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Bay, Mattysqumscot, 145.

ally large, ib. - his labors in writ-
Bay State, singular effect produced on ing autographs, 217 — visits the

military officers by leaving it, 60. Judge and has a pleasant time, 243
Beast, in Apocalypse, a loadstone for born in Middlesex County, 254 -

whom, 113 - tenth horn of, applied his favorite walks, ib. - his gifted
to recent events, 342.

pen, 302 - born and bred in the
Beaufort, 308.

country, 331 - feels his sap start in
Beauregard (real name Toutant), 253, spring, 333 — is at times unsocial,

331 -- the school-house where he
Beaver brook, 373.

learned his a b c, 335 - falls asleep,
Beelzebub, his rigadoon, 95.

ib. - his ancestor a Cromwellian
Behmen, his letters not letters, 108. colonel, 337 — finds it harder to
Behn, Mrs. Aphra, quoted, 275.

make up his mind as he grows older,
Bellers, a saloon-keeper, 138 -- inhu- 339 — wishes he could write a song

manly refuses credit to a presiden- or two, 346 — liable to moods, 369
tial candidate, 138.

- loves nature and is loved in re-
Belmont. See Woods.

turn, 370 — describes some favorite
Bentley, his heroic method with Mil- haunts of his, 372, 373 — his slain
ton, 314.

kindred, 373 — his speech in March
Bible, not composed for use of colored meeting, 375 - does not reckon on
persons, 281.

being sent to Congress, 379 — has no
Biglow, Ezekiel, his letter to Hon. J. eloquence, ib. — his own reporter,

T. Buckingham, 43 -- never heard of 381 — never abused the South, 383
any one named Mundishes, 44 - - advises Uncle Sam, ib. -- is not
nearly fourscore years old, ib. — Boston-mad, 384 — bids farewell,
his aunt Keziah, a notable saying of,


Billings, Dea. Cephas, 63.
Biglow, Hosea, Esquire, excited by Billy, Ertra, demagogus, 358.

composition, 44 – a poem by, ib., Birch, virtue of, in instilling certain
99 — his opinion of war, 46 — wanted of the dead languages, 1:29.
at home by Nancy, 48 — recom- Bird of our country sings hosanna, 55.
mends a forcible enlistment of war- Bjarna Grimólfsson invents smoking,
like editors, ib. -- would not wonder, 315.
if generally agreed with, 50 - ver- Blind, to go it, 126.
sifies letter of Mr. Sawin, 51 - a let. Blitz pulls ribbons from his mouth, 55.
ter from, 52, 91 - his opinion of Mr. Bluenose potatoes, smell of, eagerly
Sawin, 52 - does not deny tun at desired, 56.
Cornwallis, 63, note - his idea of Bobolink, the, 333.
militia glory, 56, note – a pun of, 57, Bobtail obtains a cardinal's hat, 63.
note - is uncertain in regard to peo- Boggs, a Norman name, 286.
ple of Boston, ib. — had never heard Bogus Four-Corners Weekly Meridian,
of Mr. John P. Robinson, 64 - ali- 317.
quid sufflaminandus, 65 – his poems Bolles, Mr. Secondary, author of prize
attributed to a Mr. Lowell, 69 — is peace essay, 55 – presents sword to
unskilled in Latin, 70 — his poetry Lieutenant-Colonel, ib. - a fluent
maligned by some, ib. — his disin- orator, 55 — found to be in error,
terestedness, 71 -- his deep share in
common-weal, ib. -- his claim to the Bonaparte, N., a usurper, 114.
presidency, ib. - his mowing, ib. - Bonds, Confederate, their specie basis
resents being called Whig, 72 - op- cutlery, 232 — when payable, (atten-
posed to tariff, ib. - obstinate, ib. tion, British stockholders :) 306.
-infected with peculiar notions, Boot-trees, productive, where, 129.
ib. — reports a speech, 75 - emu- Boston, people of, supposed educated,
lates historians of antiquity, ib. 57, note has a good opinion of it-
his character sketched from a hos- sell, 205.
tile point of view, 86 -- a request of Bowers, Mr. Arphaxad, an ingenious
his complied with, 97 — appointed photographic artist, 313.
at a public meeting in Jaalam, 108 Brahmins, navel-contemplating, 106.
- confesses ignorance, in one minute Brains, poor substitute for, 257.
particular, of propriety, 109 -- his Bread-trees, 129.
opinion of cocked hats, ib. - letter Bream, their only business, 243.
to, ib. — called “Dear Sir," by a Brigadier-Generals in militia, devotion
general, ib. - probably receives of, 74.
same compliment from two hundred Brigadiers, nursing ones, tendency in,
and nine, ib. — picks his apples, 150 to literary composition, 224.
- his crop of Baldwins conjectur- | Brigitta, viridis, 356.



