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7. A Committee on Interstate Law, who shall be charged with the duty of bringing to the attention of the Association such action as shall be proposed by the American Bar Association, looking to the promotion of greater uniformity in the laws of the several States on subjects of common interest; and of suggesting propositions looking to the same end, and, where such action is favored by the Association, to bring the same to the attention of the General Assembly, and to endeavor to secure the adoption of the legislation so recommended.

8. A Committee on Legal Ethics, who shall be charged with the duty of reducing to the form of rules or canons the principles of ethics regulating the relations of lawyers to the courts, the public, their clients and each other; with the further duty of taking such action as they may deem best, in case any departures from these principles by members of the bar of the State come to their notice or are brought to their attention.

9. A Committee on Reception, who shall be charged with the duty, at all meetings of the Association, of promoting social intercourse and fraternity among the members, to the end that every member attending shall become personally acquainted with every other member.


Each of the standing committees shall consist of five members, and shall be appointed annually by the President of the Association, and a list thereof, and of all special committees, transmitted to the Secretary within thirty days from each annual meeting, and shall continue in office until the annual meeting of the Association next after their appointment, and until their successors are appointed, with the power to adopt rules for their own government, not inconsistent with the Constitution or these By-laws. The Secretary shall, within thirty days after receipt thereof from the President, notify each committeeman, giving full list of his committee. Any standing committee of the Association may, by rule, provide that three successive absences from the meetings of the committee, unexcused, shall be deemed a resignation by the member so absent of his place upon the committee. Any standing committee of the Association may, by rule, impose upon its members a fine for non-attendance, and may provide for the disposition of the fines collected under such a rule.*


Whenever any complaint shall be preferred against a member of

*As to payment of expenses of committees, see Report for 1885-86, page 70. As to printing committee reports in advance of annual meetings, see Report for 1886-87, page 6.

the Association for misconduct in his relation to this Association, or in his profession, the member or members preferring such complaint shall present it to the Committee on Grievances, in writing, and subscribed by him or them, plainly stating the matter complained of, with particulars of time, place and circumstances.

The Committee shall thereupon examine the complaint, and if they are of the opinion that the matters therein alleged are of sufficient importance, shall cause a copy of the complaint, together with a notice of not less than five days, of the time and place when the committee will meet for the consideration thereof, to be served on the member complained of, either personally or by leaving the same at his place of business during office hours, properly addressed to him.

If, after hearing his explanation, the committee shall deem it proper that there shall be a trial of the charge, they shall cause a similar notice of five days, of the time and place of trial to be served on the party complained of. The mode of procedure upon the trial of such complaint shall conform as near as may be to the provisions of 98420 to 434 of the Code, inclusive.*

Nominations of candidates to fill the respective offices may be made at the time of election by any member, and as many candidates may be nominated for each office as members may wish to name, but all elections, whether to office or to membership, must be by ballot. A majority of the votes cast shall be sufficient to elect to office; but five negative votes shall be sufficient to defeat an election to membership.


All vacancies in any office or committee of this Association shall be filled by appointment of the President, and the person thus appointed shall hold for the unexpired term of his predecessor; but if a vacancy occur in the office of President it shall be filled by the Association at its first stated meeting occurring more than ten days after the happening of such vacancy, and the person elected shall hold office for the un-expired term of his predecessor.


All annual dues of this Association shall be paid in advance by each member upon his election, and on or before May 1st for each year during membership, and any member failing to pay his annual dues in

* The citation is to the Code of 1882. In Civil Code of 1895, the sections are 4431 to 4445 inclusive.

such manner shall be in default, and upon the order of the President, the Secretary shall strike the name of such member from the roll of membership, and such member shall not be reinstated unless, for good cause shown, the President shall excuse such default, in which last event the name of such member shall, upon the order of the President, be restored by the Secretary to the roll of membership. The Treasurer shall, on the 15th day of April of each year, inform each member of the Association that on the first day of May next, the Treasurer will draw at sight on said member for the amount due to the Association, and on the first day of May the Treasurer shall so draw for such dues upon each and every member of the Association who may at that time be indebted to the Association.


These By-laws may be amended at any stated, adjourned or annual meeting of the Association by a majority vote of those present.


Any officer may resign at any time, upon settling his accounts with the Association. A member may resign at any time upon the payment of all dues to the Association, and from the date of the receipt by the Secretary of a notice of resignation, with an endorsement thereon by the Treasurer that all dues have been paid as above provided, the person giving such notice shall cease to be a member of the Association.


The Association shall hold its annual meeting each year at such time and place as may be fixed by the Executive Committee, and by the direction of the Executive Committee the Secretary shall give notice of the time and place of such annual meeting by publication in a public newspaper for thirty days. If the President and Executive Committee shall determine that it is necessary for said Association to hold any other meeting during the year, the same shall be held at such time and place as the President and Executive Committee may fix, and upon twenty days' notice of such time and place, to be given by the Secretary, by publication in a public newspaper, and the Secretary shall give this notice upon the order of the President.


No resolution complimentary to any officer or member shall be entertained.


All addresses, essays and other papers, read at the meetings of the Association, shall be transmitted to the Secretary within thirty days from the adjournment of the annual meeting, and if not so furnished, the Executive Committee shall proceed to publish the proceedings without such papers.


There shall be a standing committee, consisting of three members, to be appointed by the President during the session of the Association. This committee shall be known as the Committee on Legislation, and its duty shall be to prepare for legislative action such matters requiring legislation as may have received the approval of the Association. It shall further be the duty of such committee to make due presentation of such proposed legislation to the appropriate legislative committees or bodies.


FOR 1903–1904.


First-A. P. PERSONS---
Third-MARCUS W. BECK -----
Fourth-W. M. HAMMOND ---
Fifth-W. K, FIELDER---



Z. D. HARRISON, Atlanta


--- Atlanta J. D. KILPATRICK ---

---Atlanta ROLAND ELLIS -----

--Macon J. L. SWEAT----

--------Waycross The President, the Secretary and the Treasurer ex officio.



On Jurisprudence and Law Reform. W. H. Fleming, Chairman-----

-------Augusta W. E. Wooten ---

---- Albany 0. H. B. Bloodworth

------ Forsyth A. F. Daley --

-- Wrightsville N. L. Hutchins, Jr.----

-- ---Lawrenceville

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