The history of the imperiall estate of the grand seigneurs, tr. [from Histoire généralle du serrail. Ensemble l'Histoire de la cour du roy de la Chine] by E.G., S.A.

W. Stansby for R. Meighen, 1635

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Seite 191 - ... of this great wall they hinder the entry of Strangers into the Realme^ and their cares keepe vices out of the Court, which in other places avefamiliatto Courtiers*.
Seite 200 - It is true that this vaine beliefe, to hold them faire which haue very little feet, is not only atthiiday in a^jfa:fomeof rhefeEafternepartSjbaue followedit with as much paflion.
Seite 83 - Scrpents,and rowled it about the place, and then drew out the Boy whole and found : The fame Serpents flinging and biting other* which came necre them.
Seite 80 - Jeaft of all, carried two Towers, in the which there were two men armed, which fought on againft the other with their Scmiters, They did mannage grecne Enfigncs , and iJatcicaxes ofglafle without breaking them.
Seite 160 - Priloner in bisSerrail, and made him to taftc this fweet change, to come from a Dungeon to a Throne, and from the fetters of...
Seite 81 - Launcc being on foot , went to prefent it vnto the Sultan before his window, who threw him out a Ring of Gold in rccompence; the man.
Seite 142 - Hcairen jdo not only (hew in themfelucs the lurtrc of their magnificence, but it doth alfo fliine in the wealth of the great Men of their Court. This is...
Seite 80 - Reft to beare it,like vnto the £ ranyttetj if ltaliant,Frencb is only tied to their Saddles by a leather thong , for they ,car$f*niji>, *c.
Seite 78 - Trefoils did not draw his eyes to the contemplation of their beautie : He...
Seite 171 - Court, he will defend his lifecouragioufly,and let them fee that a man, which hath long time handled a Spade and a Mattockc, is notfoe eafily mattered.

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