Britannia, her trident, 268.

Cambridge Platform, use discovered
Brotherhood, subsides after election, for, 03.

Canaan in quarterly instalments, 318.
Brown, Mr., engages in an unequal Canary Islands, 129.
contest, 97.

Candidate, presidential, letter from,
Browne, Sir T., a pious and wise sen- 109 — smells a rat, ib. - against a

timent of, cited and commended, 51. bank, 110 — takes a revolving posi-
Brutus Four-Corners, 218.

tion, 111 - opinion of pledges, ib.
Buchanan, a wise and honest man, 287. - is a periwig, ib. — fronts south
Buckingham, Hon. J. T., editor of the by north, 112 qualifications of,

Boston Courier, letters to, 43, 51, lessening, 115 - wooden leg (and
69, 91 - not afraid, 52.

head) useful to, 125.
Buffalo, a plan hatched there, 141 - Cape Cod clergymen, what, 62 —

plaster, a prophecy in regard to, Sabbath-breakers, perhaps,

proved by, ib.
Buffaloes, herd of, probable influence Captains, choice of, important, 382.
of tracts upon, 348.

Carolina, foolish act of, 382.
Bull, John, prophetic allusion to, by Caroline, case of, 248.

Horace, 247 — his “Run," 254 – Carpini, Father John de Plano, among
his mortgage, 262 - unfortunate dip the Tartars, 149.
of, 306 — wool pulled over his eyes, Cartier, Jacques, commendable zeal

of, 149.
Buncombe, in the other world sup- Cass, General, 93 - clearness of his

posed, 76 - mutual privilege in, 293. merit, ib. - limited popularity at
Bung, the eternal, thought to be loose, “Bellers's," 138.

Castles, Spanish, comfortable accom-
Bungtown Fencibles, dinner of, 64. modations in, 131.
Burke, Mr., his age of chivalry sur. Cato, letters of, so called, suspended
passed, 284.

naso adunco, 108.
Burleigh, Lord, quoted for something C. D., friends of, can hear of him, 107.

said in Latin long before, 275. Century, nineteenth, 288.
Burns, Robert, a Scottish poet, 242. Chalk egg, we are proud of incubation
Bushy Brook, 278.

of, 107.
Butler, Bishop, 302.

Chamberlayne, Doctor, consolatory
Butter in Irish bogs, 129.

citation from, 276.

Chance, an apothegm concerning, 223
C., General, commended for parts, 66 - is impatient, 340.

- for ubiquity, ib. – for consisten- Chaplain, a one-horse, stern-wheeled
cy, ib. - for fidelity, ib. — is in variety of, 229.
favor of war, ib. — his curious valu- Chappelow on Job, a copy of, lost, 98.
ation of principle, ib.

Charles I., accident to his neck, 310.
Cabbage-heads, the, always in major. Charles II., his restoration, how

brought about, 340.
Cabinet, English, makes a blunder, Cherubusco, news of, its effects on

English royalty, 85.
Cæsar, tribute to, 101 — his teni, vidi, Chesterfield no letter-writer, 108.

vici, censured for undue prolixity, Chief Magistrate, dancing esteemed

sinful by, 62.
Cainites, sect of, supposed still extant, Children naturally speak Hebrew, 51.

China-tree, 129.
Caleb, a monopoly of his denied, 54 - Chinese, whether they invented gun.

curious notions of, as to meaning of powder before the Christian era not
" shelter,” 58 — his definition of considered, 63.
Anglo-Saxon, 59 — charges Mexi- Choate hired, 140.
cans (not with bayonets but) with Christ shuffled into Apocrypha, 64 –
improprieties, ib.

conjectured to disapprove of slaugh-
Calhoun, Hon. J. C., his cow-bell cur- ter and pillage, 67 -- condemns a

few, light of the nineteenth century certain piece of barbarism, 97.
to be extinguished at sound of, 90 Christianity, profession of, plebeian,
- cannot let go apron-string of the whether, 50.
Past, ib. — his unsuccessful tilt at Christian soldiers, perhaps inconsis-
Spirit of the Age, ib. — the Sir Kay tent, whether, 75.
of modern chivalry, ib. – his anchor Cicero, 380 — an opinion of, disputed,
made of a crooked pin, 91 - men- 114.
tioned, 92-95.

