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Cumberland Ss Allowed by ye Judge of Probate for sa County Oct. 12, 1780 & recorded

p' Sam' Freeman Reg"

Second Account Cloathing for Scipio

£7.. 4.. 1 Commissions and Storage on Lime in Boston - 17.11 Writ & Service against Thomas Cummings for Trespass

- 14.Scipios Board from Oct 21, 1780 to April

6, 1782—76 Weeks 12/ Allowance for Services as Agent

5 - Ballance of first Account

69 . 17. 3 Probate Fees



Deduct Cash received for Lime
Do of George Tate

£129 .11 . 3 £19.17—



22 . 13

Balance due to T. Child

£106 . 18. 3 Cumberland Ss Allowed by ye Judge of Probate for sa County April 6, 1782 & recorded.

p" Sam' Freeman Reg.

Third Account Ballance of the second

£106 . 18 . 3 Cloathing for Scipio

1.12. 4 Scipio's Board from April 6, 1782 to Jan 4, 1783

26. 2. Allowance for Services as Agent

1.16 . Probate Fees

- 7

£136 . 5.7 Cumberland Ss. Allowed by y® Judge of Probate for said County Jan 7, 1783 and recorded

p" Sam’ Freeman Reg.

Fourth Account Cloathing for Scipio

£3 .. 15.. 4 Scipios Board from Jan 4, 1783 to Aug 30, 1783 12/Week

20. 8— Ballance of third Account

136 .. 5.. 7 The said Agents Claim on said Estate as settled by the Commissioners

61 . 3. 5 His Note to the Courts Committee

10 .11 .. Probate Fees

- 67

£232 . 9. 4 The said Agent in this account Charges himself with Cash Received for Lime

£4.7.6 A Lot of Land conveyed to him by

ye Courts Committee


£212 :7.6 Cumberland Ss. Allowed by the Judge of Probate for said County & recorded by

Sam' Freeman Reg.

Petition Selectmen of Thomaston.

To the Honourable Senate and house of Representatives

We your petitioners humbly sheweth that whereas we are Inhabitants of the Town of Thomaston being a frontier Town upon the Enemy for four years past which were in possession of the Eastern side of Ponobscot Bay and we fronting on the western side of the same Which has greatly Distressed us for virtually we have been Prisoners at their wills & have suffered greatly by them some of our buildings Burnt our cattle killed & our substance greatly wasted and destroyed Likewise our small Navigation & fisheries all taken

from us and Many More difficulties too numerous to Relate
likewise that our Town is mainly a very new Settlement
mainly settled by those who Were put to straits by the late
publick Calamity by reason of Other Callings failing were
obliged to settle upon the wild lands where we could not
get any proper Security of for to Cultivate in hopes to Get
bread for our family's & likewise in hopes in some future
time we might have the Justice done us not to lose our labor
but Either That we might have our lands at what it was
reasonably worth When we took it or that we might have the
Value of what we made it better by our labor but further
more we hope your honors will Consider that by proper In-
dulgence we may be able to help ourselves And be of Service
to the Community in General & therefore we pray that your
honors would take it into your wise Consideration Our dis-
tresses that we have been in & still Are under and Consider
Our heavy taxes that we have not been Able to pay & still are
not (not that we are complaining of any Injustice done us
by our Authority but we plead our Distresses & distress for
altho' our Enemy has of late been at Peace with us yet we
are left stripa & wounded and likewise the Disaffected that a
few months past had no respect In Appearance to our laws
are now Distressing and harrissing Our best Friends Who
had their country's good at heart With their Own laws
which still make our Case More difficult That we can see no
way that unless your honor's can find out a way for our Relief
but our Infant Town will be depopulated so we leave Our
Case with you putting our Confidence in your wisdom & we
your Petitioners are ever Bound in duty to Pray.
Sam' Brown,

Select men
Oliver Robins Jun"

of Thomaston John Simonton,

September 13, 1783

Josiah Brewer to Governor.

Fort Halifax 15th Sept" 1783 Sir

I inclosed you in my last of ye 21st April two Receipts one from Col" William Howard for the skins and furs the other from Ezekiel Pattee Esq' for goods he has Received from me belonging to Government Which I hope came safe to hand, and I now Inclose you two more one from Col: Howard for skins and furs Received from the Indians for Debts that was due to Government there is still more skins and furs due which I shall Colect and forward as soon as possible — the other Receipt is from Ezekiel Pattee Esq' for the Remainder of the Goods I had on hand belonging to Government-I still remain in a bad state of health, but Expects if possible to be in Boston in a short time I am

Sir With the greatest Respect your most Obed & very humle serv

Josiah Brewer

Winslow Sept 15 1783 Received of Josiah Brewer Truck master for the use of the Common welth of Massachusetts the following articals viz Eighty two pound of gun powder Sixty four pounds Goos shott five yard & half Blue Ratten and five Hatchetts all which I promis to Deliver to Richard Devens Esq" Com' General or his sucsesur in said office I have signed Two Recpts of the same tenor and Date

Ezekiel Pattee

Hallowell ye 8 of July 1783 Received of Colo Josiah Brewar for the use of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the following articals Viz fourteen mooce Skins twelve pounds of spring beaver two and a half pounds of fall beaver three musquoshes three mink one

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otter one fisher thirty two Sables all which I promise to De liver to Richard Devens Esq' Commiserry General the Dainger of the seas & fire Excepted.

William Howard

Petition and Remonstrance of Enoch Freeman et al.

The Honourable the Senate and the Honourable the House

of Representatives in General Court Assembled.The Petition & Remonstrance of the Proprietors of a neck of Land in the Town of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland, by their Committee,

Humbly Shews

1 That at the beginning of the late War, a large Fortification was built on the heighth of Said Neck, by order of Government, for the common safety of the Publick; that the Persons Employed to build said Fortification, did dig up vast Quantities of Sods from the Land of Your Petitioners for the use of said Works, which almost ruined a number of Acres of Land, & a long House for Barracks was built within said Fortification, for the use of the Soldiers in opposing the common Enemey: by all which your Petitioners have lost the Benefit of Improving said neck, which contains 300 Acres, & the Same has laid open (untill the Summer past) & in common to the use of the Publick ever since, to the Damage of your Petitioners, in their Estimation, not less than six hundred pounds.

2 That contrary to the Expectation of your Petitioner, the said Barracks were hall’d off (it is said by order of Government, without notifying or consulting your Petitioners, or proposing any Compensation to them for said Damages, which was very unexpected to your Petitioners, Since Government did on the 7th Day of May 1777 pass a

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