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Electrical Review, December 27th, *18€9.

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Electrical Review, December 7th, 1889.

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DECEMBER 27, 1889.]




CCUMULATOR installations, 647

Boston West End Street railways, 482
Borough engineer on electric lighting, 32
Bottone on the electrician's slide rule, 268
Bracken, W. M., on electric traction by

storage batteries, 248
Bradford Corporation Electricity Supply,

installation, 419, 448

electric lighting scheme, 267,721
Brewery lighting at Tadcaster, 101
Bright, The late Sir Charles, 70
Burton-on-Trent, 557

refuses consent, 557

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Acheson effect, New, 180
Actino-electric phenomena, 144
Action of Cardiff telegraphists, 394
Action against the Taunton Electric Light-

ing Company, 588
Adjustable contact switches, 503
Airdrie and provisional orders, 159
Alleged theft of electric bells, 587
Alternate current working, 90, 133
Alternating current motors, by F. Jarvis

Patten, 413
v. low tension continuous cur-

rents, 714
American cables, 420

engines, 181
electric street railways, 501
Notes, 192, 250, 307, 361, 395, 422
International Electrical Confer-

ence of 1892, 259

Electric Company, 532
Ancient ideas of the telegraph, 450
Anderson, Wm., address to the Mechanical

Science Section of British Associa

tion, 322
Annual excursions, 127, 181
Another death, 450

exhibition, 357, 346

Richmond in the field, 41
Anticipating the Weston armature patent,

Application of Siemens's five-lead system,

Appointment, 672
Approaching end of electrocution, 291
Arc lamps v. gas, 698
Arc light carbons, 118
Arc and glow lamp lighting, 553
Aristocratic technical advisers, 150
Army telegraph system, 423
Arrangement of the Prony brake intended

for the exact valuation of motive

couples, 688
Arrest of growth in cancer by the inter-

rupted voltaic current, by J. Inglis

Parsons, 662
As others see us, 559
Aspinall's enamels, 359
Atkins's universal shade carrier, 529
Attributed to the electric light, 211
Automatic reading lamp, New, 14

governing of engines, 466
Awards at the Paris Exhibition, 394

Address to the Mechanical Science Sec-

tion, by Wm. Anderson, 322
Design of transformers, by Jas. Swin.

burne, 314
Distribution of electricity in Chelsea, with

accumulators as the main source
of supply, by Major-Gen. Webber,

On the E.M.F. produced by an abrupt

variation of temperature at the
point of contact of two portions of
the same metal, by Hy. Stroud,

M.A., 319
Hysteresis in the relation of strain to

stress, by Prof. Ewing, 320
Instruments used in the recent magnetic

survey of France, by Prof. Rucker,

Manufacture of the alloys of alluminium

in the electric furnace, by J. H.

Dagger, 355
New form of current weigher, by Prof.

Blyth, 428
thermometric scale, by G. Forbes

and Wm. H. Preece, 540
Passage of electricity through gases, by

A. Schuster, 354
Precautions to be adopted where a supply

of electricity is furnished by means

of transformers, by K. Hedges, 321
Purification of sewage and contaminated

water by electrolysis, by Wm.

Webster, 424
Relative effiects of steady and alternate

currents on different conductors,

by W. H. Preece, 352
Report of the committee on certain mole-

cular phenomena connected with

the magnetisation of iron, 391
Series electrical action, by E. Manville,

Telephonic communication between Lon.

don and Paris, by W. H. Preece, 318
Time-lag in the magnetisation of iron, by

J. A. Ewing, 536

New Canadian, 555

to the Argentine Republic, 419

submarine, 99
at Rye Station, America, 588
reported split, 674
ship appointment, 555
Some of the early history of telegraph

cable manufacture, 677
Pacific, 214
Admiralty survey,

Proposed submarine, 13

New Zealand, 244
Quick, service, 420
Submarine enterprise, 242

shares, 294
ships, 532
telegraphy, 89

Transatlantic routes, 120

Berlin electric light, 11
choice of, for alternating currents, 473
Fowler-Waring, 612
Recent interruptions, 675
Western Union, 421
concession by the Government of Costa

Rica, 242
concession for Costa Rica, 419
Italian Government, 419
at Montlucon, 13
New Chilian, 420
repairing, 296
Recent interruptions and repairs to sub-

marine, and land lines up to 25th

September, 1889, 422
Cardew recording voltmeter, 552
Carhart, Prof. H. S., on magnetic leakage

in dynamos, 286
Carty's article, 646, 651
Celluvert, 69, 181
Central Blatt für Electrotechnik, 43
Carhart, Prof., on review of theories of

electrical action, 345
Castle Mona, Isle of Man, 294
Change, 420

of name, 422
Charterhouse Science and Art Schools and

Literary Institute, 298
Chattanoga accident, 588
Cheap telegrams, 423
Christmas greeting, 720
Chronometrical Congress, 13
Church lighting, 125
City Commissioners of Sewers, 646
and Guilds of London Central Insti-

tution, 420
fires, 721
lighting, 125

BAD gas lighting, 478

Baker, Chas., & Co.'s advertisement, 126
Bakery lighting, 478
Barking Road electric tramway, 13
Batteries v. dynamos, 647
Bateman, A. H., & Co., East Greenwich, 159
Bay's cells, 128
Belfast telegraphists, 269
Belgian Exhibition in London, 1890, 502
Bell's, Graham, wonderful house boat, 70

Dr. Louis, on present state of traction

by storage batteries, 455
Berlin electric light cables, 11
Between two stools, 543
Birmingham Electrical Exhibition (see


electric tramcars, 243
Blavier method for localising faults, 550
Blowing hot and cold with the same breath,

Board of Trade rules for overhead wires, 247
Books received, 181, 269
Borough Engineer on electricity, 559

Brooks system of underground electrical

conductors, 331
Brown, Harold P., and his critics, 99
Brush converter system of distribution, 150

electric hoist, 393
Brussels electric tramway, 197
Building Act and electric lighting, 394
Burglary at Woodhouse and Rawson, 474

Anglo-American Brush Light Corpora-

tion, Limited, 74, 102, 156, 185,

Anglo-American Telegraph Company,

76, 104, 130, 452
Australasian Electric Light Company,

Limited, 75, 104, 590
Berlin Electrical Works, 590
Blackpool Electric Tramway Co., 616
Brush Electrical Engineering Company,

Brazilian Snbmarine Telegraph Com-

Antilles Company, 419
communication with the Cape inter-

rupted, 41
Guadeloupe-Martinique, 531
Completion of, at Stockholm, 270
Breakdown of, 646
new, 695

Atlantic, 420

pany, 424, 506, 535
City of London Southwark Railway Com-
Consolidated Telephone Construction

and Maintenance Company, Limi-
ted, 480

pany, 185

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