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Manuscript, Department of State Archives. Instructions, Uruguay. Vol. 1.

Instructions, U.S. Ministers. Vol. 13.
Instructions, Venezuela. Vol. 1.

Legation Archives, Ecuador, Communications to the Government of Ecuador, 1848–56.

Legation Archives, Venezuela, Communications to the Government of Venezuela, 1850–66.

Legation Archives, Venezuela, Instructions, 1854–57.

Legation Archives, Venezuela, miscellaneous unbound papers, 1850–59, 1860-69.

Miscellaneous Letters, March-May 1843; December 1850; March 1851; April-May 1851; January 1852; June 1852; December 1852; January-February 1853; July-August 1853; November-December 1853; April 1854; May 1854; July 1854; September-October 1854; November-December 1854; January 1855; May 1855; October 1855; July 1857; October 1858; March 1859; June 1859; July 1871; August 1871.

Montevideo Claims, miscellaneous.
Notes from Foreign Consuls. Vol. 3.
Notes from the Argentine Legation. Vol. 1, pt. 2.
Notes from the Brazilian Legation. Vol. 3.
Notes from the British Legation. Vols. 29, 31, 32.
Notes from the Chilean Legation. Vol. 1.
Notes from the French Legation. Vols. 15, 16.
Notes from the Mexican Legation. Vols. 7, 8.
Notes from the Netherland Legation. Vol. 3.
Notes from the Paraguayan Legation. Vol. 1.
Notes from the Prussian Legation. Vols. 1, 2, 24.
Notes from the Russian Legation. Vols. 3, 4.
Notes to Foreign Consuls. Vol. 1.
Notes to German States. Vol. 6.
Notes to the Brazilian Legation. Vol. 6.
Notes to the British Legation. Vol. 7.
Notes to the Chilean Legation. Vol. 6.
Notes to the French Legation. Vol. 6.
Notes to the Mexican Legation. Vols. 6, 7.
Notes to the Netherland Legation. Vol. 6.
Notes to the Peruvian Legation. Vol. 1.
Notes to the Prussian Legation. Vol. 7.

Manuscript, Department of State Archives. Notes to the Russian Legation.
Vol. 6.

Notes to the Venezuelan Legation. Vol. 1.
Papers Chiefly Relative to Claims (unbound manuscript).
Papers of Judah P. Benjamin.
Peruvian Claims.
Reciprocity Negotiations, 1848–1854.

Record of Proceedings under the Convention of February gtb 1853 between the United States and Great Britain.

Report Book. Vols. 6, 7.
Special Agents. Vols. 16, 19.
Special Missions. Vols. 1, 3.

United States-Mexico Boundary, Abstracts, Estimates, Proposals, and Contracts Relating to the Emory Report (unbound manuscript).

United States-Mexico Boundary, Department of the Interior Letter Book, January 19, 1849-November 16, 1858.

United States-Mexico Boundary, Emory Correspondence (unbound manuscript).

United States-Mexico Boundary, Miscellaneous Correspondence (unbound manuscript).

United States,Mexico Claims Commission, 1868. Vols. 1, 2.
United States-Mexico Claims Commission, 1868. Opinions. Vol. 3.

Unperfected. Original treaties in the archives of the Department of
State which have not gone into force.
Manuscript, General Accounting Office. Accounts of the Fifth Auditor of the

Treasury Department with Edward Stubbs, Disbursing Agent of the Depart

ment of State, Nos. 14031, 15769, 25062. Manuscript, Library of Congress. Facsimiles, Ministerium der Auswärtigen Gelegenheiten, Ausw. Amt Central-Bureau Abteilung I C Amerika No. 10.

Facsimiles of papers in the Public Record Office, London, Foreign Office Records, America, 5, vols. 546, 547, 548, 563, 566, 589; 115, vols. 104, 121, 128, 129, 136, 137, 139.

Marcy Papers. Vols. 29, 39, 41, 44, 46, 47, 49, 50, 51.
Marcy Papers. Diary, 1853, 1857.

"M. C. Perry's Treaty" (95 pages of Japanese). Manuscript, National Archives. Log Book, U.S.S. Mississippi, No. 7, May 11,

1852-June 26, 1853; No. 8, June 27, 1853-June 7, 1854; No. 9, June 8, 1854January 26, 1855; No. 10, January 27-April 26, 1855.

Log Book, U.S.S. Plymouth, No. 8, July 10-December 13, 1853; No. 9, December 14, 1853-July 28, 1854.

