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be on your honors table until the next session that so said Thomastown may have time to shew cause why said Petition should not be granted.

John Dillaway

A Bill to Prevent the Destruction of Alewives in the Town

of Warren.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred &

eighty four An Act for preventing the destruction of alewives in the Town of Warren

Whereas the laws already made against the destruction of Alewives are found insufficient for that purpose within the Town of Warren & great waste is made of them by ill disposed persons to the great damage of the public

Be it therefore enacted by the Senate & House of Repre sentatives in General Court assembled & by the authority of the same that no person or persons whom power be allowed from & after the first day of April — next to catch or take any of the fish called alewives in any part of the river St Georges within the town of Warren either with scoop nets or in any other way without first obtaining special license therefor by a vote of the Inhabitants of the said Town legally assembled at their anniversary meeting in the month of March or at any time or place but such as shall be determined upon & appointed at such meeting; and if any person or persons shall presume on any pretence whatever to catch or take any of the said Fish in any manner or at any time or place within the s' Town other than such as shall be assigned by the Inhabitants thereof as aforesaid, each & every person so offending shall for each offence forfeit & pay the sum of thirty shillings together with all the fish so taken & the instruments used in taking the same

Provided nevertheless that nothing in this act shall extend or be construed to extend to the preventing of the Inhabitants of the plantation called the lower town of St Georges from catching & taking such quantities of the said Fish in the river aforesaid within the ga Town of Warren as may be sufficient for their own internal use & consumption in manner & at the times & places as has heretofore been customary

And be it further Enacted by the authority aforesd that all fines & forfeitures that may be incurred by any breach of this Act shall be recovered by action on debt in any of the courts of record proper to try the same within the county where such offence shall be committed, one moiety thereof to be appropriated to for the use of the poor of the said Town of Warren; the other moiety to him or them who shall prosecute the same. In the House of Representatives March 4th 1784

This Bill having had three several Readings passed to be Engrossed Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk"

Memorial and Objection of the Inhabitants of Mount Desert.

Commonwealth Massachusetts
To the Honnorable Senate & House of Representatives the

Pitition of the Inhabantants of Mountdesar Humbly

Sheweth — that finding a News paper of the tinth of November Last wherein was an order of the Legis-lature of this Commonwealth of October the twentyeth which informed us to our Great Surprise — that their had been Several Petitions from the Inhabitants of Machias and others to the General Court for Erecting a Court of Common Pleas &c &c to be held at Machias with appeals to the Supreme Judicial Court to be held at Boston=and sa officesers to have Jurisdiction to the Eastward of Penobscot River=all which was Intirly new to all of us nor can we find any in any of the Plantations neer us that had been aprised their of=but finding by the afore sa order Leve Given and a time Set to obgect against sa Petitions we fear it will be two Late to provent their Prosedings=But as it is a thing that so newly Consarns us and the Community in General we bege Leve to offer our Obgection against sa Petitions and Imbrace the first opertunity

that a Court at Machias is very Improper as being at one Corner of the sd Jurisdiction & we think that near nine tenths of the Inhabitants Lieth to the westward of Machias and many of them one Hundred miles Distance and we think that traveling Expence & tendence of Court will be much Cheeper at Pownalborough then at Machias

that appeals to the Supreme Judicial Court held at Boston is very in Convenent for the Inhabitants as it is so fur to travel by Land and but Very fue that have any Convenence to Go by watter and if they had so much Depends on wind and weather which makes it Very Dificult if not Imposable at Sume times for People to attend Court

that as we are not yet Recovered from the Dificulty of a Long and tedeous war whereby all our Lumber trade was Stoped on which our Living much Depended and not yet much Recovered ther from=we think our selves not able as yet to Suport the Charges of a County in this Jurisdiction and we think it a little Strang that people that the other Day was Petitioning for help from the Commonwealth should so Sune Petition for Courts to be Erected here in this Juris diction


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And we further think that a Court held at Machias will Sarve to ogment and Incres Lawsuts and Charges that otherwise would Easily be Settled which will tend much to the Damage of the Inhabitants in perticler — and to the Publick in General — their are many more obgections which we think might be offered but these we submit to your wise Consideration

If these be not two Late a Coming to your View We Pray your Hounors to take the afores' Objection into your wise Consideration and Consider the waight=as we aprehend= thereof=and stop Ganting the Prayr of the Petitions from Machias and we the faithfull Inhabetants of Moundesart as Bound in Duty Shall Eever PrayMountdesart March ye 18th 1784

James Richardson, Abraham Somes Jesse Higgins, Stephen Richardson, Joshua Norwood, Peter Gott, Stephen Norwood, John Tinker, Thomas Richardson, Thomas Richardson Jun', John Gott Richardson, Joseph Mayo, Daniel Richardson, James Richardson Jun", Andrew Tarr, John Thomas, Ezra Young, Josiah Black, Elisha Cousins, Israel Higgens, Levi Higgins Timothy Smith, John Hamon, Daniel Rodick, David Damon, Ezra Leland, Robert Yong, Ebenezer Salsby, Edward Hodgkins, Edward Black, John Cousins, Daniel Hamon, Elkanah Young.

Objections to fixing the Court at Machias.

To the Honerarbel House of Representatives of the Common

Wealth of the Massachusets Bay In Generall Court

Asambled Humbly Begg —

That if there is to be a Court of Justice held in this Easterly part it may Be in a more Centrical part then Machias Witch Is In the Most Easterly part of this Common Wealth

to the Grate Damedge of your petitioners and as In Duty Bound We Shall Ever prayUnion River March the twentieth one Thousand Seven Hun

dred and Eighty fourJohn Smith, Benjamin Joy, Joshua Maddocks, John Me rah, George Haslam, John Joy, Hanry Maddocks, Ichabod Maddocks, Josiah Graling, Benjamin Jellson, Will" Hopkins, James Smith, Thomas Mc fording, Solomon Jordan, Joseph Morrison, Samuel Joy, Samuel Davis, Nathaniel Jordan, James treworgy Sen', Edward Beal, dominicus Beal, Isaac Lord.

Petition of Sudbury Canada Bridgeton & Fryeburg.

To the honorable Senate & House of Representatives of the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled. We the underwritten, your Petitioners, having been appointed a Committee from the Townships of Sudbury Canada Bridgeton, and Fryeburg lying on and near Androscoggin River, in behalf of the Inhabitants of said Townships and Places adjoining, to represent to the honorable Court their Exposedness, from their frontier Situation, to the barbarous Incursions and Ravages of the Indians, whose Cruelties have been already felt in one of said Towns; and as said Townships are but new Settlements, incapable of protecting themselves, while they are necessarily employed in the Cultivation of the Ground, for the support of themselves and Families; beg permission to return their acknowledgements to the honorable Court for their Compassion and care in relieving them from their Anxieties, the Summer past, by stationing a party of men at Sudbury Canada, and likewise beg leave humbly to petition the honorable Court that they would be pleased to

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