The Mechanics' Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal, and Gazette, Band 33

M. Salmon, 1840

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Seite 202 - Yard, when compared with a Pendulum vibrating Seconds of Mean Time in the Latitude of London in a Vacuum at the Level of the Sea is in the proportion of Thirty-Six Inches to Thirty-Nine Inches and one thousand three hundred and ninety-three ten-thousandth Parts of an Inch...
Seite 448 - When Steam- Vessels on different courses must unavoidably or necessarily cross so near, that by continuing their respective courses, there would be a risk of coming in collision, each vessel shall put her Helm to Port, so as always to pass on the Port side of each other.
Seite 247 - Observations on the possibility of successfully employing Steam Power in Navigating Ships between this country and the East Indies by the Cape of Good Hope.
Seite 372 - I now saw my former observations realized; but whether the deposition so formed would retain its hold on the plate, and whether it would be of sufficient solidity or strength to bear working if applied to a useful purpose, became questions which I now determined to solve by experiment.
Seite 372 - V, leaving a hair line of the copper exposed at the bottom, and a broad space near the surface ; and where the turn of the letters took place, the top edges of the lines were galled and rendered rugged by the action of the graver. This, of course, was an important objection, which I have since been able to remedy in some...
Seite 398 - Caesar was the first who obtained the express permission of the senate to place his portrait on the coins, and the example was soon followed. In the earlier and more simple days of Rome...
Seite 213 - She conveys the auto it in the following manner : she usually swims Upon her back, when her abdomen is enveloped in a bubble of air, and appears like a globe of quicksilver; with this she enters her cocoon, and displacing an equal mass of Water, again ascends for a second lading, till she has sufficiently filled her house with it, so as to expel all the water.
Seite 521 - RIVE || and others ; and it is more than probable that, when the right limitations are applied, constant and definite results will here also be obtained. 1627- It is a most important part of the character of the current, and essentially connected with its very nature, that it is always the same. The two forces are everywhere in it. There is never one current of force or one fluid only.
Seite 275 - In trigonometry, the number which expresses the proportion of AC to AB is called the sine of the angle at B ; and thus the resistance to a surface moving in a liquid is said to increase or decrease in proportion to the square of the sine of the angle which the direction of the surface makes with the direction in • which it is moved.
Seite 92 - And he has a third arrangement, not yet completed, by which, from the imperfect experiments he has made, he expects to gain very considerably more force from the same extent of galvanic power than from either of the other two. " The first two of these arrangements were seen in operation by Dr. Fleming, Professor of Natural Philosophy in this University, and myself, some days ago ; and there remains no doubt on our minds that Mr. Davidson's arrangements will, when finished, be found available as a...

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