Life of ... the duke of Wellington, Band 1


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Seite 269 - I hope the People of England will be satisfied! - I hope my Country will do me justice!
Seite 312 - I have long been of opinion, that a British army could bear neither success nor failure, and I have had manifest proofs of the truth of this opinion in the first of its branches in the recent conduct of the soldiers of this army. They have plundered the country most terribly, which has given me the greatest concern.
Seite 371 - Talavera, (not 100 yards from the place where I was standing,) who were neither attacked, nor threatened with an attack, and who were frightened only by the noise of their own fire : they left their arms and accoutrements on the ground, their officers went with them; and they, and the fugitive cavalry, plundered the baggage of the British army which had been sent to the rear. Many others went whom I did not see.
Seite 219 - I think if General Hill's brigade and the advanced guard had moved upon Torres Vedras, as soon as it was certain that the enemy's right had been defeated by our left, and our left had pursued their advantage, the enemy would have been cut off from Torres Vedras, and we should have been at Lisbon before him; if, indeed, any French army had remained in Portugal.
Seite 335 - ... wounded soldiers dying in the hospital in this town from want of common assistance and necessaries, which any other country in the world would have given even to its enemies ; and that I can get no assistance of any description from the country. I cannot prevail upon them even to bury the dead carcasses in the neighbourhood, the stench of which will destroy themselves as well as us.
Seite 203 - Portuguese troops, which might be easily raised at an early period ; and 20,000 British, including 4000 or 5000 cavalry. This army might operate on the frontiers of Portugal in Spanish Estremadura, and it would serve as the link between the kingdoms of Galicia and Andalusia : it would give Great Britain the preponderance in the conduct of the war in the Peninsula ; and whatever might be the result of the Spanish exertions, Portugal would be saved from the French grasp. You know best whether you could...
Seite 243 - It appears to me to be quite impossible that we can go on as we are now constituted ; the Commander-inchief must be changed, and the country and the army naturally turn their eyes to you as their commander.
Seite 92 - I had served, placed unlimited confidence in me, and 1 had received from both strong and repeated marks of their 'approbation. Before I quitted the Mysore country, I arranged the plan for taking possession of the ceded districts, which was done without striking a blow ; and another plan for conquering Wynaad and reconquering Malabar, which I am informed has succeeded without loss on our side. But this supercession has ruined all my prospects, founded upon any service that I may have rendered.
Seite 79 - Chinnoor, but I was not to be prevailed upon to stop ; and even went so far as to threaten to hang a great man sent to show me the road, who manifested an inclination to show me a good road to a different place.
Seite 203 - All that I can say upon that subject is, that whether I am to command the army or not, or am to quit it, I shall do my best to insure its success ; and you may depend upon it that I shall not hurry the operations, or commence them one moment sooner than they ought to be commenced, in order that I may acquire the credit of the success.

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