them from the enemy ; but, when the batteries were partially within our grasp, our soldiery had to face such a fire of musketry from the Sikh infantry, arrayed behind their guns, that, in spite of the most heroic efforts, a portion only of the intrenchment could be carried. Night fell while the conflict was everywhere raging.
Seite 461 - Ferozeshah and their encampment ; then, changing front to its left, on its centre, our force continued to sweep the camp, bearing down all opposition, and dislodged the enemy from their whole position. The line then halted, as if on a day of manoeuvre, receiving its two leaders, as they rode along its front, with a gratifying cheer, and displaying the captured standards of the Khalsa army. We had taken upwards of seventy-three pieces of cannon, and were masters of the whole field.
Seite 40 - This kind of self-examination would give them a true state of themselves, and incline them to consider seriously what they are about. One day would rectify the omissions of another, and make a man weigh all those indifferent actions, which, though they are easily forgotten, must certainly be accounted for.
Seite 466 - Harvey, of Her Majesty's 39th Foot, a very promising and intelligent young officer, and devoted to his profession. He was shot during the advance, in the act of cheering on the men, when within about 250 yards of the enemy's works. His death will be a loss to the public service, and deplored by his friends and relations.
Seite 461 - A very heavy cannonade was opened by the enemy, who had dispersed over their position upwards of one hundred guns, more than forty of which were of battering calibre. These kept up a heavy and well-directed fire, which the practice of our far less numerous artillery, of much lighter metal, checked in some degree but could not silence. Finally, in the face of a storm of shot and shell, our infantry advanced and carried these formidable entrenchments.
Seite 462 - Peshawur, have fled with precipitation. Their camp is the scene of the most awful carnage, and they have abandoned large stores of grain, camp equipage, and ammunition. Thus has apparently terminated this unprovoked and criminal invasion of the peaceful provinces under British protection.
Seite 309 - Soldiers who were present at the battle of Waterloo shall be allowed to reckon two years in addition to their actual service, and those who were enlisted before the 1st December 1829 shall be allowed to reckon three years for two of actual service, after the age of 18, in the East and West Indies, in other than West India regiments.
Seite 452 - Voyages of Discovery and Research within the Arctic Regions, from the Year 1818 to the Present Time : under the Command of the several Naval Officers employed by Sea and Land in Search of a North-west Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific ; wit A two attempts to reach the North Pole.
Seite 14 - ... Hosken felt confident, no apology was necessary, for thus, as concisely as possible, giving his opinion before the Institution. If he might recommend any points, for the consideration of the Members, it would be, that they should exert their ingenuity, to discover the best propeller, all circumstances being considered ; as in his opinion, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to find a propeller that should be the best under every variety of circumstance. He considered the best method...

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