Arithmetical Collections and Improvements: Being a Complete System of Practical Arithmetic

Printed for, and sold by the authors, 1766 - 611 Seiten

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Seite 490 - When first the marriage knot was tied Betwixt my wife and me, My age did hers as far exceed As three times three does three ; , But when ten years and half ten years We man and wife had been, Her age came up as near to mine As eight is to sixteen. Now tell me, I pray, What were our ages on the wedding-day...
Seite 291 - ... dollars. How many days did he work, and how many days was he idle ? Ans.
Seite 490 - Years, and Half Ten Years., We Man and Wife had been, Her Age came up as near to mine As Eight is to Sixteen. Now...
Seite 153 - To reduce an improper fraction to a whole or mixed number, — RULE : Divide the numerator by the denominator ; the quotient will be the whole or mixed number.
Seite 218 - To be 100 feet from th' top to th' ground ; Against the wall a ladder stood upright, Of the same length the castle was in height : •A. waggish youngster did the ladder slide (The bottom of it) 10 feet from the side ; ' Now I would know how far the top did fall, By pulling out the ladder from the wall t A 6 ini nearly 26.
Seite 500 - As in arithmetical, so also in geometrical progression, there are five things, any three of which being given, the other two may be found : — 1st The first term.
Seite 505 - Ans. (5) A man is to travel from London to a certain place in 12 days, and to go but 3 miles the first day, increasing every day by an equal excess, so that the last day's journey may be 58 miles; what is the daily increase, and how many miles distant is that place from London ? Ans. 5 miles daily increase.
Seite 504 - The extremes and number of terms being .given, to find the common difference. RULE...
Seite 36 - Figure, as in Addition) and bear (or carry) the faid Ten or Tens in mind until you have multiplied the next. Figure of the Multiplicand...
Seite 21 - Eclipse of the Sun, when the Moon is lineally between the Earth and Sun ? and in another of the Moon, when the Earth is in a Line between her and him ? (45) From the Creation to the Flood was 1656 Years ; thence to the building of Solomon's Temple 1336 Years ; thence to Mahomet, who lived 622 Years after Christ, «. 1630 Years. In what Year of the World was Christ then born...

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