Acts of the Parliament of South Australia

Government Printer, 1894

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Seite 9 - This section applies only if and as far as a contrary intention is not expressed in the instrument under which the interest of the infant arises, and shall have effect subject to the terms of that instrument and to the provisions therein contained (q).
Seite 6 - ... building or property, and pay the premiums for such insurance out of the income thereof or out of the income of any other property subject to the same trusts, without obtaining the consent of any person who may be entitled wholly or partly to such income.
Seite 14 - Court may make an order vesting the right to transfer or call for a transfer of stock, or to receive the dividends or income thereof, or to sue for or recover a chose in action, in any such person as the Court may appoint...
Seite 26 - contingent right," as applied to lands, shall mean a contingent or executory interest, a possibility coupled with an interest, whether the object of the gift or limitation of such interest or possibility be or be not ascertained, also a right of entry, whether immediate or future, and whether vested or contingent : The words " convey" and
Seite 3 - ... by deed declares that he is desirous of being discharged from the trust, and if his co-trustees and such other person, if any, as is empowered to appoint trustees, by deed...
Seite 9 - ... nor for any banker, broker or other person with whom any trust moneys or securities may be deposited...

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