Publications de l'Institut Nobel norvègien, Band 2

H. Aschehoug & Company (W. Nygaard), 1913

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Seite 47 - ... relating to international matters in which the high contracting parties are concerned by virtue of a claim of right made by one against the other under treaty or otherwise, and which are justiciable in their nature by reason of being susceptible of decision by the application of the principles of law or equity...
Seite 32 - In case of bays the three marine miles are to be measured from a straight line drawn across the body of water at the place where it ceases to have the configuration and characteristics of a bay. At all other places the three marine miles are to be measured following the sinuosities of the coast.
Seite 152 - All pecuniary claims or groups of pecuniary claims which shall exceed £100,000 in amount and all other matters in difference, in respect of which either of the high contracting parties shall have rights against the other under treaty or otherwise, provided that such matters in difference do not involve the determination of territorial claims, shall be dealt with and decided by an arbitral tribunal, constituted as provided in the next following article.
Seite 52 - The commissioners, or in case of their disagreement, the umpire, shall decide all claims upon a basis of absolute equity, without regard to objections of a technical nature, or of the provisions of local legislation.
Seite 40 - Adverse holding or prescription during a period of fifty years shall make a good title. The arbitrators may deem exclusive political control of a district, as well as actual settlement thereof, sufficient to constitute adverse holding or to make title by prescription.
Seite 58 - Referee should be unable to ascertain and determine the precise line intended by the words of the Treaty, it is agreed that it shall be left to him to determine upon some line which, in his opinion, will furnish an equitable solution of the difficulty, and will be the nearest approximation that can be made to an accurate construction of the words of the Treaty.
Seite 33 - As regards bays, the distance of three miles shall be measured from a straight line drawn across the bay, in the part nearest the entrance, at the first point where the width does not exceed ten miles.
Seite 184 - Las dificultades que pudieran suscitarse por la existencia de ciertos valles formados por la bifurcación de la Cordillera, y en que no sea clara la línea divisoria de las aguas serán resueltas amistosamente por dos peritos nombrados uno de cada parte. En caso de no arribar éstos a un acuerdo, será llamado a decidirlas un tercer perito designado por ambos Gobiernos.
Seite 118 - ART. 2. In the case of recourse to the international court of prize, in the form of an action for damages, article 8 of the convention is not applicable; it is not for the court to pass upon the validity or the nullity of the capture, nor to reverse or affirm the decision of the national tribunals. If the capture is considered illegal, the court determines the amount of damages to be allowed, if any, to the claimants.
Seite 33 - In the following bays where the configuration of the coast and the local climatic conditions are such that foreign fishermen when within the geographic headlands might reasonably and bona fide believe themselves on the high seas...

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