Travels Through Germany: With a Particular Account of the Court of Mecklenburg, Band 2


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Seite 284 - Since every man who lives is born to die, And none can boast sincere felicity, With equal mind what happens let us bear, Nor joy nor grieve too much for things beyond our care. Like pilgrims to th' appointed place we tend ; The world's an inn, and death the journey's end.
Seite 270 - Immediately after leaving the King's Bench Prison, By the Benefit of the Act of Insolvency ; In consequence of which, he registered His Kingdom of Corsica, For the use of his creditors. The grave, great teacher, to a level brings. Heroes, and beggars, galley-slaves, and kings : But Theodore this moral learn'd, ere dead ; Fate pour'd its lessons on his living head, Bestow'da kingdom, and denied him bread.
Seite 252 - GUARINI'S PASTOR FIDO, TRANSLATED. AH happy grove ! dark and fecure retreat •^ ^- Of facred filence, reft's eternal feat; How well your cool and unfrequented fhade Suits with the chafte retirements of a maid ; Oh ! if kind heaven had been fo much my friend, To make my fate upon my choice depend ; All my ambition I would here confine, And only this Elyfium...
Seite 22 - ... on her left hand, and in the front of the coach the countefs Cocceius, fpoufe to the nobleman of that name, the eminent lord chancellor of Pruffia.
Seite 98 - Oh when again Shall I behold the rural plain ? And when with books of sages deep, Sequester'd ease, and gentle sleep, In sweet oblivion, blissful balm! The busy cares of life becalm'!
Seite 322 - Nay, there's a time, when ev'n the rolling Year Seems to ftand ftill, dead Calms are in the Ocean, When not a Breath difturbs the drowfy Waves : But Man, the very Monfter of the World, Is ne'er at reft, the Soul for ever wakes. Come then, fince Deftiny thus drives us on, Let's know the bottom.
Seite 103 - ... services to the Americans incarcerated here, and undergoing punishment. In consequence of the neglect and pusillanimous behaviour of the United States consul, the crews of several American vessels are still suffering in a Spanish prison. Among these, are the crew of the American ship William Engs, of whom I have given you an account in a former letter ; they are unjustly still in chains, suffering punishment at hard labor, on an accusation of mutiny in this harbor. " Captain Babbit, upon receiving...
Seite 24 - We therefore in full confidence give ourfelves up to that lively joy excited in us all, on the glorious union to which the Divine Providence has called your royal Highnefs, and beg leave to.
Seite 104 - ... neglectful in making a proper ufe of the materials of trade, and in applying themfelves to the arts and manufactures. Their country produces plenty of wool, flax, hemp, hides; yet little or none .is manufactured, but all fent abroad, and chiefly to Hamburg, from whence they receive manufactured commodities. In the towns they have few artificers, and moft of them foreigners. The greater part of ' the corn, the ftaple of the land, is alfo exported, which enhances the price to the inhabitants.
Seite 21 - Senegal, and at its issue Fort Lewis : in America, the river St. Laurence with Quebec, likewise the Mississippi : in the Leeward and Windward Islands, Mariegalante, Guadaloupe, and Dominica, all marked in capital letters, as having been reduced by the British fleet. The two globes were surmounted with the arms of Great Britain and Mecklenburg joined.

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