Manuscript, National Archives. Log Book, U.S.S. Powhatan, No. 2, September 11, 1853-September 7, 1854.

Log Book, U.S.S. St. Marys, No. 5, September 19, 1850-July 31, 1852.
Log Book, U.S.S. Supply, August 28, 1853-October 27, 1854.

Log Book, U.S.S. Susquehanna, January 1-December 31, 1853; January 1-December 9, 1854.

Log Book, U.S.S. Vandalia, No. 21, February 14, 1853–March 9, 1854.

Log Book, U.S.S. Water Witch, No. 5, January 12, 1853–December 29,
Manuscript, Naval Records and Library. African Squadron, Commodore Isaac
Mayo, January 4, 1853-June 1, 1855.

Area Folder A-4, May-August 1854.
Captains' Letters, July-December 1852.

Confidential Letters, No. 2, March 1, 1849–February 28, 1853; No. 3, February 1, 1853–October 17, 1857.

East India, China, and Japan Squadron, Commodore M. C. Perry, vol. 1, December 13, 1852–December 31, 1853; vol. 2, January 2, 1854-May 16, 1855.

Public Documents, African Squadron, 1852–55. Martens, Georg Friedrich von. Nouveau recueil de traités d'alliance, de paix, de

trève ... et de plusieurs autres actes servant à la connaissance des relations étrangères des puissances de l'Europe depuis 1808 jusqu'à présent.

Gottingue, Dieterich, 1817-41. 16 vols. in 20. Martens, Karl, Freiherr von. Guide diplomatique; ou, Traité des droits, des

immunités et des devoirs des ministres publics, des agens diplomatiques et consulaires, dans toute l'étendue de leurs fonctions; précédé de considérations générales sur l'étude de la diplomatie; suivi d'un traité du style des compositions diplomatiques. ... Nouvelle edition, revue, rectifiée et améliorée dans toutes ses parties. ... Paris, J. P. Aillaud, 1837. 2 vols. in 3.

[Another edition.] Brussels, Meline, Cans et Compagnie, 1838. 2 vols. Masters, Donald Campbell. "A Further Word on I. D. Andrews and the Reciprocity Treaty of 1854.” In Canadian Historical Review (q.v.), XVII.

The Reciprocity Treaty of 1854; Its History, Its Relation to British Colonial and Foreign Policy and to the Development of Canadian Fiscal Autonomy. London, New York (etc.), Longmans, Green & Co., (1937).

xxiv +267 pp. Memoir on the Subject of the Concession of the Mexican Government to Don

Jose de Garay. ... [No title page; no date.] 18 pp. eyer, Christopher Bremer Vahl. The Extent of Jurisdiction in Coastal Waters, Illustrated by State Practice and the Opinions of Publicists . . . translated from the Norwegian by the author. Leiden, A. W. Sijthoff's Uitgeversmaatschappij N.V., 1937. xi+ 533 pp.


Miller, Hunter. “A Despatch of William Tudor.In Hispanic American

Historical Review (q.v.), XIX.
Moore, John Bassett. A Digest of International Law. Washington, Govern-
ment Printing Office, 1906. 8 vols.

A Treatise on Extradition and Interstate Rendition. With Appendices
Containing the Treaties and Statutes Relating to Extradition; the Treaties
Relating to the Desertion of Seamen; and the Statutes, Rules of Practice, and
Forms, in Force in the Several States and Territories, Relating to Interstate
Rendition. Boston, The Boston Book Co., 1891. 2 vols.

History and Digest of the International Arbitrations to Which the
United States Has Been a Party, Together with Appendices Containing the
Treaties Relating to Such Arbitrations, and Historical and Legal Notes.
Washington, Government Printing Office, 1898. 6 vols.

The Works of James Buchanan, Comprising His Speeches, State Papers,
and Private Correspondence. Philadelphia and London, J. B. Lippincott Co.,

1908–11. 12 vols.
Morison, John Lyle. The Eighth Earl of Elgin; a Chapter in Nineteenth-cen-

tury Imperial History. (London), Hodder & Stoughton, Ltd., 1928. 318 pp.
Nacional argentino, El, Paraná, December 3 and 21, 1854.
Nederlandsche Staats-Courant. The Hague, 1814-.
New York Herald, January 20, February 15, May 20, 23, July 6, 1854; January

12, May 8, 28, 1855.
Nitobé, Inazo Ota. "American-Japanese Intercourse Prior to the Advent of

Perry." In Annual Report of the American Historical Association (q.v.),
1911, I.

