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Petition William Lermond.

To the Honorable Senante and house of Representatives of

the Comon wealth of masachusetts The petion of William Lermond of the town of warran in the County of Lincoln Humbly Sheweth that whereas apart of my Land is Divided By thomas town Line to the Great Disadvantage of your petioner: and your pettioner Begs your Honours would anex that part of my Land which Lieth in Thomastown to the town of Warren Being twenty one Rods in width the Line Runing from St Georges River North, thirty two Degrees East two miles and a half to a Stake and Stones from thence Runing West thirty two Degrees North to town Line twenty one Rods And your petioner as in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray

William Lermond Warren Septembr 29th 1783

Memorial Town of Bowdoinham.

To the Hon.— Senate & house of Representatives in General

Cort Assembled; The Memorial of ye town of Bowdoinham Humbly Sheweth; that by an Act passed the present year 1783 for Apportioning & Assessing a tax of two hundred thousand pounds To defray ye Expences of ye Government; as sett forth in så Act, & Whereas by sa act the town of Bowdoinham is taxed ye Sum of £200 pounds for their proportion of ga Sum aforesa which Sum is Within £9 :3 : 4 of what is assessed on ye town of Topsham a Circumstance which appears very Extraordinary to yo' memorialist Especially when they have been heretofore taxed but about one Third ye Amount of sa town & their Comparative Ability to pay Not in ye least Increased

than when they stood in that proportion It is true there is a considerable quantity of wild land together with A Number off Scattered Inhabitants lately Join' to ye town But yo Miserable Situation of ye Inhabitants being distitute of even ye Common Necessaries of life renders it next to Impossible that they can pay any Taxes, & even if any thing could be obtained of them, ye expences & Difficulty of Collecting it would be more than yo Value of ye Sum they could well pay But Such has been ye wrong Information that Yo' Hon's have receiva Concerning these settlers that yo" Honr® have in Consequence of them thought proper to near Thribble Our proportion of tax this present year which we humbly presume your Honrs will rectifye; as to ye Inhabitants of that large quantity of land Yo' Honrs have Anext to Bowdoinham; their is not above three or four Excepting those few that have bought of Esq" Bowdoin that owns one foot of land.— It is true there is a larg number of polls But we beg you Would Consider Candedly what Value to put Upon them ;— What we desire is that they may be taken again from us; or at least not to be a burden to us. Which we leav to your Wisdom And as to yo' Honrs Takeing that Sum of Money off from ye town of Harpswell & Laying on us; we Conclude You were Some way Misled for we cant think that ye town of Harpswell was in y® least y® poorer for the few familys mooveing out off y® town; as they left their farms to Others which is common in all towns Nor do we think ye town of Bowdoinham in ye least ye Better As they did not Come into yo town of Bowdoinham; But only Into yo Adjacent parts were we had never tax a foot of land, When that money was laid on us. We shall take it as a favour If you Hon" wou'd Inquire more particularly in to that affair & then do as in your Wisdom you Shall think meet.— Your memorialists Beg leave further to Represent that by the proportions for ye three years & the three & five months men laid upon ye town we

e we


apprehend ther must be a mistake as the town of Topsham & ye town of Bowdoinham are Apportioned near Alike. When ye town of Bowdoinham Agreable to ye Order of Cort Raisa two men, & ye town of Topsham agreable to ye same Requisitions Raised Seven & Both towns gave alike price to their men. We therefore Humbly Beg Yo' Hon" to Rectifye it.

There is another article we would be glad to mention to yo" Hon" If we knew how. We hear by ye bye that some orders are Isued to ye several towns that did not Send in or Diliver their proportion of Beaf Called for some time since But we have not heard what ye orders are & as we did not deliver ye Beaf we Would acquaint you with yo reason which is this We did not Receive any orders to Raise any Beaf til ye time of ye year for killing of Beaf was near over, However we Collected it But Could Not git any Body to receive it; though Several days were spent on that account. We leave all With yoʻ Honour to do as You think meet, & as in Duty Bound Shall ever pray.

By order of y® town

Abr“ Preble— town Clerk. Bowdoinham October y® 4: 178:

Petition Town of Bristol.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts }

In the House of Representatives Oct 220 1783 On the Petition of the town of Bristol and other towns to the Eastward of Sheepscutt in the County of Lincoln Praying for abatement of Taxes —

Resolved that the Prayers of the Petitioners be so far Granted that Solomon Lovell & Edward Russell Esq" with such as the Hon' Senate may joyn Be a Committee to Repair to the Several towns to the Eastward of Sheepscut and Veiw

thier Circumstances and Report at the Next Sitting of the General Court, at the Expence of the Petitioners, and the treasurer be Directed to stay Execution for their Beef tax the mean time.

Petition Selectmen of Berwick.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts To the Honourable Senate

& House of Representatives in Gen' Court Assembled. The Petition of the Select Men of Berwick in the County of York — Humbly Sheweth that their is in this Town an aged woman by the name of Elizabeth Hart that has become a Town Charge notwithstanding she has a right to the thirds of her late Husbands Joseph Harts Estate deco which is about 16 Acres of poor land, that lies waste, and she is become helpless, her Children & Grand Children refuse to support her, (some of which are minors) We therefore pray your Honours to Grant Liberty, that the Land aforesaid may be sold so that she may be supported out of the proceeds, which we conceive to be the best way she can be supported or Re leiv'd in her advanced age & helpless state — as your Honours in your Wisdom may think best and as in Duty bound will ever pray

Richa Fox

Select Men
Thomas Downs ( of Berwick

William Hall
Berwick Oct" 4th 1783

Petition Settlers on Saco River.

To the Honorable, the General Court of Massachusetts

The Petition of the Subscribers, Settlers on Saco River humbly sheweth.— That there is a Jam of Timber & other drift Stuff across Saco River in Fryeburg one Hundred Rods in Length, which obstructs the Passage of the Water & occasions it to lay so long on the Intival Land in the Spring as to prevent many of the Inhabitants from putting their Seed in the Ground in proper Season ; That it has extended up the River Sixty -- Rods within Ten Years last past; That all the drift Stuff which comes down the River for more than Sixty Miles above, stops there which must (if not removed) in Time prove the Destruction of a considerable part of the Property of the Town; that the Upland in general is very poor, consequently the Inhabitants will be unable to pay his Taxes, & if prevented from being so useful to the Publick as might be expected; That there is a great Quantity of Timber in the State of Newhampshire, as well as this Commonwealth which might be turned into the River if the jam was removed, to the Advantage of the Inhabitants, and as it would go to the Mills at Biddeford & Pepperellborough would advance the Trade of this Commonwealth; That the Great Falls damages the Timber & often detains a great part of it from going down the River for a Year or Two, which might be prevented by blowing the Rocks & digging of them, That the Inhabitants are unable to accomplish those Purposes, & as the Publick would receive considerable Advantages from a Removal of those Obstructions, your Petitioners flatter themselves, that your Honors will be ready to afford some assistance for this Purpose, by way of Lottery; Therefore they humbly pray that your Honors would take the Matter into your wise Consideration & grant Liberty for a Lottery, to raise a Sum of Money to be appropriated for the Purposes above mentioned & as in Duty bound shall ever pray

Richard Eastman, Samuel Murry,
Daniel Farington, Moses Ames,
Ezra Carter, Aaron Abbot,

George Bean,
Simeon Hutchinge,
Wright + Allen,

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