Alaska Water Transportation, Hearings ..., Relative to S. 4012


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Seite 150 - No merchandise shall be transported by water under penalty of forfeiture thereof from one port of the United States to another port of the United States, either directly or via a foreign port, or for any part of the voyage, in any other vessel than a vessel of the United States.
Seite 151 - An Act to abolish certain fees for official services to American vessels, and to amend the laws relating to shipping commissioners, seamen, and owners of vessels, and for other purposes...
Seite 140 - Office Act and postal regulations for the time being in force are transmissible by post in Canada, without regard to place either of origin or destination, and also all empty bags, empty boxes and other receptacles, stores and articles used or to be used in carrying on the post office service, or which shall ordinarily be sent by or to or from the post offices.
Seite 33 - weight" or "measurement." The weight ton in the United States and in British countries is the English long or gross ton of 2,240 pounds. In France and other countries having the metric system a weight ton is 2,204.6 pounds.
Seite 151 - No foreign vessel shall transport passengers between ports or places in the United States, either directly or by way of a foreign port, under a penalty of two hundred dollars for each passenger so transported and landed.
Seite 150 - ... port of the United States, provided no goods, wares, or merchandise, other than those imported in such vessel from some foreign port, and which shall not have been unladen, shall be carried from .one port or place to another in the United -States.
Seite 4 - I will place a copy of the bill in the record at this point. (The bill referred to is here printed in full, as follows:) [S.
Seite 33 - GROSS tonnage applied to vessels, not to cargo. It is determined by dividing by 100 the contents, in cubic feet, of the vessel's closed-in spaces. A vessel ton is 100 cubic feet. The register of a vessel states both gross and net tonnage.
Seite 140 - The contractors shall carry on each steamer running under this contract, according to its capacity, on all voyages, all the freight and passengers which may be reasonably offered or obtained, and at tariff rates, both as to passengers and freight, which may be from time to time approved by the Minister ; and the contractors shall furnish to the Minister such documents, Information, and evidence as may be required by the Minister to show the volume...
Seite 140 - ... at the terminal ports and at the ports of call shall be borne by the Contractors, who will be subject to all general and special regulations now or hereafter existing during the continuance of this Contract in connection with the postal service. For the conveyance of all such mails no payment shall be made or required over or beyond the amount of subsidy hereinafter mentioned or provided for...

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