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Edward Wortley Mountague Efq;



HEN I fend you this Volume, I am rather to make you a Request than a Dedication. I muft defire, that if you think fit to throw away any Moments on it, you would not do it after reading thofe excellent Pieces with which you are ufually converfant. The Images which you will meet with here, will be very feint, after the Perufal of the Greeks and Romans, who are your Ordinary Companions. I must confess I am obliged to you for the Taft of many of their Excellencies, which I had not observed till you pointed them to me. I am very proud that there are fome Things in these Papers which I know you pardon; and it is no fmall Pleafure to have ones Labours

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Labours fuffered by the Judgment of a Man who fo well understands the true Charms of Eloquence and Poefie. But I direct this Addrefs to you; not that I think I can entertain you with my Writings, but to thank you for the new Delight I have from your Converfation in those of other Men.

May you enjoy a long Continuance of the true Relish of the Happiness Heaven hath bestowed upon you. I know not how to fay a more affectionate Thing to you, than to wish that you may be always what you are; and that you may ever think, as I know you now do, that you have a much larger Fortune than you want. I am,


Your moft Obedient, and

Moft Humble Servant,

Ifaac Bickerstaff.

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William Afhurst Efq;

Duke of Bedford, [Three Books.]
Lord Blefington.

Duke of Bolton, [Two Books.]
Earl of Bridgewater, [Two Books.]
Duke of Buckinghamshire.
Earl of Burlington.
Lord Byron.

Lady Bridgewater.

Lady Buckingham.
Lady Buckworth.

Lady Burlington, [Two Books. ]

Henry Baker Efq;
Mr. Barnes.

Mr. Mofes Barrow.
Datre Barrett Efq;
Mrs. Barton.
Sir James Bateman.
Mr. Bathurst.
Arthur Bayley Esq;
Mr. Alexander Bayne.
Juftus Beck Efq;

Sir Thomas Afton, of Afton in William Bellamy Efq;

Cheshire, Baronet.

Mr. Robert Attwood Merchant.

Admiral Aylmer

Mr. Richard Bellafyle, of Lin


Mr. Bellitha.

Whitgift Aylmer Efq; [ Six Sir J. Bennet.

Books. ]

Philip Ayscough, A. M.


Earl of Barrymore.

Earl of Bath. Duke of Beaufort.

John Benfon Efq;

Mr. Benfon.

Mr. J. Bentinck.

Mr. Mofes Beranger.

George Berkley, A. M. Fellow of

Trin, Coll, Dublin.

The Hon. Peregrine Bertie Efq;

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Hugh Bethell Eq; Sir George Bing. Francis Bithel Efq;

Sir Lambert Blackwell.
Mr. Jonathan Blackwell.
Colonel Bladen.

The Hon. Vere Boothe Efq;
Mr. Peter Bowen.

Lady Bowyer.

Right Hon. H. Boyle Efq; Principal Secretary of State,[3 Books.] Mr. James Brain Junior.

Mr. Tho. Brand.
Charles Breffey Efq;
Col. Breton.
John Brewer Efq;

William Bridges Efq; Surveyor
General of the Ordnance.
Mrs. Katherine Bridgman.
Mr. Robert Briftow.
Mr. William Brockman.
Mr. Tho. Brodrick.

Mr. Edmund Brome, Fellow of
St. John's College, Cambridge.
Mr. Philip Browne.
Mr. Walter Brudenell.
Mr. William Bryan
Francis Brydges Efq;
Mr. Brydges.

Mr. John ô Bryen.

Mr. Euftace Budgell.

Capt. Peter Buer.

Mr. Richard Bull, Druggist.

the Admiralty.

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The Hon. Mrs. Cartwright of Agno in Northamptonshire. Mrs. Mary Cary.

Mr. Nat. Caftleton, [Two Books.] Tho. Caverley Efq;

Mr. John Chadwick.

Hugh Chamberlen, M.D.

Mr. Jo. Charlton.

Jofias Burchet Efq; Secretary of Mr. Robert Chester.

Mr. Tho. Burgh. John Buridg Efq; William Burt Efq; Mr. Lancelot Burton. Mr. Richard Burton. Mr. Baron Bury. J. Buxton Ef1;

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Chetwynd Efq;

Stephen Child Efq;

Charles Cholmondely of Che

fter Efq;

Hugh Chomley Efq;
Lady Clarges.

Mr. Edmund Clark.

Mr. James Clarke.
Mr. Sam. Clarke.

Stephen Clay, of the Inner-Temple, Efq;

William Clayton Efq;

Mr. Cobington.


Mr. Joh. Cock,Merchant,[2 Books.] | Mr. Robert Dickins.

Mrs. Collins.

The Hon. Spencer Compton Efq; Mr. Gerrard Conyers. Mr. Cook, Vice-Chamberlain. Mr. Thomas Cootes, Merchant. Sir John Cope. Mr. John Corbet. Thomas Corbet Efq; Mr. Cornelifon. Henry Cornish Efq; William Cotefworth Efq; Mr. Coventry. Sir Charles Cox. Mr. Thomas Cox. Mr. Craggs [Five Books. ] Mrs. Crake. John Crew Efq;

Mr. Pheafant Crifp, Merchant. Sir John Cropley.

Mr. Robert Crofs.

[blocks in formation]

Dutchess of Devonshire.

Sir David Dalrymple.

Jofiah Difton Efq;

Mr. Thomas Dodd.

George Dodington, Efq; one of the Lords Commiffioners of the Admiralty.

Sir Gilbert Dolben Bar.
Mrs. Dolben.

Mr. James Dolliffe.
John Dormer Ef;
Col. Richard Dormer.
Capt. Dorrell.

Mr. Henry Dottin.
Mr. Peter Downer.
Mr. William Dowfon.
Mr. Charles Dubois, Merchant.
Sir Matthew Dudley Bar.
Mr. Matthew Dukes.
Mr. Dunch.
Mrs. Dutton.
Richard Dyett Efq;


Ord Bishop of Ely.
Earl of Effex.

Countess of Effex.

William Eaft Efq;
Mr. James Eckerfall.
Lieutenant-General Ecklin.
Kenrick Edesbury Efq;
R. Edgecomb Elq;
Francis Edwards Efq;
Capt. John Edwards.

Mr. Edwards of the Exchequer.

Sir Abftrupus Danby, of Swin- Sir G. Elliott.

ton in Yorkshire.

Mr. Thomas D'Ath.

Major-General Davenport.

Ralph Davifon Gent.

Mr. William Dawson

Mr. William Elliott.

Mr. John Emilie

Lieutenant-General Erle.

Mr. Erle.

Henry Erthman Efq; [2 Books.]

Mr. Francis Delafarelle, [2 Books] | William Etherick Efq; [2 Books.]

Mr. Delavall.

William Delaune, D. D. Mr. Robert Dalgardno. Mr. Peter Delmee.

Alexander Denton Efq; Mr. John Devink.

John Ewer Efq;

Francis Eyles Efq;

Mr. John Eyles.

Sir Robert Eyres, one of the Juftices of the Queen's Bench.

Lady Eyre.

F. Lord

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