Cilley, Ensign, autbor of nefarious
Calyboosus, carcer, 360.

sentiment, 64.

ity, 380.

Cimer lectularius, 57.

Courier, The Boston, an unsafe print,
Cincinnati, old, law and order party 87.
of, 327.

Court, General, farmers sometimes at
Cincinnatus, a stock character in tain seats in, 134.
modern comedy, 133.

Court, Supreme, 294.
Civilization, progress of, an alias, 99 Courts of law, English, their ortho-
- rides upon a powder-cart, 110.

doxy, 317.
Clergymen, their ill husbandry, 98 — Cousins, British, our ci-derant, 250.

their place in processions, 132 — Cowper, W., his letters commended,
some, cruelly banished for the 108.

soundness of their lungs, 149. Credit defined, 307.
Clotho, a Grecian lady, 345.

Creditors all on Lincoln's side, 291.
Cocked-hat, advantages of being Creed, a safe kind of, 126.
knocked into, 109.

Crockett, a good rule of, 233.
College of Cardinals, a strange one, Cruden, Alexander, his Concordance,

Colman, Dr. Benjamin, anecdote of, Crusade, first American, 62.

Cuneiform script recommended, 115.
Colored folks, curious national diver- Curiosity distinguishes man from
sion of kicking, 58.

brutes, 106.
Colquitt, a remark of, 94 - acquainted Currency, Ethiopian, inconveniences

with some principles of aerostation, of, 233.

Cynthia, her hide as a means of con-
Columbia, District of, its peculiar version, 240.

climatic effects, 78 - not certain

that Martin is for abolishing it, 141. Dædalus first taught men to sit on
Columbiads, the true fifteen-inch fences, 277.
ones, 323.

Daniel in the lion's den, 228.
Columbus, a Paul Pry of genius, 106 Darkies dread freedom, 291.

will perhaps be remembered, 312 Davis, Captain Isaac, finds out some
-- thought by some to have discov- thing to his advantage, 254.
ered America, 386.

Davis, Jefferson (a new species of
Columby, 136.

martyr) has the latest ideas on all
Complete Letter-Writer, fatal gift of, subjects, 232 – superior in finan-

ciering to patriarch Jacob, 233 - is
Compostella, Saint James of, seen, 61. some, 290 – carries Constitution in
Compromise system, the, illustrated, his hat, 292 — knows how to deal

with his Congress, 293 — astonished
Conciliation, its meaning, 348.

at his own piety, 304 - packed up
Congress, singular consequence of for Nashville, 308 — tempted to be

getting into, 78 — a stumbling- lieve his own lies, 308 – his snake
block, 292.

egg, 322 - blood on his hands, 374.
Congressional debates found instruc- Davis, Mr., of Mississippi, a remark
tive, 88.

of his, 93.
Constituents, useful for what, 82. Day and Martin, proverbially "on
Constitution trampled on, 91 - to hand," 44.
stand upon, what, 110.

Death, rings down curtain, 104.
Convention, what, 79.

De Bow (a famous political econo
Convention, Springfield, 79.

mist), 284.
Coon, old, pleasure in skinning, 93. Delphi, oracle of, surpassed, 86, note
Co-operation defined, 287.

- alluded to, 113.
Coppers, caste in picking up of, 123. Democracy, false notion of, 296 — its
Copres, a monk, his excellent method privileges, 350.
of arguing, 88.

Demosthenes, 380.
Corduroy-road, a novel one, 224. Destiny, her account, 84.
Corner-stone, patent safety, 291. Devil, the, unskilled in certain Indian
Cornwallis, a, 53 - acknowledged en- tongues, 61 - letters to and from,
tertaining, ib. note.

Cotton loan, its imaginary nature, 231. Dey of Tripoli, 89.
Cotton Mather, summoned as witness, Didymus, a somewhat voluminous

grammarian, 113.
Country, our, its boundaries more ex. Dighton rock character might be use

actly defined, 69 --- right or wrong, fully employed in some emergen-
nonsense about, exposed, ib. — law- cies, 115.
yers, sent providentially, 68 - Dimitry Bruisgins, fresh supply of,
Earth's biggest, gets a soul, 352. 105.