The Intercourse between the United States and Japan: An Historical
Sketch. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins Press, 1891. ix+198 pp.
Norton's Literary Gazette and Publishers' Circular. Vols. 1-3, May 1851-

December 1853; new series, vols. 1-2, January 1854-August 1855. New

York, C. B. Norton, 1851-55. 5 vols. in 4.
Official Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States, Advising the

President and Heads of Departments in Relation to Their Official Duties.

Washington, Government Printing Office (etc., 1852–).
Oliphant, Laurence. Episodes in a Life of Adventure; or, Moss from a Rolling

Stone. New ed. Edinburgh and London, William Blackwood & Sons, 1896.

vi+420 pp.
Opinions of the Attorneys General. See Official Opinions of the Attorneys

General of the United States.
Overman, William D. "I. D. Andrews and Reciprocity in 1854: An Episode in

Dollar Diplomacy.” In Canadian Historical Review (q.v.), XV.
Page, Thomas Jefferson. La Plata, the Argentine Confederation, and Paraguay.

Being a Narrative of the Exploration of the Tributaries of the River La Plata
and Adjacent Countries during the Years 1853, '54, '55, and '56, under the
Orders of the United States Government. New York, Harper & Bros., 1859.

xxii+(2]+[25)-632 pp.
Pan American Union. American Nation Series. Washington, 1926–.
Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States, with the Annual

Message of the President, 1861-. Washington, Government Printing Office,

(Papinot, E.] Historical and Geographical Dictionary of Japan. (Yokohama,

1909.) xiv +842 pp.
Parliamentary Papers, 1852, vol. 54, No. 1455. "Papers Relative to the Reduc-

tion of Lagos by Her Majesty's Forces on the West Coast of Africa."
Paullin, Charles Oscar. Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States.

Edited by John K. Wright. Washington, Carnegie Institution; New York,
American Geographical Society, 1932. xv+162 pp. +166 plates.

Diplomatic Negotiations of American Naval Officers, 1778–1883. (The
Albert Shaw Lectures on Diplomatic History, 1911.) Baltimore, The Johns
Hopkins Press, 1912. 380 pp.

"Early Voyages of American Naval Vessels to the Orient." In United
States Naval Institute Proceedings (q.v.), XXXVI, XXXVII.
Perez Uribe, Oscar. Republica del Paraguay. Coleccion de tratados; históricos

y vigentes. Asunción, Imprenta Nacional, 1934-.
Perry, Matthew Calbraith. Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squad-

ron to the China Seas and Japan, Performed in the Years 1852, 1853, and 1854,
under the Command of Commodore M. C. Perry, United States Navy, by
Order of the Government of the United States. Published by Order of the
Congress of the United States. Washington, A. 0. P. Nicholson, 1856.
3 vols. (House Executive Document No. 97, 33d Congress, 2d session,
serials 802, 803, 804; Senate Executive Document No. 79, 33d Congress,

2d session, serials 769, 770, 771.)
Piggott, Sir Francis Taylor. The Declaration of Paris, 1856; a Study, Docu-

mented. London, University of London Press, Ltd., 1919. xii+452 pp.
Pistoye, Alphonse de, and Ch. Duverdy. Traité des prises maritimes dans lequel

on a refondu en partie le traité de Valin en l'appropriant à la législation

nouvelle. Paris, Auguste Durand, 1859. 2 vols.
Press Releases. Weekly Issue No. 1 (-Vol. XX, No. 508). Washington, Govern-

ment Printing Office, 1929–39. 20 vols.
Proceedings of the International (Water) Boundary Commission, United States

and Mexico, Treaties of 1884 and 1889. Equitable Distribution of the Waters

of the Rio Grande. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1903. 2 vols.
Provincial Statutes of Canada ... First Session of the First Provincial Parlia-

ment-Fifth Session of the Eighth Parliament, 1841-1866. Kingston (etc.),

Printed by S. Derbishire & G. Desbarats, 1841- 6. 25 vols.
Raccolta dei trattati e delle convenzioni commerciali in vigore tra l'Italia e gli

stati stranieri, compilata per cura del Ministero per gli Affari Esteri di S.M.
il Re d'Italia. Torino, Tipografia G. Favale e comp., 1862. xxx+1020 pp.

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