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prepared by Judge Nottingham. It contains brief sketches of Mr. Peabody of Columbus, Judge Tompkins of Atlanta, and Mr. Pearsoll of Moultrie. I have not this report with me and I ask leave for the committee to file this report with the Secre. tary for publication.

(For report see Appendix J.)

Vice-President Meldrim: If there is no objection it will take that course. The Committee on Federal Legislation.

There was no response.
Vice-President Meldrim: Committee on Interstate Law.

The Secretary: Mr. Toomer, the Chairman, has not arrived. He has a report I think.

Vice-President Meldrim: Committee on Legal Ethics, W. D. Ellis, Chairman.

The Secretary: I have heard nothing from that committee,

Vice-President Meldrim: The Committee on Reception. The Committee on Legislation.

The Secretary: No report has been furnished me.

Vice-President Meldrim: Committee on Relief of the Supreme Court.

The Secretary: That report has been submitted.

On motion, the Association adjourned to meet at 3 p.m., the same day.



The Association met pursuant to adjournment and was called to order by the President.

Mr. Sweat presented the following report of the Committee on Nominations:

For President, P. W. Meldrim, Savannah.

For 1st Vice-President, A. P. Persons, Talbotton.
For 2d Vice-President, John J. Strickland, Athens.
For 3d Vice-President, Marcus W. Beck, Griffin.
For 4th Vice-President, W. M. Hammond, Thomasville.
For 5th Vice-President, W. K. Fielder, Cedartown.
For Secretary, Orville A. Park, Macon.
For Treasurer, Z. D. Harrison, Atlanta.

For Executive Committee, Reuben R. Arnold, Atlanta, Chairman; Roland Ellis, Macon; J. D. Kilpatrick, Atlanta; J. L. Sweat, Waycross. Ex officio members, the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer.

On motion, the report was received and the Secretary instructed to cast the ballot of the Association for the gentlemen nominated.

The Secretary announced that he had cast the ballot of the Association for the nominees and they were declared elected.

At this point Hon. Alton B. Parker, Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of New York, who had been invited to deliver the Annual Address, entered the hall, accompanied by the following gentlemen, who were seated with him on the stage:

Ex-Secretary of Interior Hoke Smith.
U. S. Senator A. O. Bacon.
Judge Geo. F. Gober.
Judge A. L. Bartlett.
Justice J. R. Lamar.
Justice A. J. Cobb.
Justice W. H. Fish.
Ex-Judge Geo. Hillyer.
Judge D. B. Evans.
Judge R. B. Russell.
Judge T. A. Parker.

Judge P. E. Seabrook.
Ex-Chief Justice L. E. Bleckley.
Chief Justice T. J. Simmons.
Congressman C. L. Bartlett.
Judge J. H. Lumpkin.
Judge Pope Barrow.
Ex-Judge J. L. Sweat.
Ex-Judge A! S. Erwin.
State Treasurer R. E. Park.
Ex-Judge W. R. Hammond.
Judge J. B. Estes.

Judge Parker was greeted with continued and hearty applause. The Association rose and remained standing until he and the gentlemen with him were seated.

The President: There is little need to introduce our distinguished guest. He has been with us, and all have been won by his easy grace, his American simplicity—a simplicity characteristic of large mentality, so different from that stiffness 'which petty men mistake for dignity.

We will have to-day a great speech from a great judge. A man who occupies a position second only in importance to the position of Chief Justice of the most august and powerful court the world has ever seen. And the setting is appropriate. I see the leaders of the bench and bar of the Empire State of the South. I see beautiful women here, their earnest understanding eyes an inspiration. And, as a background, the eternal hills with their mighty stillness, a stillness so vast that the thunder of the river at their base is merged into a great calma calm which is like martial music urging us on through life's endless toil and endeavor, to the noblest achievements effort can win.

I introduce to you a man who by effort has fairly won and

worthily worn distinguished judicial honors, Judge Alton B. Parker, Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of New York.

(For Judge Parker's address, see Appendix K.)

At the conclusion of Judge Parker's address an adjournment was had to 8:30 p.m.


The Association met at 8:30 p.m., pursuant to adjournment and was called to order by Vice-President Meldrim.

Vice-President Meldrim: Address by Mr. Arthur Gray Powell on the Georgia Franchise Tax Act.

Mr. Powell: I wish to state before beginning the reading of this paper, I have not attempted to express my individual opinion on any of the matters involved in this great subject, but have simply attempted to put before the Association such research and study as I have made of the decisions of the different courts, giving the authorities I have discussed in the paper. I will not burden the Association by reading those now, but they will appear in the paper as printed in our report of the proceedings, so that those who may at any time have occasion to pursue the subject may have the benefit of these landmarks that I have attempted to identify.

(For Mr. Powell's paper see Appendix L.) The Secretary announced the program for the following day.

On motion, the Association adjourned to meet at 10 a.m., Saturday, July 4th.

Immediately on adjournment the members of the Association and their lady friends boarded the special train for the "Lucy Cobb Cottage,” the attractive summer house of Mrs. M. A.

Lipscomb of Athens. The cottage verandas and lawns were beautifully decorated and lighted. The evening was delightfully spent, and Mrs. Lipscomb’s “Al Fresco” reception, complimentary to Judge and Mrs. Parker, of New York, will long be remembered as one of the most charming social occasions ever enjoyed by the Association.


TALLULAH LODGE, July 4, 1903. The Association met pursuant to adjournment at 10 a.m., and was called to order by the President.

The Secretary: I have the applications of Mr. Thomas J. Shackelford of Athens, Mr. Ernest M. Smith of McDonough, and Mr. W. W. Lambdin of Barnesville for membership in the Association. The names have been before the Executive Committee and are recommended.

Mr. Miller: I move that the Secretary be instructed to cast the vote of the Association for them.

The motion received a second and was adopted. The ballot was cast and the gentlemen declared elected. Mr. Miller: Referring to the report of the Committee on the Torrens System of Registration of Land Titles, and in order that the matter may be formally disposed of, I offer the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Georgia Bar Association approves the suggestion contained in the report of the Special Committee on the Torrens System of Registration of Land Titles as to the appointment of a commission by the General Assembly of this State to investigate the system and report on the advisability of adopting it or one similar.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed, consisting of Washington Dessau, Howard Van Epps and J. L. Sweat, members of this Association, who shall be charged with the duty of presenting the views of this

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