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Fact is, the less the people know o' wut ther' is

a-doin', The hendier 't is for Guv'ment, sence it henders

trouble brewin'; An' noose is like a shinplaster, - it's good, ef you

believe it, Or, wut's all same, the other man thet 's goin' to

receive it: Ef you've a son in th' army, wy, it's comfortin' to

hear He'll hev no gretter resk to run than seein' th' in’

my's rear, Coz, ef an F. F. looks at 'em, they ollers break an'

run, Or wilt right down ez debtors will thet stumble on

a dun, (An' this, ef an’thin', proves the wuth o' proper

fem'ly pride, Fer sech mean shucks ez creditors are all on Lin

coln's side); Ef I hev scrip thet wun't go off no more 'n a Bel

gin rifle, An' read thet it's at par on 'Change, it makes me

feel deli'fle; It 's cheerin', tu, where every man mus' fortify his

bed, To hear thet Freedom 's the one thing our darkies

mos’ly dread, An' thet experunce, time 'n' agin, to Dixie's Land

hez shown Ther''s nothin' like a powder-cask fer a stiddy


Ain't it ez good ez nuts, when salt is sellin' by the

ounce For its own weight in Treash'ry-bons, (ef bought

in small amounts.) When even whiskey 's gittin' skurce an' sugar can't

be found, To know thet all the ellerments o' luxury abound? An' don't it glorify sal’-pork, to come to under

stand It's wut the Richmon editors call fatness o' the

land! Nex' thing to knowin' you 're well off is nut to

know when y' ain't ; An' ef Jeff says all 's goin' wal, who 'll ventur' ť

say it ain't ?

This cairn the Constitooshun roun' ez Jeff doos in

his hat Is hendier a dreffle sight, an' comes more kin' o'

pat. I tell ye wut, my jedgment is you ’re pooty sure to

fail, Ez long 'z the head keeps turnin' back for counsel

to the tail : Th' advantiges of our consarn for bein' prompt air

gret, While, ’long o’ Congress, you can't strike, 'f you

git an iron het; They bother roun' with argooin', an' various sorts

o'foolin', To make sure ef it's leg'lly het, an' all the while

it's coolin',

So 's 't when you come to strike, it ain't no gret to

wish ye j'y on, An' hurts the hammer 'z much or more ez wut it

doos the iron, Jeff don't allow no jawin’-sprees for three months

at a stretch, Knowin' the ears long speeches suits air mostly

made to metch ; He jes' ropes in your tonguey chaps an' reg'lar ten

inch bores An' lets 'em play at Congress, ef they 'll du it with

closed doors ; So they ain't no more bothersome than ef we'd

took an' sunk 'em, An' yit enj'y th’exclusive right to one another's

Buncombe 'thout doin' nobody no hurt, an' 'thout its costin'

nothin', Their pay bein' jes' Confedrit funds, they findin'

keep an' clothin'; They taste the sweets o' public life, an' plan their

little jobs, An' suck the Treash’ry, (no gret harm, for it's ez

dry ez cobs) An' go thru all the motions jest ez safe ez in a

prison, An' hev their business to themselves, while Bure

gard hez hisn : Ez long 'z he gives the Hessians fits, committees

can't make bother 'bout whether 't 's done the legle way or whether An' I tell you you've gut to larn thet War ain't

t's done the tother.

one long teeter Betwixt I wan' to an''Twun't du, debatin' like a

skeetur Afore he lights, — all is, to give the other side a

millin', An' arter thet 's done, th' ain't no resk but wut the

lor 'll be willin'; No metter wut the guv'ment is, ez nigh ez I can

hit it, A lickin' 's constitooshunal, pervidin' We don't

git it. Jeff don't stan'dilly-dallyin', afore he takes a

fort, (With no one in,) to git the leave o' the nex' Soo

preme Court,

Nor don't want forty-'leven weeks o' jawin' an' ex

poundin', To prove a nigger hez a right to save him, ef he's

drowndin'; Whereas ole Abe 'ud sink afore he'd let a darkie

boost him, Ef Taney should n't come along an' hed n't inter

dooced him. It ain't your twenty millions thet 'll ever block

Jeff's game,

But one Man thet wun't let 'em jog jest ez he's

takin' aim : Your numbers they may strengthen ye or weaken

ye, ez 't heppens They're willin' to be helpin' hands or wuss’n-noth

in' cap'ns.

I've chose my side, an' 't ain't no odds ef I wuz

drawed with magnets, Or ef I thought it prudenter to jine the nighes'

bagnets; I've made my ch’ice, an' ciphered out, from all I

see an' heard, Th' ole Constitooshun never 'd git her decks for

action cleared, Long 'z you elect for Congressmen poor shotes thet

want to go Coz they can't seem to git their grub no otherways

than so,

An' let your bes' men stay to home coz they wun't

show ez talkers, Nor can't be hired to fool ye an' sof’-soap ye at a

caucus, Long ’z ye set by Rotashun more ’n ye do by folks's

merits, Ez though experunce thriv by change o' sile, like

corn an' kerrits, Long 'z you allow a critter's “ claims ” coz, spite o’

shoves an' tippins, He's kep’ his private pan jest where 't would ketch

mos' public drippins', Long ’z A. 'll turn tu an' grin' B.'s exe, ef B. Öll

help him grin' hisn, (An' thet's the main idee by which your leadin' '

men hev risen,) – Long ʼz you let ary exe be groun', 'less 't is to cut

the weasan O’ sneaks thet dunno till they ’re told wut is an'

wut ain't Treason, —

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