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would authorize some person or persons to discharge the said mortgages upon payment of the said debt, and dispose of the monies arising therefrom in such manner as may hereafter be decreed — he would observe that John Rowe Esq' had a general power of Attorney from Mes' Lane & Compy but he is informed by Counsel in the law that the same is insufficient to discharge the said incumbrance, which still urges the necessity of this application — Your Petitioner is ready to verify the facts alleged, and therefore flatters himself that your Honors will comply with his reasonable request or grant such other relief as Justice may require & if your Honors should not think proper to proceed so far in the matter as to grant the authority aforesaid, he prays that a further time may be allowed for the redemption of said land, as the estate of the purchaser within two months from this period will be absolute & indefensible or that he may have liberty to execute a perfect deed of such certain part thereof as may be sufficient to discharge the taxes that already have been or may hereafter be assessed — And as in duty bound will ever pray

W" Taylor Boston April 20th 1782

Lands mortgaged
Lott containing 3200 acres in Pownalborough

Do 4007
Do 400 Do in Hallowell

5000 Do in Gardneston
Ꮾ580 Ꭰ° in Winslow


7200 ( higher up the River
400 in Pownalborough



William Grow to Edward Grow.

York April 22° 1782 Brother Edwa Grow

Inclosed I beg leave to trouble you with Sundry Papers to present to the House of assembly Relative to Provisions the Committee of York Supply'd the Carteel Penobscot (CapJoseph Hilbert) with Last November - as you will Se by the accounts & Deposition; they have been presented to John Hopkins Esq' Commissary of Prisoners, on whom they were Drawn, but he refuses to pay them, and says there is a Resolve of Court that all Such Demands must be Laid before the House of assembly for payment — therefore we have Sent a pettion to Lay before the House for that Purpose and beg the favour you would present it and urge the Payment of it together with the Charge we have been at, which you will See on the back of the Last accounts, you may Inform the House that the Carteel Did not Sail from this Harbour till the 15th of November by Reason of Contrary winds — our famely & yours are well, this from your Brother

William Grow

Committee of York to General Court.

To the Hon ble the Senate & house of Representatives of the

Commonwelth of Massachusetts now Setting, Your Petitioners Humbly Shews — That on the tenth of Novi last a carteel came into York harbours in distress haveing no provisions with upward of Forty men On board, as by the Depositions of the Masters and two Passengers on the Eleventh ult. put to sea after being Supplied with Necessaries, on the Fifteenth were drove back by contrary winds and Appli'd for further Supplies which was granted as may

be seen by Reisepts with orders, Drawn on John Hopkins Esq' for the payment, which he Refuses to pay, Therefore your Petitioners pray, that payment may be made in such way and manner as your Honours shall think best, As your Petitioners in Duty bound Shall ever Pray

M Stone

William Grow ) Com. of York York April 22d 1782

Petition Inhabitants St. Georges to General Court.

St Georges April the 22 1782 To the Honorable Senate & the Honble House of Representa

tives in General Court Assembled, sitting at Boston this

present year| The humble petition of the Inhabitants of the Lower Town of St Georges send greeting — Gentlemen, We the Subscribers would beg leave to address your Hon" in behalf of the Town and set forth our present distressed situation by Reason of the Enemy's Excursions among us, taking our Coasting Vessels, destroying our Fishing Boats plundering Houses and Commiting all manner of Hostilities we would beg leave to Acquaint your Hon" that we have no Vent for any Sort of Lumber, nor no possibility of Carrying on any Trade among us Which renders us unable to support our families, Much less to pay Taxes, We would also Acquaint your honors that we believe there has been Some Misrepre sentation made at Court concerning this plantation, which is manifest from the last Tax bill which is above three times more than it used to be, in proportion to other Towns, we would further acquaint your Hon" that we would be Willing to pay our Taxes with the greatest pleasure & support the Common Cause to the best of our ability provided we had protection by Sea, that we may get off our Lumber, there fore we flatter ourselves from your Honor's humanity towards the distressed, that you will Consider our Case, and either send some Armed Vessels to protect us, or Excuse us from paying Rates, otherwise we must be Reduced to the greatest Extremity. We Request that your Honor's will Grant this our petition, for which your Honor's petitioners will ever pray —

William Young,
George Young,
George M°Cobb,

Moses Robinson
Committee in behalf of the lower

town of St Georges

Resolve on Petition Robert Foster.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the house of Representatives April 22d 1782 on the petition of Robert Foster Praying that he may Receive the Back Rations due to him as Quarter M of the Troops at Machias and his Retaino Rations while he acted as as' D Q. M. G. at that p’ | Resolved that the prayer of the Petition be granted and the Commis" is here by Directed to Deliver to the said Robert Foster the Rations due to him as Q. M. of the Troops at Machias from the 23 Day of Jan' 1778 to the 16th Day of May following it being 112 Days, and also his Retain" rations while he acted as as D. Q. M. G. from May 5th 1780 to the 31 Day of Jan' 1781 it being 271 Days A Sent up for concurrence

Nath Gorham Speaker

In Senate April 234 1782
Read & Concurred with Amendment at A.
Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid at A “the same to be charg'd to the United States in part of the requisition for Money for the pres' year” In the House of Representatives April 234 1782 Read & concurred

Nath Gorham Speaker Approv'd John Hancock

Directing Committee to Lay Out Land.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives April 24, 1782 Whereas the General Court by a Resolution dated the 21st of Sept" 1780 granted to the Honble Arthur Lee Esq" Six thousand Acres of unappropriated Lands in this State, lying Eastward of Saco River, to be laid out either in one or two Pieces adjoining to some other Grant or Grants, in full Compensation for his Services as mentioned in the said Resolution. And the Hon ble Benjamin Chadbourne Esq" & Moses Little Esq' were appointed a Committee to lay out the same at the Expense of this State & return a Plan of the Same as soon as may be s And whereas by the bodily Indisposition of the said Moses Little which he still labours under the said Land hath not yet been laid out agreeable to the said Resolution | Therefore Resolved that Nath' Wells Esq" and Capt Moses Greenleaf be & they are hereby added to the said Committee and the said Committee or the Major part of them are empowered & directed to lay out the said Land in pursuance of the Resolution of the 21 of Sept" aforesaid & re

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