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convenience than at the latter — And as in duty bound your petitioners will Ever pray &c — Machias December 18th 1782

Joseph Libbee, Eph" Chase, M' Howe Alpheus Polley, Jonathan Pineo, John Berry, William Elwell, William Ray, Joseph Waller J', Ja* Campbell, Benja Pettigrow, Edmund Stevens. In Senate June 12th 1783

Read & thereupon Order'd, that this Petition be committed to the Committee of both Houses appointed the 30th May Ult:; to take into consideration the Petition of David Gardner & others, Inhabitants of Machias, to consider and report what is proper to be done thereon Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid' In House of Representatives June 13th 1783 Read & concurred

Tristram Dalton Spk"

Memorial of the Machias Committee.

To the Honble Senate & House of Representatives of the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Memorial of the Committee Corrispd Inspection & Safety of Machias for & in behalf of said Plantation

Humbly Sheweth

That some time past a number of the Inhabitants of this District & the others adjacent, Petitioned the Honble Court Seting fourth the Distresses the Inhabitants were under by reason of the distance they were from the Shiere Town in this County and expence & dificulty attending thereon & re questing a Court of Common pleas, a Judge of Probate & Register of Deeds might be appointed to be held in this place the Honble Court at that time thought it best to refer




it over to the present session, at the same time Gave incouragement that relief should be Granted, The Inhabitants of this district had a legal & full meeting the 234 of May last at which time the matter was again taken into Consideration, when the Town Unanimously Voted To Memorialize the Honble General Court on the Subject Requesting in the most carnest manner To Grant them Relief & directed the Committee of Corrispondence Inspection & Safety to do it, Your memorialist therefore Humbly prays the Honble Court will be pleased To take the foregoing with their former petition into their wise Consideration & Grant them such Relief as they in their wisdom may think Fit. Your Memorialist for a more full State of these matters beg leave to Refer your Honors to James Avery Esq" agent for this plantation and your memorialist as in duty Bound &c

Stephen Smith, Joseph Libbee 2

Benj Foster, Morris O'Brien, Commitee Machias June 2d 1783 In Senate Sept 27th 1783

Read & thereupon Order'd that Cotton Tufts Esq" with such as the Honble House shall join be a Committee to take this Memorial into consideration, together with the Petition of the Inhabitants of Machias, and others belonging to the Eastern part of the County of Lincoln — and Report what may be proper to be done thereon — Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams, Presid" In the House of Representatives same day Read & concurred & M' Eddy & M' Hosmer are joined

Tristram Dalton Spk" To James Avery Esq?


You being appointed by the Inhabitants of Machias to Appear at the General Court of this Commonwealth to support the petitions from the Inhabitants of that and other Plantations respecting the Establishing Courts of Law & a Registor of Deeds &c in this part of the County so that we may have a more easey & less expences in access to Justice, we whose names are hereunto Subscribed Inhabitants of the different Plantations Sett against our Respective Names do Request you to appear in our behalf & use your influence that the said Petitions may be granted

Robert Ash / of Cobscook
Daniel Lee I pasmequady
henry Bowen of Moose Island Passamaquaday
Josiah Weston 2 of Chandlors River
Reuben Libbees
Joel Whitnay of Chandlors River
Stephen Halls

Report of the Committee on the Petition of Inhabitants of

Machias and Resolve Thereon.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Committee of both Houses to whom was referrd the Consideration of several Petitions from the Inhabitants of Machias & others in the Eastern part of the County of Lincoln, praying that a Register of Deeds & of Probate of Wills may be Established at Machias and that a Court of Probate of Wills, a Court of General Sessions of the peace & Court of Common pleas may be held at Machias with a right of appeal from the Court of General sessions of the peace & Court of Common pleas to the Supreme Judicial Court held at Boston, beg leave to report —

That in the Opinion of your Committee the peculiar difficulties under which the Petitioners labour for want of an easier and less expensive access to the Court of Law and Justice render it highly reasonable that their request be so far granted that a Register of Probate of Wills & of Deeds be Established at Machias to exercise their respective Officers in that part of the County of Lincoln which is to the Eastward of Union River, That the Judges of Probate of Wills for the County of Lincoln be directed to hold his Court twice every year at Machias and that the Court of General Sessions of the Peace and Court of Common pleas for the said County should hold one Term every Year at said Machias and that Jurors for the two last mentioned Courts be summoned from the Freeholders and other Inhabitants by Law qualified for that service wch are to the Eastward of said Union River, and that the Petitioners have leave to bring in a Bill for the purposes afore-mentiond —

Cotton Tufts p' Order

In Senate October 17th 1783

Read and accepted And Whereas several Petitions from the Inhabitants of Machias & others have been presented to the General Court, being in substance as follows — Viz,

That the Legislature of this Commonwealth would empower two or more Justices of the Peace to try Causes to the Amount of Twenty Pounds & under, and establish at Machias in the County of Lincoln, a Court of Probate of Wills, a Register of Probate, a Register of Deeds, a Court of General Sessions of the Peace, a Court of Common Pleas with a right of Appeal to the Supreme Judicial Court held at Boston, the said Officers to exercise their respective Offices and the said Courts to have jurisdiction, to the Eastward of Penobscot River, Orderd,

That, the Substance of the said Petition as aforementioned be published in three of the Boston Newspapers for three Weeks successively, which shall be considered as a Notification to the several Towns in the said County of Lincoln, to shew Cause, if any they have, on the second Wednesday of the first Sessions of the next General Court, why the prayer of the said Petition should not be granted —

And the Secretary is hereby directed to publish the same accordingly — Sent down for Concurrence

S. Adams Presid' In the House of Representatives Octo 20th 1783 Read and concurred

Tristram Dalton Spk" Approv'd John Hancock.

Certificate in Favor Melzar Sampson.

Boston Octo 21. 1783 This Certifies

That the sum of Five hundred & six pounds, fifteen shillings & five pence, for loss & hire of the Sloop Hannah a Transport on the Expedition to Penobscott in the year 1779. and One hundred & twenty Pounds, seven shillings & one penny for Interest thereon to the first Instant —& also Twenty three pounds, one shilling & nine pence for the Masters Wages & his Bill of Disbursements after loss of the Vessell, the whole of which amounting to the sum of Six hundred & fifty Pounds, four shillings & three pence, is due to Melzar Sampson, which when paid will be in full for the same — £650.4.3

Thomas Ivers ? Comtee for Audits the

Peter Roe DaltonAcco's of the late Board of War His Excellency the Governor, & the Hona the Council of the

Commonwth of Massachusetts

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