Diogenes, his zeal for propagating | Epimenides, the Cretan Rip Van Win-
certain variety of olive, 129.

kle, 272.
Dioscuri, imps of the pit, 72.

Episcopius, his marvellous oratory,
District Attorney, contemptible con- 149.
duct of one, 89.

Eric, king of Sweden, his cap, 130.
Ditchwater on brain, a too common Ericsson, his caloric engine, 239.
ailing, 89.

Eriksson, Thorwald, slain by natives,
Dixie, the land of, 291.

Doctor, the, a proverbial saying of, 60. Essence-peddlers, 296.
Doe, Hon. Preserved, speech of, 318- Ethiopian, the, his first need, 301.

Evangelists, iron ones, 63.
Donatus, profane wish of, 78, note. Eyelids, a divine shield against au-
Doughface, yeast-proof, 102.

thors, 88.
Downing Street, 246.

Ezekiel, text taken from, 97.
Drayton, a martyr, 89 – north star, Ezekiel would make a poor figure at a
culpable for aiding, whether, 96.

caucus, 329.
Dreams, something about, 337.
Dwight, President, a hymn unjustly Faber, Johannes, 368.
attributed to, 342.

Factory-girls, expected rebellion of,
D. Y., letter of, 108.


Facts, their unamiability, 310-com-
Eagle, national, the late, his estate ad- pared to an old-fashioned stage-
ministered upon, 237.

coach, 319.
Earth, Dame, a peep at her house- Falstaffii, legio, 356.
keeping, 90.

Family-trees, fruit of jejune, 129-a
Eating words, habit of, convenient in primitive forest of, 321.
time of famine, 83.

Faneuil Hall, a place where persons
Eavesdroppers, 106.

tap themselves for a species of hy-
Echetlæus, 72.

drocephalus, 89 - a bill of fare
Editor, his position, 98 — commanding mendaciously advertised in, 128.

pulpit of, ib. — large congregation Father of country, his shoes, 135.
of, ib. - name derived from what, Female Papists, cut off in the midst
99 - fondness for mutton, ib. - a of idolatry, 132.
pious one, his creed, ib. - a show- Fenianorum, rizte, 356.
man, 103 — in danger of sudden ar- Fergusson, his “Mutual Complaint,”
rest, without bail, 104.

&c., 242.
Editors, certain ones who crow like F. F., singular power of their looks,
cockerels, 48.

Edwards, Jonathan, 366.

Fire, we all like to play with it, 90.
Eggs, bad, the worst sort of, 327. Fish, emblematic, but disregarded,
Egyptian darkness, phial of, use for, where, 89.

Fitz, Miss Parthenia Almira, a shere-
Eldorado, Mr. Sawin sets sail for, 128. siarch, 365.
Elizabeth, Queen, mistake of her am- Flam, President, untrustworthy, 80.
bassador, 76.

Flirt, Mrs., 275.
Emerson, 243.

Flirtilla, elegy on death of, 366.
Emilius, Paulus, 251.

Floyd, a taking character, 306.
Empedocles, 106.

Floydus, furcifer, 357.
Employment, regular, a good thing, Fly-leaves, providential increase of, 88.

Fool, a cursed, his inalienable rights,
Enfield's Speaker, abuse of, 326.

England, late Mother-Country, her Foote, Mr., his taste for field-sports,

want of tact, 244 — merits as a lec- 92.
turer, 245 — her real greatness not Fourier, a squinting toward, 87.
to be forgotten, 251 - not contented Fourth of July ought to know its
(unwisely) with her own stock of place, 324.
fools, 256 — natural maker of inter. Fourth of Julys, boiling, 77.
national law, 257 her theory France, a strange dance begun in, 95
thereof, ib. — makes a particularly - about to put her foot in it, 290.
disagreeable kind of sarse, 258 – Friar, John, 249.
Bomewbat given to bullying, ib. Fuller, Dr. Thomas, a wise saying of,
has respectable relations, 259 - 65.
ought to be Columbia's friend, 261 Funnel, old, hurraing in, 55.

anxious to buy an elephant, 290.
Epaulets, perhaps no badge of saint Gabriel, his last trump, its pressing
ship, 07.

nature, 320.

to, 106.

