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An act of the Legislature, approved February 15, 1907 (Acts 1907, pp. 41 and 110), provided for the appointment of a joint committee to read and revise the manuscript of this Code prepared by the commissioner, James J. Mayfield. This committee was composed as follows: On the part of the House: Hon. S. W. John (Chairman), Hon. A. H. Carmichael, Hon. J. M. Foster, Hon. 0. C. Maner, and Hon. H. B. Steagall. On the part of the Senate: Hon. John A. Lusk, Hon. H. P. Merritt, and Hon. L. D. Gardner.

This committee, during recess, read and thoroughly considered every section of the manuscript originally prepared by the commissioner, and also all acts of the Legislature passed at the session of 1907 prior to recess, which were codified by the commissioner and submitted to the committee with the original codification prepared by him. The committee either adopted, rejected, or amended and revised each section of the Code prepard by the commissioner, and added some few sections thereto.

This manuscript, as amended and revised by the committee, was reported to the Legislature, and as revised and reported, was adopted by the Legislature, with one amendment, which was, striking out of the manuscript the section thereof corresponding to section 1370 of the Code of 1896. (See act approved July 27, 1907, p. 1 of this Code, and p. 499 of the Acts of 1907.)

It is due this committee to say that probably no committee in the history of the state ever labored more earnestly or faithfully than did this one. While the committee made many changes in the manuscript prepared by the commissioner, none were made capriciously or arbitrarily; but only when, in the opinion of the committee, the law would be made better or more certain.

While the commissioner did not then, and does not now, agree with the committee in all of the changes made hr it, he did agree to many of them; and the Code, as a whole, was improved by the revision of the committee.



The first compilation of the laws of Alabama was Toulmin's Digest, styled, "Laws of Alabama,” prepared and compiled by Harry Toulmin, Esq., in 1823.

The second compilation was that of Aikin's Digest, prepared by Hon. John G. Aikin in 1833, with a second edition thereof compiled in the year 1836.

The third compilation was that of Clay's Digest, compiled by Hon. C.C. Clay, in the year 1843.

The fourth compilation was the Code of 1852, prepared and codified by Hons. John J. Ormond, Arthur P. Bagby, and George Goldthwaite, commissioners. This was the first and only Code of Alabama, strictly speaking. The subsequent Codes, popularly so called, are both codifications of laws and compilations of statutes.

The fifth compilation was the Penal Code, prepared by Hons. George W. Stone and John W. Shepherd.

The sixth compilation of the laws was the Code of 1867, prepared by Hon. A. J. Walker.

The seventh was the Code of 1876, prepared by Hons. Wade Keyes and Fern M. Wood.

The eighth was the Code of 1886, prepared by Hon. Robert C. Brickell, Peter Hamilton, and John P. Tillman, commissioners.

The ninth was the Code of 1896, prepared by William L. Martin. The tenth being the Code of 1907, prepared by the present commis-. sioner, James J. Mayfield.


22, 23
24, 25



Act Adopting the Code ....


Declaration of Independence

3- 6

Articles of Confederation

7- 15

Ordinance for Government of Territory North of Ohio River (Adopted by

Congress July 13, 1778) ....

16- 21

Act Establishing the Mississippi Territory (approved April 7, 1798).
Act for Government of Mississippi Territory (approved May 10, 1800)
Cession by Georgia to United States (approved April 24, 1802)

26- 29

Act Enlarging Boundaries of Mississippi Territory, Embracing Territory Once

Owned by South Carolina (approved March 7, 1804)


Act to Enlarge the Boundary of Mississippi Territory, Embracing Territory

Acquired from Spain and France (Sometimes called Mobile District)


Act Establishing the Alabama Territory (approved March 3, 1817)

31- 33

Act Amending Establishment of Alabama Territory (approved April 20, 1818).

Act for the Admission of Alabama into the Union (approved March 2, 1819).... 35- 38

Resolution Declaring the Admission of Alabama into the Union (adopted Decem-

ber 14, 1819)


Reconstruction Acts (approved March 2, 1867, and March 23, 1867)


President Andrew Johnston's Veto of Reconstruction Acts (sent to House March

2, 1867)

41- 54

Constitution of the State of Alabama, 1819 (adopted August 2, 1819)

63- 83
Amendment to Constitution of 1819 (adopted January, 1830)

83- 85
Constitution State of Alabama, 1861 (adopted March 20, 1861)

Constitution State of Alabama, 1865 (adopted September 30, 1865)

Constitution of Alabama, 1868 (failed of adoption)..


Constitutions of Alabama, 1875 and 1901, were placed as Prefatory Matter in the

Criminal Code, Parallelled, Annotated, and Indexed, in Accordance with

the Act to provide for the Publication and Distribution of the Code,

Approved July 27, 1907.

Constitution of the United States and Amendments thereto


Index to Constitution of United States


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