An Analytical Digested Index to the Common Law Reports: From the Time of Henry III to the Commencement of the Reign of George III with Tables of the Titles and Names of Cases, Band 1

R.H. Small, 1832 - 1645 Seiten

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Seite iii - Note, reader, this difference that tender upon the land before the distress, makes the distress tortious; tender after the distress, and before the impounding, makes the detainer, and not the taking wrongful : tender after the impounding, makes neither the one nor the other wrongful; for then it comes too late, because then the cause is put to the trial of the law, to be there determined.
Seite 11 - It was resolved, if a man leases sheep or other Stock of Cattle, or any other personal Goods for any time, and the lessee covenants for him and his Assigns at the End of the time to deliver the like cattle or goods as good as the Things letten were, or such price for them; and the Lessee assigns the Sheep over, this covenant shall not bind the Assignee, for it is but a personal contract...
Seite 10 - The settlor conveys it to the use of himself for life, and after his death to the use that his widow may receive a rent charge (or jointure, as it is called).
Seite 15 - When any man is disseised, the disseisor has only the naked possession, " because the disseisee may enter and evict him; but against all other persons " the disseisor has a right, and in this respect only can be said to have the " right of possession, for in respect to the disseisee he has no right at all. " But when a descent is cast, the heir of the disseisor has jus possessionis, " because the disseisee cannot enter upon his possession and evict him, but " is put to his real action, because the...
Seite 6 - Inquisition before him taken, and shall deliver the same to the proper Officer of the Court in which the Trial is to be, before or at the Opening of the Court.
Seite 13 - It hath been holden, and I think rightly, that a man may make himself an accessory after the fact to a larceny of his own goods, or to a robbery on himself, by harbouring or concealing the thief, or assisting in his escape. And under some circumstances a man may be guilty of larceny in stealing his own goods, or of robbery in taking his own property from the person of another.

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