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Tho. Smith Efq; [Two Books]
Mr. T. Smith

Mr John Smyth, B. B.
Mr. Chriftopher Soan, Senior
Mr. T. Southerne, [Two Books]
Edward Southwell Efq;
Mr. Spragg

Thomas Spratt, Archdeacon of

Lieutenant-General Stanhope
Charles Stanhope, of the Inner-
Temple, Efq;

Sir Samuel Stanier, Knight and


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Lieutenant-General Tidcombe Mrs. Titus

Mr. Thomas Tompion, Watch maker

Mr. Tounton John Tournay Gent. Chriftoph. Tower, of the County of Bucks, Efq; Mr. Travers, [2 Books] George Treby Efq;

Mr. Harry Trelawny, [3 Books] John Morley Trevor Efq; Mr. Rowland Tryon, Merchant Sir C. Turner Mr. J. Tyrrell


Lady Ann Vaughan

Mr. J. Vanbrugh

Hon. William Vane Efq;
Mr. Robert Vanfittare, [2 Books]
James Vernon Efq;

Thomas Vernon Efq;

George Stubbs, A. M. Fellow of William Vefey Efq;

Exeter College, Oxon.

M. Abr. Swift, [2 Books]


Earl of Thanet

Lord Toumult

Lord Tyrawly

John Tayleur Efq,

James Taylor of the War-Office

Jof. Taylor of the Inner-Tem-
ple Efq;
Mr. Jonah Taylor
Mr. Taylor
Mr. J. Taylour

Sir Richard Temple Bar.
Fisher Tench Efq;
Mr. Nicholas Terrell
Belbey Thompson Efq;
William Thompson Efq;
Mr. James Thornhill, Painter
Mr. Thomas Thynne

Mrs. Villiers

Marinier de Vryberge, Envoy

from the States-General


Arl of Warwick and Holland
Earl of Weems

Earl of Westmorland
Lord Viscount Weymouth
Earl of Wharton
Earl of Winchelsea
Lord P. Winchendon
Marquifs of Winchester

Countess of Warwick
Countess of Winchelsea
Lady Viscountess Weymouth

Sir Charles Wager
Mr. Humphrey Walcott
William Walker Efq;
Richard Waller Efq; F. R. S.


Mr. Ben. Wall, Merchant

Horatio Walpole Efq;

Mr. G. Walpole

Mr. H. Walpole, Junior

Mr. William Whiddon
Mr. Jofeph Whifton, Dyer
Sir Paul Whitchote Bar.

Mr. George Whitehead [2 Books]

R. Walpole Efq; Treasurer of the Mr. Samuel Whitfted


William Wardour Efq;

Mr. John Warner, Goldsmith

Mrs. Warter

Mr. Waterhouse

Hon. E. Watson

Mr. John Webfter

Sir Tho. Webster Bar.
Abraham Weekes, of Rookely
in Hants, Efq;
Mr. Weld

Jof. Wells Efq; Serjeant at Law
Sir John Wentworth
Mr. Charles Weft, Apothecary
Mr. John Weft

Mr. T. Wharton
Brigadier-General Whetham

Mr. Richard Whitworth [2Books]
Mr. Robert Wilks

Lieutenant-Colonel Windham
Mr. Windham

Lieutenant-General Wood
Charles Woodroffe, of the City
of Winchester, D. V.

Sir Jo. Woolf, Knight and Al. derman

John Goden Woolf
Mr. George Woolley
Mr. H. Worley [2 Books]
Sidney Wortley Mountague Efq;
Edw. Wortley Mountague Efq;
Mr. Jofeph Wright [Two Books]
Mr. Thomas Wylde
Richard Wynne Efq;




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Quicquid agunt Homines noftri Farrago Libelli. From Thursday August 4. to Saturday Aug. 6.1709.


White's Chocolate-house, August 5. The Hiftory of Orlando the Fair. Chap. II. Ortune being now propitious to the gay Orlando, he dress'd, he spoke, he mov❜d, as a Man might be fuppos'd to do in a Nation of Pigmies, and had an equal Value for our Approbation or Diflike. It is ufual for those who profefs a Contempt of the World, to fly from it and live in Obfcurity; but Orlando, with a greater Magnanimity, contemn'd it, and appeared in it to tell 'em fo. If therefore his exalted Mien met with an unwelcome Reception, he was fure always to double the Caufe which gave the Distast. You fee [Vol. 2.]



our Beauties affect a Negligence in the Ornament of their Hair, and adjufting their Head-dreffes, as conscious that they adorn whatever they wear. Orlando had not only this Humour in common with other Beauties, but alfo had a Neglect whether Things became him or not, in a World he contemn'd. For this Reason, a noble Particularity appear'd in all his Oeconomy, Furniture, and Equipage. And to convince the prefent little Race, how unequal all their Meafures were to an Antidiluvian, as he call'd himfelf, in respect of the Infects which now appear for Men, he fometimes rode in an open Tumbril, of lefs Size than ordinary, to show the Largeness of his Limbs, and the Grandeur of his Perfonage, to the greater Advantage: At other Seasons, all his Appointments had a Magnificence, as if it were form'd by the Genius of Trimalchio of old, which fhow'd it felf in doing ordinary Things with an Air of Pomp and Grandeur. Orlando therefore call'd for Tea by Beat of Drum; his Valet got ready to fhave him by a Trumpet to Horfe; and Water was brought for his Teeth, when the Sound was chang❜d to Boots and Saddle.

In all these glorious Exceffes from the common Practice, did the happy Orlando live and reign in an uninterrupted Tranquility, till an unlucky Accident brought to his Remembrance, that one Evening he was married before he courted the Nuptials of Villaria. Several fatal Memorandums were produced to revive the Memory of this Accident, and the unhappy Lover was for ever banished her Prefence, to whom he ow'd

ow'd the Support of his just Renown and Gallantry. But Diftrefs does not debase noble Minds; it only changes the Scene, and gives them new Glory by that Alteration. Orlando therefore now raves in a Garret, and calls to his Neighbour-Skies to pity his Dolors, and to find Redress for an unhappy Lover. All high Spirits, in any great Agitation of Mind, are inclin'd to relieve themselves by Poetry: The renown'd Porter of Oliver had not more Volumes around his Cell in his College of Bedlam, than Orlando in his present Apartment. And tho' inferting Poetry in the midst of Prose be thought a Licence among correct Writers not to be indulg'd, it is hop'd, the Neceffity of doing it, to give a juft Idea of the Hero of whom we treat, will plead for the Liberty we shall hereafter take, to print Orlando's Soliloquies in Verse and Profe, after the Manner of great Wits, and such as those to whom they are nearly ally'd.

Will's Coffee-boufe, August 5.

A good Company of us were this Day to fee, or rather to hear, an artful Perfon do several Feats of Activity with his Throat and Wind-pipe. The firft Thing wherewith he prefented us, was a Ring of Bells, which he imitated in a most miraculous Manafter that, he gave us all the different Notes of a Pack of Hounds, to our great Delight and Aftonishment. The Company exprefs'd their Applause with much Noise; and never was heard fuch an Harmony of Men and Dogs: But a certain plump merry Fellow, from an Angle of the Room, fell a crow


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