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Orders of


delivered to

reading over, and of the reply (if any) by the offender, shall be made, in the same manner.

XI. All orders made by any naval court shall, whenever Section 264. practicable, be entered in the official log book of the ship to Nayal which the parties to the proceedings before it belong, and Courts to be shall be signed by the president of the court.

Logs. XII. Whenever a survey of provisions or water is made Section 221. by the direction of any naval or Consular officer, or of any provisions shipping master or chief officer of Customs, a statement of and water. the result of the examination shall be entered in the official log.

XIII. In the case of foreign-going ships, the master shall Section 286. within forty-eight hours after the ship's arrival at her final Logs to be port of destination in the United Kingdom, or upon the

Shipping discharge of the crew, whichever first happens, deliver to the Master on shipping master before whom the crew is discharged the ship. official log book of the voyage; and the master or owner of every home trade ship (not exclusively employed in trading between ports on the coasts of the United Kingdom) shall within twenty-one days after the Thirtieth day of June and the Thirty-first day of December in every year, transmit or deliver to some shipping master in the United Kingdom the oficial log book for the preceding half year; and every master or owner who refuses or neglects to deliver his official log book as required, shall incur a penalty not exceeding five pounds, besides subjecting his vessel to detention, by stopping her clearance.

XIV. If any ship ceases by reason of transfer of owner- Section 287. ship or change of employment to fall within the definition of change of a foreign-going or of a home trade ship, the master or owner ownership or

employment, shall, if such ship is then in the United Kingdom, within one how Official month, and if she is elsewhere, within six months, deliver or delivered. transmit to the shipping master at the port to which the ship belonged the official log book (if any) duly made out to the time at which she ceased to be a foreign-going or home trade ship, and in default for each offence he shall incur a penalty Penalty for not exceeding ten pounds; and if any ship is lost or aban-neglect. doned, the master or owner shall, if practicable, and as soon as possible, deliver or transmit to the shipping master at the port to which the ship belonged the official log book (if any) duly made out to the time of such loss or abandonment, Penalty for and in default for each offence he shall incur a penalty not case of loss exceeding ten pounds.

of ship.

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XV. The master, owner, or any of the crew of any British Section 13. ship, if called upon, shall produce the official log book to any of Log Book officer of the Board of Trade, or any commissioned officer of may be any of Her Majesty's ships on full pay, or any British Consular officer, or the Registrar-General of Seamen and his Assistant, or any chief officer of Customs in any place in Her Majesty's dominions, or any shipping master, in cases where any such officer or person has reason to suspect that the provisions of the Act or the Laws for the time being relating to merchant seamen and to navigation have not been complied with ; and any such officer or person may take copies of official log books or documents, or of any part thereof, and may summon the master to appear and give any explanation concerning his ship or her crew, or the official log books or documents.

XVI. If during the progress of a voyage the master is Section 259. superseded, or for any other reason quits the ship, and is change of succeeded in the command by some other person, he shall master;

ship's papers deliver to his successor the various documents relating to must be dethe navigation of the ship and to the crew thereof which are to new in his custody, and shall in default incur a penalty not

Penalty for exceeding one hundred pounds ; and such successor shall, neglect. immediately on assuming the command of the ship, enter in Entry of the official log a list of the documents so delivered to him.

Log Book.

livered over


documents to be made in Official



Reference to any pages in which the various

entries appear.

1. Conviction of any member of crew

and punishment 2. Offence committed by member of

crew for which it is intended to prosecute, or to enforce a forfeiture, or to exact a fine, together with such statement concerning the reading over such entry, and concerning the reply (if any) made to the charge as

herein before required. 3. Offence for which punishment has

been inflicted on board, and the

punishment inflicted 4. Statement of the conduct, character,

and qualifications of each member

of crew 5. Illness, or injury, that has happened

to any member of crew, the nature thereof, and the medical treatment

adopted (if any) 6. Death that has happened on board,

and cause thereof............................

7. Birth that has happened on board,

the sex of the infant, and the names

of the parents 8. Marriage that has taken place on

board, the names and ages of the

parties ................ 9. Name of seaman or apprentice who

has ceased to be a member of the crew, otherwise than by death, with the place, time, manner, and cause thereof

10. Amount of wages due to any seaman

who has entered Her Majesty's ser

vice during the voyage 11. Wages due to any seaman or appren

tice who has died during the voyage, and the gross amount of all deductions to be made therefrom

12. Sale of the effects of any seaman or

apprentice who has died during the voyage, including a statement of each article sold and of the sum re

ceived for it ............ 13. Collision with any other ship, and

the circumstances under which the same occurred

14. Order of Naval Court

15. Survey of provisions and water

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* V. G. for “Very Good,” G. “Good,” M. “Middling," and I. “Indifferent.” The Master may also insert particulars of ability or conduct; thus, Helm good, or “ Sobrietyindifferent. If he declines giving any opinion he must so state opposite the man's name.



In pursuance of the Merchant Shipping Act, 17 & 18 Vict. c. 104. These Regulations are distinct from and in addition to those contained in the Act, and are sanctioned but not universally required by law. All or any of them may be adopted by agreement between a master and his crew, and thereupon the offences specified in such of them as are so adopted will be legally punishable by the appropriate fines or punishments. These Regulations are all numbered, and the numbers of such of them as are adopted must be inserted in the space left for that purpose in the agreement, and a copy of these Regulations must be made to correspond with the agreement by erasing such of the Regulations as are not adopted, and must then be attached to and kept with the agreement which the master of the ship takes to sea with him. If the agreement is made before a shipping master, his signature or initials must be placed opposite such of the Regulations as are adopted.

For the purpose of legally enforcing any of the following penalties, a statement of the offence must, immediately after its commission, be entered in the official log book by the direction of the master, and must at the same time be attested to be true by the signatures of the master and the mate, or one of the crew; and a copy of such entry must be furnished, or the same must be read over to the offender, before the ship reaches any port or departs from the port at which she is, and an entry that the same has been so furnished or read over, and of the reply, if any, of the offender, must be made and signed in the same manner as the entry of the offence. If the punishment is a fine, these entries must, upon discharge of the offender, be shown to the shipping master before whom the offender is discharged, or, in the case of a home-trade ship, to some shipping master at or near the place where the crew is discharged; and if he is satisfied that the offence is proved, and that the entries have been properly made, the fine must be deducted from the offender's wages, and paid over to the shipping master.

If, in consequence of subsequent good conduct, the master thinks fit to remit or reduce any fine upon any member of his crew which has been entered in the log, and signifies the same to the shipping master, the fine shall be remitted or reduced accordingly. If wages are contracted for by the voyage or by share, the amount of the fines is to be ascertained in the manner in which the amount of forfeiture is ascertained in similar cases under sect. 252.

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