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Drawing of the King to be hosted by all Butish Vessels for a filet


Vozo A British Union Sack with a border of White of one fifth of the breadth of the Jack

Passes from one part of

avoiding lawful capture by the cruisers of Her Majesty or of Her Allies in time of war, or of defrauding the Revenue, or of doing some other act manifestly contrary to public policy. (See paragraphs 19 to 21.)

15. The Consul will observe, that in certain cases the Provisional Commissioners of Customs and the Governors of Colonies may grant a Pass, enabling a ship to make a single voyage jesty's domifrom one port in Her Majesty's dominions to another, with-nions to anoout a Certificate of Registry.

16. A General Index will be kept by the Registrar-General General Inof Seamen and Shipping in London, in which will be entered, for reference, all particulars concerning the titles to British ships wherever registered; but the actual title to a ship will depend, not on the entries in this index, but on those contained in the Register Book kept at the Port of Registry, A list of the ships whose registers are cancelled will from time to time be sent to the Consul by the Registrar.

ther. S. 98.



S. 105.

Flags to be carried by British Ships. 17. The flag to be carried by British ships is the Red Plags to be

carried by Ensign, a drawing of which is annexed, Form (C. 4) in Appendix. The flag to be hoisted by British ships for a pilot

ships. is the Union Jack with a white border, a drawing of which is Forms (C. 4) also annexed, Form (C. 5) in Appendix. If any colours in

Appendix. usually worn by Her Majesty's ships, or any pendant, or any distinctive national colours, except those above mentioned, be hoisted in any British ship or boat without warrant from Her Majesty or the Admiralty, the master, the owner, if on board, and every other person concerned, is liable to a penalty not exceeding 500l.: and Consuls and other public officers

may board the vessel, and take away such colours or pendants.

18. The Consul will make known in the most public man-Steps to be ner throughout the district of his Consulate the above rules improper concerning flags, and he will cause a notice of such rules, flags are with a copy of the flags to be used to be exhibited in some 8. 105. conspicuous part of his office. If he is informed that any British vessel hoists improper colours, he will send or go on board, and will seize the pendant or colours so hoisted, and will for that purpose order the master to haul them down and deliver them up to him. If the colours are delivered up, care should be taken that the person to whom they are delivered is able, if called on, to prove their identity, either by


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