Gardiner, Lieutenant Lion, 253. Hay-rick, electrical experiments with,
Gawain, Sir, his amusements, 91.

Gay, s. H., Esquire, editor of Na- Headlong, General, 251.
tional Anti-slavery Standard, letter Hell, the opinion of some concerning,

336 - breaks loose, 347.
Geese, how infallibly to make swans Henry the Fourth of England, a Par-
of, 256.

liament of, how named, 76.
Gentleman, high-toned Southern, Hens, self-respect attributed to, 224.
scientifically classed, 277.

Herb, the Circean, 317.
Getting up early, 46, 59.

Herbert, George, next to David, 273.
Ghosts, some, presumed fidgety, (but Hercules, his second labor probably

see Stilling's Pneumatology,) 107. what, 150.
Giants formerly stupid, 91.

Hermon, fourth-proof dew of, 280.
Gideon, his sword needed, 264. Herodotus, story from, 51.
Gift of tongues, distressing case of, Hesperides, an inference from, 129.

Hessians, native American soldiers,
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey, 316.

Globe Theatre, cheap season-ticket to, Hickory, Old, his method, 350.

Higgses, their natural aristocracy of
Glory, a perquisite of officers, 122- feeling, 284.

her account with B. Sawin, Esq., Hitchcock, Doctor, 314.

Hitchcock, the Rev. Jeduthun, col.
Goatsnose, the celebrated, interview league of Mr. Wilbur, 218 — letter
with, 115.

from, containing notices of Mr.
God, the only honest dealer, 270. Vilbur, 341 - ditto, enclosing mac-
Goings, Mehetable, unfounded claim aronic verses, 352—- teacher of high-
of, disproved, 244.

school, 367.
Gomara has a vision, 61 — his rela- Hogs, their dreams, 224.

tionship to the Scarlet Woman, Holden, Mr. Shearjashub, Preceptor of

Jaalam Academy, 114 - his know-
Governor, our excellent, 217.

ledge of Greek limited, ib. -a heresy
Grandfather, Mr. Biglow's, safe advice of his, ib. - leaves a fund to propa-
of, 254.

gate it, ib.
Grandfathers, the, knew something, Holiday, blind man's, 395.

Hollis, Ezra, goes to a Cornwallis, 63.
Grand jurors, Southern, their way of Hollow, why men providentially so
finding a true bill, 228.

constructed, 77.
Grantus, Dux, 358.

Holmes, Dr., author of "Annals of
Gravestones, the evidence of Dissent- America," 218.
ing ones held doubtful, 317.

Homer, a phrase of, cited,

Gray's letters are letters, 108.

Homer, eldest son of Mr. Wilbur, 366.
Great horn spoon, sworn by, 92. Horners, democratic ones, plums left
Greeks, ancient, whether they ques-

for, 81.
tioned candidates, 114.

Hotels, big ones, humbugs, 265.
Green Man, sign of, 71.

House, a strange one described, 223.

Howell, James, Esq., story told by, 76
Habeas corpus, new mode of suspend- - letters of, commended, 108.
ing it, 304.

Huldah, her bonnet, 339.
Hail Columbia, raised, 228.

Human rights out of order on the
Ham, sandwich, an orthodox (but floor of Congress, 92.

peculiar) one, 96 — his seed, 281 — Humbug, ascription of praise to, 103 -
their privilege in the Bible, ib. - generally believed in, ib.
immoral justification of, 282. Husbandry, instance of bad, 65.
Hamlets, machine for making, 117.
Hammon, 86, note, 113.

Icarius, Penelope's father, 69.
Hampton Roads, disaster in, 301. Icelander, a certain uncertain, 316.
Hannegan, Mr., something said by, Idea, the Southern, its natural foes,

307 — the true American, 384.
Harrison, General, how preserved, Ideas, friction ones unsafe, 325.

Idyl defined, 242.
Hat, a leaky one, 231.

Indecision, mole-blind, 383.
Hat-trees, in full bearing, 129. Infants, prattlings of, curious observa-
Hawkins, his whetstone, 239.

tion concerning, 51.
Hawkins, Sir John, stout, something Information wanted (universally, but
he saw, 129.

especially at page), 106.
Hawthorne, 243.

Ishmael, young, 265.

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