Telegraph and travel, telegraphic communication between England and India


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Seite 190 - Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever the earth and the world were made, thou art God from everlasting, and world without end.
Seite 31 - The present essay is an attempt to illustrate Mr. Freeman's Federal Government by evidence deduced from the coinage of the times and countries therein treated of.
Seite 53 - Works by the Rev. RICHARD MORRIS, LL.D., Member of the Council of the Philol. Soc. , Lecturer on English Language and Literature in King's College School, Editor of " Specimens of Early English,
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Seite 27 - They rank far above the average of similar performances," says the WESTMINSTER REVIEW. Seeley (Professor). — LECTURES AND ESSAYS. By JR SEELEY, MA Professor of Modern History in the University of Cambridge. 8vo. ICXr. 6d. CONTENTS : — Roman Imperialism : I. The Great Roman Revolution; 2. The Proximate Cause of the Fall of the Roman Empire ; 3. The Later Empire. — Milton's Political Opinions — Milton's Poetry — Elementary Principles in Art — Liberal Education in Universities — English...
Seite 19 - Macmillan (Rev. Hugh). — For other Works by same Author, see THEOLOGICAL and SCIENTIFIC CATALOGUES. HOLIDAYS ON HIGH LANDS ; or, Rambles and Incidents in search of Alpine Plants. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. Globe 8vo.

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