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last, to execute certain business therein mentioned in the County of Lincoln Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid' In the House of Representatives same day Read & concurred

Tristram Dalton Spk"

Petition of Francis Shaw. To The Honorable Senate and Hon ble House of Representa

tives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts — The Petition of Francis Shaw in behalf of Himself and others, Inhabitants and Proprietors of Lands Eastward of Penobscott River - Humbly Sheweth

That at the Last session of the General Court a Petition was presented by some Inhabitants of Machias to have a Court of Sessions and Common Pleas Established in that place, and a Resolve passed to Warn all persons Conserned to Appear and Shew Cause, why such a thing should not be Allowed —

Your Petitioner would beg leave to Acquaint your Honours, that Machias lyes near a hundred Miles Eastward of Penobscot, the former of which with the settlements adjacent has not near the Number of Inhabitants, as the more Westerly part of this district, who have never been Consulted on this Important Affair, nor does it Appear many others Excer: the Inhabitants of Machias —

Therefore your Petitioner Humbly Prays, that your Honours, would take the premisses, under Consideration, That no such Courts may be Established, till the whole of the Inhabitants Concerned may have an Oppertunity of Consulting on the subject, And your Petitioner in behalf of himself and others as in Duty bound will ever pray.

Francis Shaw

Resolve on Petition of Francis Shaw.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

house of Representa. 12 Feb 1784 On the Petition of Francis Shaw

Resolved — That the Petition from the inhabitants of Machias requesting the Establishment of a Court of Common Pleas, be Suspended untill the inhabitants of Gouldsbourough Penobscot &c, have opportunity to represent their Situation — and that the Petitioner Francis Shaw Esq" be requested to furnish the Gen' Court of this commonwealth with a just account of the Number of Inhabitants, & their Places of abode, Between Belfast & Passamaquoda — Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk"

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts
To the Honorable the Senate and the Honorable House of

Representatives of the Commonwealth aforesaid, in General Court assembled — The Petition of Elisha Gurney and John Peirce of Worcester; in the County of Worcester & Commonwealth aforesaid on their own accounts, and in behalf of sixty other persons, inhabitants of the Same County —

that your Petitioners at the desire of their associates, have been into the late Province of Main to view part of the unappropriated land there, in order for an immediate Settlement of a Township, if a Grant could be obtained from your Honors, for that purpose, and that their report has been Satisfactory to their Employers —

Your Petitioner therefore in behalf of said associates and themselves Humbly pray your Honors that a tract of land in the said late Province of Main of sufficient quality to form a Township may be Granted them, under Such limitations, restrictions and Conditions as to your Honors Shall Seem meet And as in duty bound shall ever pray

John Peirce

Elisha Gurney
Worcester Sept" 26th. 1783
In Senate Febry 20th 1784

Read & thereupon Orderd that this Petition be Committed
to the Committee appointed by a Resolve of the 28th October
Jast, to execute certain business therein mentioned in the
County of Lincoln
Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid In the House of Representatives Feb" 20th 1784 Read and concurred

Tristram Dalton Spk"


Resolve on the Petition of Josiah Brewer. Common Wealth Massachusetts

In The House of Representatives March 2nd 1784 On The petition of Josiah Brewer praying for the Liberty. To dwell in the House at Fort Hallifax and to Improve Ten Acres of Land Round Said House which the said Josiah Brewer Fenced in at his own Cost

Resolved. That the Prayer of the Petitioner be so far Granted, That the Said Josiah Brewer to make him Satisfaction for what he has fenced and done thereon, Have Liberty to Improve said House and Land. The Term of One Year from the date hereof he Leaving it with A good Fence and in As good order as it Now stands — Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk"

Resolve for Laying Out Towns on the River S! Croix.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate March 1784 — Whereas it is expedient that a Number of Towns Should with all convenient dispatch be laid out upon the western side of and adjoining the River Si Croix; the eastern boundary of this Commonwealth & of the United States of America; therefore

Resolved that six Townships each to contain a Number of Acres equal to six Miles square shall be laid out upon and adjoining the western side of the said River, to begin as near the mouth or entrance of the same as may be convenient and so to extend in succession and if practicable adjoining each other up the said River

And it is further Resolv'd that each of the said Townships shall be laid out into lots of.

fronting upon and towards the said River and extending back in succession in an equal width

each as near as may be; the whole of the said Townships to be bounded on the back parts thereof by a direct Line drawn from the western termination of the northern boundary of the uppermost of the sa Townships.

And it is further Resolv'd that be a Committee to lay out the said Townships & to employ in behalf of this Commonwealth a Surveyor or Surveyors & Chainmen sufficient to lay out and take an actual Survey & plan of the said Townships —

And it is further Resolved that when the said Committee have effected the business herein assigned them they are here by directed to make return of their doings together with a plan of the so Townships to the General Court and to report whether it may be expedient in their opinion to lay out any greater Number of Townships upon the said River or in any other part of the unappropriated Lands within the County of Lincoln —

And it is further Resolved that the sum of be allowed & paid out of the public Treasury of this Commonwealth to the said Committee in order to enable them to pay the Surveyor or Surveyors & Chainmen and others that may be employed by them as aforesaid the said Committee to be accountable for the sum aforesaid, and the said Committee are also directed to lay an Account of their own particular time & expenditures while engaged in the business aforesaid before the General Court for examination & allowance.

Resolve Empowering the Committee of York & Cumberland Appointed on Eastern Lands to Consider the

Pejepscot Claims.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate March 15 1784 A resolve Relative to the Unappropriated Lands belonging to this Common Wealth in the Eastern Counties.

Whereas the Committee Appointed by a Resolve of the General Court of May 1, 1781, for examining into all trespasses & illegal entries on the unappropriated lands belonging to this Commonwealth, & to whom further or other powers or orders were given by a Resolve of July 11, 1783 the transacting of which business was on the twenty eighth of October following considered to be so extensive as to require the Attention of two Committes, at which time therefore the said Committee was excused from attending to any concerns that might fall within their Commission in the County of Lincoln. And Another Committee was Appointed to conduct the Affairs therein, by which division A difficulty arises

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